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Constellation Door

Chapter 70 - Discovering a new continent

Chapter 70: Chapter 20! Discovering a new continent


However, he knew in his heart that he didn’t have such a good body before. The reason he had it was because he had absorbed the mysterious energy in the Jade sword. Especially last night, he felt that he had become shorter!

It was being compressed!

At this moment, Li Hao was also very confused.

The Jade sword’s mysterious energy wasn’t quite the same. It gave him a feeling that it was too gentle and didn’t have any substantial improvement effect. However, the Jade sword’s mysterious energy did have some effects that the mysterious energy he absorbed today didn’t have.

For example ... A huge improvement in physical fitness!

After absorbing the energy from the two crystals, Li Hao discovered that there was almost nothing that could be absorbed by his body. It didn’t have the nourishing effect.

Only destruction!

Yes, destruction.

He would continuously destroy his own muscle tissue and then cleanse it again and again!

Then, it released a trace of energy and healed the tissue.

The result of this was extreme pain!

Of course, there was also an additional domineering power in his body that possessed extremely strong offensive capabilities!

“Two types of mysterious energy, completely different feelings!”

At this moment, Li Hao understood something.

The mysterious energy in the Jade sword seemed to be more of a nourishment to build a foundation for himself, while the one in the demon hunting squad had the effect of increasing his attack power.

It didn’t seem to be the same type of mysterious energy!

“No wonder both I and the Black Panther did not become much stronger. It’s a fact that my body has recovered, but the Black Panther’s fur is almost dripping with oil!”

If it was the mysterious energy today, the Black Panther would have exploded after absorbing so much.

Li Hao was about the same!

“Nurture ...”

Li Hao had an idea. This mysterious energy might not have an effect on increasing his combat strength, but Li Hao felt that it was definitely more precious than the one he had absorbed today.

I can’t say!

I can’t say it even if I’m beaten to death.

Thus, Li Hao didn’t mind pushing the blame to the five animal technique.

As for the teachers, it shouldn’t be a big problem.

Li Hao quickly said,”maybe it’s because my teacher is too powerful. Boss, you mean my Foundation is about the same as a slash of ten?”

Liu Long considered for a moment before he said,”in terms of physical fitness, the difference isn’t that big!” What’s left is an increase in strength and speed, as well as a difference in experience. You should train more and participate in a few actual combat ... Then you might really become a ten-chop realm Martial Master!”

“Of course, the result of all this is still the mystery energy,” he said.”Now you understand how precious the mystery energy is, right?”

Li Hao nodded frantically!


He couldn’t miss the mysterious ability of the demon hunting squad.

li hao thought of something and said hesitantly,””boss, i found out that the mysterious energy can destroy the body’s tissues. although it has healed, will there be any hidden injuries?”

Liu Long glanced at him with some admiration.

He nodded and replied,”yes!” It was not that simple to destroy and then revive. It gave you more power, but it also stimulated your potential and put your body in an overdrawn state ... So, you must enter the superpower realm as soon as possible! After becoming a Starlight master, you can slowly nurture your body. However, in order to become a superpower, this is an essential step. ”

Li Hao nodded.

He had some strange thoughts in his heart.

He felt that something was different. Some of the Starlight energy he absorbed last night was still in his body. When the mysterious energy destroyed his body, Li Hao also felt the gentle mysterious energy repairing his body.


He didn’t feel that he had overdrawn!

In fact, Li Hao had almost fully recovered. He didn’t feel too tired or in too much pain.

“Boss, is there a limit to the absorption of the mysterious energy?”

“Of course!”

Liu Long explained,”every time you absorb it, it’s a form of destruction. The mysterious energy is too strong and it has damaged your body’s structure. For a newbie like you, absorbing it once a month is your limit. It’s too harmful to your body if you absorb too much! At my level, I can do it a little faster, three to five days will do ... But ... That would also require some mystery for us to absorb!”

Was it?

Li Hao didn’t speak again. He felt that it wouldn’t be a problem for him to absorb it now.

“The mysterious energy on the Jade sword is not ordinary!”

