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Constellation Door

Chapter 69 - Discovering a new continent

Chapter 69: Chapter 20! Discovering a new continent


The light tube was very fragile. Li Hao only lightly borrowed the force, grabbed it with both hands, and jumped. In the next moment, he directly jumped over Liu Yan.


Yun Yao suddenly shouted, revealing a surprised look.

Liu Long also nodded and said in a low voice,”level two leap, using the force of the air to jump again, this is rare!” However ...... This is an indoor environment. In the wild, there is no ceiling to borrow strength from. ”

“In the wild,” Yun Yao smiled and said softly,”he might not do this.”

No matter what, Li Hao remembered the lesson he had been taught last time. Instead of being grabbed from the air by Liu Yan, he directly jumped over her and grabbed her from behind!

Such a reaction was extremely rare even for a newcomer!


On the field.

Li Hao leaped over Liu Yan, instantly turned around, and grabbed her from behind!

Just as he was about to grab her, Liu Yan shouted in a low voice. Suddenly, a long leg appeared in front of Li Hao!

Liu Yan immediately lifted her leg and kicked backward as if she had eyes on her butt. Furthermore, her leg was more flexible than anyone could imagine. If an ordinary person were to kick backward, their center of gravity would definitely be unstable, and they definitely wouldn’t be able to kick high. It would be good enough if they could kick her butt.

However, Liu Yan’s leg seemed to be boneless at this moment. She actually managed to kick Li Hao in front of his eyes! i𝓷𝚗𝓻𝒆𝓪𝒅. co𝘮

It was unbelievable!

Li Hao really didn’t expect this counterattack. He had considered that Liu Yan would Dodge, turn around, and bend over ...

The only thing he didn’t expect was that he would suddenly kick backward!

Bang! Bang!

This time, Li Hao couldn’t Dodge in time and was directly kicked in the nose.

Bang! Bang!

Blood gushed out from his nose!

Tears also gushed out of Li Hao’s eyes. He was in pain and couldn’t stop his tears.


Li Hao cursed in his heart. He was also furious. This was too much. He didn’t cover his nose and squat on the ground. He had suffered a great loss, and he was unwilling to accept it.

Liu Yan might have thought that Li Hao would stop after she kicked him.

Who would’ve thought that Li Hao would want to take advantage of the situation even if he suffered a loss?

The moment Liu Yan pulled back her leg, Li Hao’s nose started to bleed, and tears started to flow down his face. His vision was blurry, but he still kicked out ruthlessly. This time, he did not kick too high.

He just happened to kick Liu Yan’s butt!

Liu Yan, who was pulling back her leg, couldn’t avoid the kick. She didn’t stabilize herself and was kicked by Li Hao. Unable to Dodge, she staggered forward for seven or eight steps before regaining her balance.

Turning to look at Li Hao, Liu Yan’s eyes were filled with killing intent!

On the side, Liu Long and Yun Yao were also surprised, but they didn’t say a word. The whole basement was frighteningly quiet.

When Li Hao was kicked in the nose, he actually retaliated!

Furthermore ... He even managed to kick Liu Yan’s butt, sending her flying a great distance. This ... Liu Long had never expected this.

“Li Hao!”

Liu Yan’s voice became a little shrill.

The next moment, Li Hao covered his nose, squatted down, and cried out in pain.

“Argh! It hurt! Sister Liu, you broke my nose bone ...”

His anger was greatly doused in an instant.

Liu Yan was both angry and helpless. Her nose bone was broken?

She didn’t intend to hurt this guy. Who asked Li Hao to make a level two jump and suddenly jump behind her? she instinctively fought back, but in the end ... Her leg really broke?

She was not weak!

“I didn’t mean to ...”

Halfway through her sentence, she recalled Li Hao’s counterattack and felt a little angry.

At this moment, yunyao also quickly stepped forward and took Li Hao’s arm away. She touched his nose and quickly smiled. “It’s not broken. It’s no big deal. I’ll be fine after resting for a while!”


Li Hao looked at Yun Yao with tears in his eyes!

This woman was doing this on purpose, right?

I know it’s not broken!

Wasn’t it because I kicked Liu Yan away in the wrong place and was acting pitiful?

Why are you checking me now?

Hearing this, Liu Yan’s eyebrows shot up. Just as she was about to fly into a rage, Liu Long spoke in a dignified manner,”Alright, Li Hao, well done!”

He then looked at Liu Yan and said in a low voice,””A non-Martial master’s counterattack. You actually got kicked!”

Liu Yan wanted to speak but stopped.

Liu Long said in a deep voice,”Liu Yan, you should know how dangerous our journey is!” You’re slacking off!”

Liu Yan fell silent.

Slacking off?

He felt a little wronged.

However, she had held back because Li Hao was not an enemy and was very weak. She was afraid that she would kill this guy. But ... She had indeed made a mistake just now. She had been kicked by Li Hao and had not been able to avoid it.

If this was a mission, she would be dead!

“I ...”

In the end, Liu Yan didn’t say anything. She was a little annoyed and helpless as she turned around and left.

Li Hao, on the other hand, glanced at the scene with tears in his eyes, not daring to say anything.

That ... There was a huge footprint on Liu Yan’s butt!

Liu Long didn’t say anything and pretended not to see it.

Yun Yao glanced at it and smiled. She patted Li Hao and said in a low voice,””There are very few people who can make her suffer in silence. You’re really unexpected!”

Li Hao was embarrassed. He didn’t do it on purpose.

Besides, it’s normal to be a little surprised in a martial arts competition.

I’ll suffer a greater loss!


A moment later, Li Hao finished dealing with the nose.

As for Liu Long, he looked at him strangely. The two of them faced each other, and Li Hao felt a little guilty.

Liu Long was silent for a moment before he said,””Your body is very strong! The absorption rate was very high! The five birds technique you’re practicing is Yuan Shuo’s modified version?”

“I don’t know,”

Li Hao shook his head.”That’s what my teacher taught me at the beginning. I don’t know what version it is.”

“You know what? Your Foundation isn’t any weaker than the average guy who can cut ten. ”

Li Hao was surprised and confused.

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