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Constellation Door

Chapter 76 - Martial Master douqian (2)

Chapter 76: Chapter 22 Martial Master douqian (2)

“If not for that, I wouldn’t even have the mood to take in students!” Yuan Shuo chuckled.

In the past, he had been busy with advancing to the thousand warrior tier.

That was why he had not taken in any students for many years.

However, ever since Dou Qian’s hopes were dashed, he did not have much desire to become a superhuman. He asked the night patrolman to think of a way to get him some good things to nourish his body, but the night patrolman kept rejecting him. He had completely given up.

Now, he could only spend his remaining years in peace and obediently stay in the Silver City’s ancient Academy.

Of course, it was precisely because he was too free that he had the time to take in students.

The outsiders were puzzled as to why he had accepted another student.

It was actually very simple ... He was too free!

Since he couldn’t improve his Martial Master cultivation and become a superpower master, it was a good time to teach students. He chose Li Hao because he wasn’t stupid. At least he could learn some of his knowledge.

If he didn’t choose Li Hao, was he supposed to choose Zhang Yuan?


“Teacher, do you still have a chance to advance to the warrior of the universe and become a super?”

“I know what you’re thinking, and I also know that you’re in danger ... But with my half-crippled strength of over 100, I’m afraid I’m not as good as Liu Long ...” Yuan Shuo sighed.

He was helpless!

Yuan Shuo, the five birds Grandmaster who had once dominated a region, could only resign himself to his fate and say that he was inferior to Liu Long.

“If you’re afraid, come to my place and hide. The other party won’t dare to come to my place easily. After all, I’m still useful to the night patrolmen and you still have to rely on me for archeology ...”

Li Hao scratched his ears and cheeks. This was why he showed the anxiety of a young man.

“Teacher, I ...”

He didn’t know what to say. After thinking for a while, he suddenly stood up and walked into the house.”Teacher, I got something good. Try it and see if it’s of any use to you!”

“Good stuff?”

Yuan Shuo almost laughed out loud!

Little guy, it’s so fun.

What good stuff?

How good was it?

I, Yuan Shuo, have seen far too many treasures in my life, so many that I can’t even remember how many I have.

His own problem was not that simple.

That would hurt his Foundation!

In fact, it had only been a few years. Just over three years ago, he was also exploring an archaeological ruin. In the end, he was unlucky and ran too slowly. Not only did many night patrols die, but he, a martial Grandmaster who was about to fight against the universe, also lost his hope of advancing.

Otherwise, he would have already secretly become a super and even gone to chat with his “old friends.”

Li Hao entered the house, but he didn’t pay much attention to him.

He recalled the scene back then and gently touched the place where his heart was. He had been seriously injured that time, and his heart had been pierced through. If it wasn’t for his extremely strong vitality, he really wouldn’t have been able to come back.

However, he was old, after all. He was over seventy years old, and he had been seriously injured. He had survived, but there was no hope for him to become a Martial Master.

“Maybe ... I need to find a chance to become a super. Maybe I can still remedy this.”

He thought to himself.

In fact, even though he seemed to have given up, he had not really given up.

He still wanted to become a super!

However, it was difficult to level up with his broken body. It was much more difficult than a few years ago.

Li Hao saw that he was practicing the turtle fist ... It really was the turtle fist. The longevity of the divine turtle was the most important thing about health!

This was the Yang Shen fist that he had restored through various ancient books!

It wasn’t to increase his combat power, but to recuperate. He wanted to try again to become a super or a warrior of the thousand world!

In short, he definitely had to try!

Even if he died, he had to charge once, or else he would not be willing!

There was no need to tell this to the outside world. Now, the night patrolmen felt that they had given up and were not too willing to provide any precious treasures to help them recover.

“If I can succeed ... Just wait and see!”

Twenty years ago, he dominated a region. Now, many of the superpowers ‘overlords were his younger brothers!

Now, each and every one of them was riding on top of his head. If he didn’t teach them a lesson, it would really be difficult to calm down.

He had been hiding in the Silver City for so many years and had to rely on the night patrolmen to survive. How aggrieved!

It was rare for Yuan Shuo to be a little distracted.

Reminiscing the past, reminiscing the glory of the past.

As for Li Hao, he didn’t care what the kid did. He was familiar with this place anyway.

Yuan Shuo leaned back in his chair, thinking about all these random things.

Soon, Li Hao came out.

He was holding a glass of water.

Yuan Shuo laughed.”There’s water here. What’s the point of going in to pour water?”

“Teacher, please have a taste.”

Yuan Shuo was slightly taken aback. He turned his head to look at Li Hao, then at the water in the cup. He said hesitantly,””You poisoned it? Poison me to death and inherit my inheritance? I’ve written my will, and the inheritance will go to the night patrolman. If you take it, you’ll lose your life!”


Li Hao was speechless, but he didn’t mind. Sometimes, teachers just liked to talk nonsense.

“Teacher, have a taste!”

Yuan Shuo looked at the cup and stroked his short beard. He seemed to have understood something and laughed,””Mysterious energy? It can even enter the water? But ... It was really useless! “Also, my current body is actually a little uncomfortable absorbing the mysterious energy ...”

He had guessed a little.

Forget it, I’ll drink it for the sake of my student’s filial piety!

In fact, his injuries hadn’t healed yet, and his body was very weak. It would be a little troublesome if he were to charge at the mysterious energy.

However, Yuan Shuo was a Martial Master with a cultivation of over 100 martial masters. How much mysterious energy did this cup of water have?

0.1 Not even Fang!

It’s not a big deal that it’s full of mysterious energy. I’ll just drink it and let this kid give up.

“Soaking in sword water?”

In fact, he had already guessed the origin of this thing. It was a little strange. He glanced at Li Hao. With the sword on Li Hao’s body, soaking it in sword water was not much different from Li Hao’s bathwater.

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