He realized this point again.

It was too extraordinary!

It’s a good deal for the Black Panther. I told you it would be fine after absorbing so much. So the mysterious Jade sword has the function of nourishing and healing the body.

At this moment, Li Hao felt that it was time to distinguish the mysterious energy on the Jade sword.

It should be called Starlight energy!

It was different from the other mysterious energy.

Thinking of this, Li Hao suddenly became curious.””Boss, you, my teacher and the others have been absorbing a large amount of mysterious energy for a long time and have not advanced. Don’t you have a lot of internal injuries?”

“It’s normal!”

Liu Long said indifferently,”if I advance, I’ll naturally recover. If I don’t advance ... My internal injuries will explode. If I die, I’ll die!” A Martial Master with more than a hundred points has a lot of internal injuries. I’ve never heard of a Martial Master who doesn’t have any injuries!”

“Can’t the superpower realm heal internal injuries? If it’s cured, wouldn’t it be easier to advance?”

“It’s not that simple!”

Liu Long shook his head.”Let’s not talk about whether there’s anyone in the superpower realm who can heal you. Even if they can, they’re our precious treasure. Why would they help you?” Can you afford the price? Don’t think too much, you should be thinking about how to become a superhuman and become a Starlight master, not about healing!”

He thought that Li Hao was afraid!

Li Hao, on the other hand, was thinking about something else.


His teacher was old and had hidden injuries all over his body. Moreover, it was very likely that he had absorbed the mysterious energy many times, causing his injuries to worsen.

In the past, he had heard that his teacher often coughed, but he had thought that it was simply because he was old.

But now that he thought about it, perhaps the mysterious energy could be absorbed, which led to the serious injury. It was because his teacher’s breathing technique of five birds could absorb the mysterious energy more easily!

If he absorbed too much, he wouldn’t be able to level up and the internal injuries would be even worse.

What if ... Teacher also drinks a cup of water of Starlight?

Can you heal your internal injuries and advance to a super?

Li Hao didn’t intend to hide anything from Yuan Shuo, because his teacher had been very good to him. He had even taught Yuan Shuo the secret techniques without any hesitation.

Furthermore, if his teacher could really become a superhuman, then ... He might be able to give him more help and confidence to deal with the red shadow!

“If one cup isn’t enough, then two cups ... Or perhaps I can directly let teacher absorb a little from the Jade sword?”

Li Hao fell into deep thought.

As for exposing the Jade sword ... In fact, he didn’t have that many thoughts. If it was exposed, then so be it. With his teacher’s intelligence, perhaps he had already guessed it.

“Jade swords......Right, I also have a stone knife! Even if teacher really wants it, the Jade sword is a family heirloom. How about I give the stone blade to teacher?” 𝗶𝚗𝘯re𝐚d. 𝑐𝗼𝙢

Zhang Yuan was already dead. Li Hao felt that little Yuan wouldn’t mind giving away the stone blade if he could avenge Zhang Yuan.

“Work hard on your cultivation!”

At this moment, Liu Long patted Li Hao’s shoulder and encouraged him,””Your Foundation is very good. Strive to completely digest the mysterious energy within these few days and truly step into the ten decapitation realm! That way, you’ll have a better chance of surviving!”

Time was running out.

Li Hao hurriedly nodded. At this moment, his eyes revealed an unusual look of expectation and desire!

The desire to become stronger, the desire ... And a little more mysterious energy. It didn’t matter if it was the kind in the warehouse or second-hand. This kind of domineering mysterious energy seemed to complement the Starlight energy of the Jade sword, allowing him to obtain even greater benefits!

“If there’s more, I’ll give some to the Black Panther too ... This guy ate so much Starlight energy, he definitely won’t die. Maybe I can raise a dog in the tenth realm?”

Li Hao swallowed his saliva. Black Panther was a dog. If he hid it and used it as a trump card, it might be of great use.

It’s a pity ... I’ve absorbed only two of them!

At this moment, Li Hao realized that the mysterious energy was really good. It was reasonably expensive. He no longer disliked it. He really wanted more mysterious energy!

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