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Constellation Door

Chapter 68 - Discovering a new continent

Chapter 68: Chapter 20! Discovering a new continent


At this moment, Li Hao roared.


Like a fierce tiger descending from the mountain, the Tiger’s claws dug out the heart. With a Kacha sound, he broke a wooden stake!

Li Hao was also shocked!

How was that possible?

He had absorbed two different types of mysterious energy. The Jade sword had more, gentler, and purer, so it might be the first hand of mysterious energy.

However, the improvement it gave him was definitely not as great as it was now.

The demon hunting squad’s mysterious ability was extremely destructive. It had been crazily coursing through Li Hao’s body all this time, making him more destructive, more violent, and more valiant!

Li Hao drank the same amount of mysterious energy on the first night, but it didn’t improve much.

He had absorbed it today. This was the third time he had absorbed it. He actually felt that his improvement was even more intense than the huge pile he had absorbed the night before.

At the side, Liu Long’s eyes also lit up.


“Li Hao, continue! It seems that the effect of you absorbing the mysterious energy is not bad. Two masses of mysterious energy should be able to continue to increase your power to slash ten!”

Li Hao didn’t have the time to think about it.

The mysterious energy in his body had not been completely absorbed.

Moreover, it was still scurrying about madly. He had to continue to vent.


His roar was like a tiger’s roar in the forest. This was also one of the Tiger fighting technique’s sound attacks ... Of course, it didn’t have much effect in the past and only strengthened the momentum.

Today, Li Hao’s roar gave the illusion that a Tiger had come down from the mountain and was roaring in the forest.

It was so loud that it hurt their ears!

The next moment, Li Hao suddenly clenched his fists and punched the ground!

Bear fighting technique!

The bear fighting technique of the five birds technique could better display the advantage of strength.

At this moment, Li Hao was no longer limited to the ape technique. Instead, he used the five bird techniques one after another. He was best at the ape technique, but he was unfamiliar with the other bird techniques. However, Li Hao didn’t care at this moment.


He only had the urge to vent!

Bang Bang Bang!

A series of loud sounds rang out, and all the strength in his body was concentrated in his hands. The bear fighting technique focused more on the strength of his arms, the Tiger fighting technique on the balance of his four limbs, and the ape technique on the strength of his legs.

Liu Long had also been watching intently. He was surprised again and said in a low voice,”This body type ... Is really not bad! This guy has absorbed two mysterious energies, and it’s really possible for him to quickly reach slash ten!”

It was somewhat unbelievable. Of course, it was not impossible, but Li Hao’s Foundation was too good.

Up until now, there was no bleeding from his seven orifices.

This was a rare sight!

This meant that his physical fitness was first-class. Liu Long couldn’t understand. Was the five birds technique really that amazing?

Even Yuan Shuo’s body was only so-so, right?

“The five birds technique is so effective in building a foundation, so why is Yuan Shuo’s body getting worse and worse?”

Liu Long muttered,”could it be that he later adapted the new book of five birds?” Li Hao learned a different version?”

Yunyao shook her head. She didn’t know either.

It was obvious that Li Hao was in good health.

“What a pity!”

Liu Long suddenly sighed and shook his head,”If Yuan Shuo had practiced this version of the five birds technique when he was young, with a good foundation, and without his physical condition declining and leaving behind so many internal injuries, he might have been able to enter the realm of the warrior of thousands! If he could become a superpower at the warrior thousand-level ... Yuan Shuo would be a giant in the field of superpowers!”

The more they looked, the more surprised they were.

When Liu Yan came down, she saw that Li Hao was still waving his fists crazily and jumping around like a monkey. Liu Yan was also surprised.”How long have you been fighting?”

“Half an hour!”

Liu Yan was extremely surprised,”he’s not lying down yet?” This absorption rate was too high! I remember some of the guys who absorbed a little bit of it just lay down and couldn’t move at all. The absorption efficiency was frighteningly low!”

For some people, absorbing a little bit of mysterious energy might cause their blood vessels to burst. They would not be able to continue absorbing it, let alone digest it.

Li Hao, on the other hand, had absorbed a lot of mysterious energy after half an hour of boxing. The conversion rate was too high.

Liu Long was also stupefied. After thinking for a moment, he said,”He can’t practice so freely. Go up and let him practice.”


Liu Yan was speechless. She looked at Liu Long and then at the smiling yunyao. She cursed in her heart, what a bully!

Forget it, he was the most pitiful here.


Li Hao was still practicing.

The next moment, he heard a laugh.

Li Hao was not afraid.

Only excitement!


He also felt that if this continued, it would be too tiring. The mysterious energy in his body had not been completely consumed. Up until now, only a large portion had overflowed, and there was still a small portion left.

It was a good time to test it out!

“Captain Liu, be careful!”

At this moment, Li Hao also felt that he had become much stronger. Without saying anything, he turned around and attacked!

They weren’t afraid of accidentally injuring anyone, as the members of the demon hunting squad were all very powerful.

The first to strike gained the advantage!

“Black Tiger Steals Heart!”

Li Hao shouted. His hands were like Tiger claws, and his blood vessels were visible. He directly took them out of Liu Yan’s hands.

“Little Li Hao, where are you digging?”

Liu Yan’s smile was like a flower. Her figure swayed, and she instantly got rid of Li Hao. She puffed out her chest and smiled brightly. “Someone’s watching, don’t take it out!”

Li Hao turned a deaf ear!

The teacher had said that one had to focus on one’s training and not be distracted.

Don’t think about all that nonsense!

“Flying monkeys!”

Li Hao roared again. He stomped on the ground and leaped into the air.

“Have you forgotten the lesson I taught you not to leave the ground?” Liu Yan chuckled.

This guy was in the air again!

This was a huge taboo!

Just as he was about to reach out and grab Li Hao, Li Hao, who had stomped on the ground, suddenly borrowed strength from the air. His hands were like cat claws, waving randomly. He raised himself a bit higher and directly grabbed the light on the ceiling.

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