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Constellation Door

Chapter 87 - super level, master_disciple plan

Chapter 87: Chapter 24_super level, master_disciple plan

A guy who had been planning for so many years, and when he thought about the power of the Starlight energy in the Jade sword, if the other party had seized the other treasures, wouldn’t he also be much stronger?

If Yuan Shuo could step into the thousand warrior class, why couldn’t the other party take the opportunity to step into a stronger level? 𝓲n𝑛𝓻ℯ𝗮d. 𝚌o𝒎

The two of them did not mention it because they were worried that it would wear down their confidence.

Yuan Shuo judged that if there really was someone stronger than him, they would definitely not be in Silver City, or even silver Moon province. That would make things much easier.

Thinking of this, he added,”also, your jade pendant is a jade pendant!” When you leave, I’ll prepare a sword for you!”

“Extraordinary item!”

“No one has ever seen your sword, no one knows about it!” Yuan Shuo laughed sinisterly. Isn’t it up to you to decide what the Li family’s sword looks like? You’re just an ordinary person. If you have an extraordinary item, wouldn’t that be the Li family’s sword?”

“Of course, it has to be good. It can’t be junk!”

At the thought of this, Yuan Shuo felt his heart ache.””All these years, the night patrollers have been watching me. It’s hard for me to collect too many treasures. Forget it, forget it. I did collect a good sword a few years ago. It’s definitely a treasure!”

As he said that, his eyes moved slightly,”you don’t say, it’s really very suitable!” That sword is also sealed, and there’s nothing mysterious on the surface, but there’s light inside. I suspect that it’s also a treasure passed down by the bloodline, and it was found in a large historical site. ”

“Teacher,” Li Hao couldn’t help but say,”your sword might be more precious than mine. Wouldn’t that be a loss?”

He knew what Yuan Shuo meant. It was a substitute!

However, if his sword wasn’t as expensive as that sword, wouldn’t he be making a loss?


Yuan Shuo shook his head. Li Hao’s was definitely very precious.

He did not explain and immediately said,”when you leave later, remember to bring it!” I don’t need to tell you how to use this thing. If the enemy is too strong, even I can’t do anything about it. You can just throw your sword and see if you can save your life. If the enemy is killed by me or the night patrolman ... You’d better throw your sword to the night patrolman. Otherwise, the night patrolman won’t be the one to take the blame!”

The master and disciple quickly decided on their plan.

Weak, killed.

Even if he was strong, he would get rid of the claw and let the night patrolman take the blame. Of course, this was under the premise that the night patrolman would take the sword. If he didn ‘t, the blame would probably still fall on Li Hao.

Would the night patrolman want it?

Since Yuan Shuo had said so, there was naturally a high chance that he would want it.

As for whether he felt guilty or not, Yuan Shuo did not feel guilty at all. In fact, Li Hao did not feel guilty either. If the night patrolman had taken the sword, he deserved to be the scapegoat. He could not be blamed for this.


They chatted for almost an hour.

At this moment, Yuan Shuo had already drawn his sword.

Not only that, Yuan Shuo had also dyed his hair white. It seemed that this old man was not going to expose himself in the short term.

The sword that Yuan Shuo gave him wasn’t too big.

It was slightly bigger than a jade pendant, and one could tell at a glance that it was a sword. However, it was about the size of a dagger, and it could be kept in a pocket. It was quite fitting.

Li Hao glanced at it. In fact, he could vaguely see a layer of powerful mysterious energy.

He was really reluctant to take it. This sword, his teacher might only have one treasure of this level. In the end, in order to avoid trouble, he still gave it to him.

“Go back early!”

Yuan Shuo made some arrangements and reminded,””Don’t worry too much. I won’t be following you all the time, but I’ll be there soon if something happens! What you need to do is not to be instantly killed!”

Li Hao nodded.

Yuan Shuo thought for a moment and said,”it’s also necessary to improve myself!” “You’ve entered the tenth severing realm, but that doesn’t mean you’re very powerful. The strength of the tenth severing realm is also very clear. Slashing 99 is considered slashing 10. Of course, it might be an exaggeration, but the gap is still there. ”

He also thought that it would be difficult for Li Hao to improve in a short period of time.

Yuan Shuo was about to let Li Hao leave, but he suddenly stopped him.”Forget it. You have never experienced a real battle. What I taught you in the past were actually all techniques to keep you healthy. They are not very practical in real combat. After this, I will definitely give you some supplements!”

There was not enough time.

He thought for a moment and finally made a decision.””I’ll teach you a slightly sinister attack now! This isn’t one of the five birds technique, so it’s not too difficult to learn, but it’s useful for saving your life!”

Li Hao’s eyes lit up!


He didn’t hear it!

I don’t care, I just want to live.

Yuan Shuo didn’t go out. He just stood in the hall and put on a posture that looked dignified.

“A Martial Master needs to get close to his opponent, especially a third-rate Martial Master like you!”

“You don’t need to learn offensive techniques because you might not be able to use them. If you can really use them, then you don’t need to use them ...”

“Today, I’ll teach you the ‘magical hand rejuvenation’. This is also a technique I found in ancient books.”

Magical hands!

This name sounded very decent, even somewhat similar to the professional skills of a doctor.

However, when Yuan Shuo used it, Li Hao finally understood what it meant.

Yuan Shuo’s hands were seen waving around as if he was waving them around randomly. He clearly only had two hands, but in the next moment, a third hand suddenly appeared!

Yes, three hands!

The moment the third hand appeared, it reached for Li Hao’s crotch!

He couldn’t react in time!

In the art of ape, there was actually a move called monkey steals peaches, but it wasn’t as confusing as this. Once it was used, the opponent might know and specifically target the lower three.

However, this “magical hand rejuvenation” had actually produced a third hand!

Li Hao was so scared that his face turned pale!

At this moment, Yuan Shuo was all smiles as he retracted his hand and said,””The key to magical hand rejuvenation lies in magical hand, which makes it impossible to guard against! This was actually a thieving technique recorded in ancient books! The ancient civilization also had low-class people who used them for theft! I’ve modified it a little and modified it into a technique suitable for sneak attacks, a frontal sneak attack!”

They were clearly exchanging blows, but who could defend against an extra hand suddenly appearing?

“Teacher, why is there an extra hand?”

Li Hao was still confused. This technique didn’t seem difficult, but where did the extra hands come from?

He took a closer look and saw that Yuan Shuo still only had two hands.

“This is the core. It’s actually very simple. A person only has two hands, so the third hand is naturally fake!”

Yuan Shuo began explaining to Li Hao. Some of the three hands were fake, but they had to pass off the fake as the real one and hide in the hand. That was the real difficulty.

The master and disciple studied it for a while, and Li Hao only stopped after he had learned the general idea and understood the essence.


Soon, Li Hao left the small courtyard.

Outside, the person who had blocked the road earlier had also disappeared.

Li Hao didn’t sense that someone was following him until he was some distance away from the courtyard. He could feel it because he vaguely saw stars twinkling in the distance. Supers!

It should be the man and woman from before who were seriously injured by the teacher’s kick. They probably wouldn’t recover in a short time.

Li Hao’s expression didn’t change. As if he hadn’t noticed anything, he quickly disappeared on his bicycle.


Hu Hao only showed up after Li Hao left.

He glanced at Li Hao, then at the small courtyard, and was a little confused. What did Yuan Shuo teach Li Hao? the master and disciple had been together for several hours.

“I wonder how old Yuan’s injuries are ...”

He sighed softly and felt a little helpless. He had better not die. Otherwise, he and Li Meng would be in deep trouble.

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