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Constellation Door

Chapter 82 - master and disciple both promoted (3)

Chapter 82: Chapter 23-master and disciple both promoted (3)

The woman’s face changed. She gritted her teeth and said,””It’s my fault. I’ll immediately apply to the higher-ups to use all my savings, including my upcoming salary, to exchange for a butian pill! Help him heal!”

Yuan Shuo couldn’t die!

If he died, there would be a lot of trouble, especially since there would be a relic exploration soon.

Yuan Shuo was the expert of the archeology Department who knew the ruins the best.

His importance was definitely more important than anything else in the Silver City. Hu Hao had come with her not to solve the self-immolation case, but to prevent Yuan Shuo from being involved.

It was precisely because of this that Yuan Shuo had invited Li Hao to his place several times. He was still under the protection of the night patrolmen.

At this moment, the woman’s injuries were extremely serious, but she still had to use all her savings to exchange for a treasure to heal Yuan Shuo’s injuries. One had to say that she was extremely aggrieved.

But ... Who asked her to not listen to advice.

He had also underestimated this top-notch Martial Master!

Thinking back to that moment just now, there was only lingering fear.

Hu Hao also sighed.”Hurry up and inform the higher-ups, or I’m afraid it’ll be too late. I hope we can solve this problem. Just now, when he left, he held his heart. I’m worried that there’s a possibility of his heart being crushed and bleeding. With Yuan Shuo’s pride, he wouldn’t spit blood in front of us juniors unless he had no other choice!”

Yuan Shuo was an extremely arrogant person!

He was proud and arrogant.

But now, as Hu Hao watched him leave, he couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for himself.

A Grandmaster of his generation!

He was the top figure of the Martial Master path. Today, he had only made a move, but he had already shown such fatigue. He could not bear to even die.

To a peak-stage Martial Master, this was too cruel!

Li Meng, who was injured quite badly, looked at Yuan Shuo who was far away when he heard this. Suddenly, the hatred in the depths of his heart dissipated. He said apologetically,””I ... I didn’t expect this to happen ... He’s too unyielding! I didn’t even see anything, and he just came ...”

“Sigh, forget it!”

Hu Hao shook his head. Peeking at people’s martial arts, and a unique secret technique at that, it didn’t make sense no matter where he went.

Li Meng might not have been trying to pry into the martial arts, but it was true that she had underestimated Yuan Shuo.

He felt that there was nothing to fear from an old fogey like Yuan Shuo who had not fought for years. In fact, he felt that Yuan Shuo was probably unaware of his existence and was overconfident, which was the reason for the current incident.

“Let’s not talk about this. Retreat, stay far away!”

Hu Hao supported Li Meng and left quickly. This matter had to be reported, and he had to get some treasures as soon as possible. At the very least, he had to maintain Yuan Shuo’s life for a period of time, and he also had to appease him.

Otherwise, why would he work for you when he’s about to die?

This matter would cause trouble if it was not handled properly. The higher-ups would probably be extremely angry with them. Who would have thought that it would end up like this?


In the small courtyard. 𝒊𝐧𝑛r𝑒𝗮𝐝. 𝐜𝑜𝑚

Yuan Shuo limped back.


Li Hao was worried.

The next moment, Yuan Shuo exhaled and suddenly laughed,””Why? He was fine! You scared me to death!”


Li Hao was stunned.

What was going on?

“What are you looking at? Use your brain!”

As a teacher, Yuan Shuo didn’t mind giving him some pointers. He said with lingering fear,””Just now, my bad temper came at the first moment. In addition, I was in the transformation stage, so I couldn’t hold back my anger and hit him too hard!”

“This is the night patrollers, the number one superpower organization. We still need their protection!”

Yuan Shuo chuckled,”wouldn’t we start a feud if we beat him half to death?” That’s not good ... Besides, she’s a little girl. If we kill her, the night patrolmen will say that we’re bullying the young ...”

After saying that, he added meaningfully,’if I keep a low profile, I might be able to get some benefits! I’m going to die soon, aren’t you going to give me some treasures to save my life? They still need me!”

Li Hao took a deep breath. Had his teacher considered so many things in an instant?

“There’s one more thing. I spat out a mouthful of blood and spat out the residual blood in my body. This residual blood is caused by the accumulation of the injury ... It’s also a good time for them to test it out. My injury is beyond cure and I’m about to die. There’s no need to be wary of me!”

Li Hao took a deep breath. Was there such a meaning?

‘Teacher, you’re a sly old fox ... No, you’re a wily old fox!’

Of course, that was not the main point. Li Hao said in a low voice,””Teacher, then your injuries ...”

“It’s almost time!”

Yuan Shuo laughed. His smile was exceptionally bright.

“Keep a low profile, my injuries are almost healed! Now is just the right time!”

He looked at Li Hao.”Those two guys are here. After all, I can’t drive them too far away. Now that they’ve left, they’re at least a thousand meters away from me. Now ... Is the time for me to recover!”

Killing many birds with one stone!

The two of them were too close to each other. After all, they were superpowers and it was possible for them to sense something.

But now, Yuan Shuo was enraged and the other party was injured. If he retreated a thousand meters away, Yuan Shuo’s chance would come. He wouldn’t have to be afraid of being detected.

“If I recover, can I ... Break through?”

Li Hao was a little nervous.

Of course, at this moment, he was still a little shocked by his teacher. He was so handsome and so strong just now!

He had crossed hundreds of meters in an instant. For the first time, he knew that the flying bird spell could really fly. Although he could only fly a hundred meters, he still had to borrow strength. But a hundred meters, flying!

Yuan Shuo had been flying just now!

One punch and two superpowers spat out blood. One was seriously injured and the other dared not make a sound ...

At this moment, there was only one thought in Li Hao’s mind. His teacher hadn’t broken through yet. Once he recovered and broke through, he would be beaten up, no matter what superpower he had!

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