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Constellation Door

Chapter 66 - A man is inferior to a dog (4)

Chapter 66: A man is inferior to a dog (4)

A level one patrol inspector would only cost about 8000 to 9000 Yuan. Of course, with some other bonuses, it would be over 10000 Yuan.


Liu Long nodded and didn’t continue,”I’m only saying this to let you understand that mystery can be very precious! Don’t think it’s cheap, if you don’t join a demon hunting squad, you won’t be able to afford it in your entire life!”

Li Hao smiled this time.

Valuable? that’s not a bad thing.

Of course, money was not important at this time. He could not wait to absorb it.

He wanted to see if the mysterious energy here was the same as the one in his Jade sword, and if the effect was better.

“Boss, How do I absorb it?”

He looked at Liu Long, and Liu Long handed him a small booklet,””This is the energy drawing technique. Everyone, including the Nightwatchers, uses it. It’s the standard technique for drawing energy into one’s body. Even some of the members of the superpower organizations outside use it!”

The night patrol’s cultivation technique?

Li Hao’s interest was immediately piqued. He hurriedly took it and opened it ...

It was a very thin booklet!

Li Hao’s memory wasn’t bad. After a glance, he flipped to the second page, and then the third page ... That was all!

Just three pages!

It was about a thousand words.

This was the energy absorption method used by all the large organizations. It was the standard method for supers to absorb mysterious energy.

Li Hao, on the other hand, felt extremely strange.

I’ll go!

This ... Why was this a little similar to the breathing technique of the five birds technique?

It wasn’t the breathing technique of five birds that was taught later, but the breathing technique that Li Hao had practiced with the ape art at the beginning.

On the first day, Li Hao had drunk water with this, and the utilization rate of the mysterious energy was actually very low.

If the breathing technique of five birds could absorb and preserve 70% of the mysterious energy, then the breathing technique he used at the beginning could only preserve 30% at most. The rest had all leaked out.

In Li Hao’s opinion, this energy drawing technique was at most on the same level as the breathing technique he had learned in the beginning.

Just as Li Hao was thinking, Liu Long pretended to be serious and said,””This thing must not be spread! Although many organizations had already obtained it, they only dared to use it secretly. Once the night patrollers found out, they would punish them severely! Of course, it’s not a big problem if the inspection Office uses it, but you’re not allowed to pass it on to outsiders!”

He was quite serious, and Li Hao ... Could only nod.

“I’ve already learned this a few years ago. Of course, it’s not exactly the same, but it’s almost the same.

Now that I have the breathing technique of five birds, I can’t even be bothered to learn it.

However, his teacher had also said that it couldn’t be taught to outsiders. Li Hao didn’t plan to use the breathing technique of five birds to memorize the energy drawing technique. Li Hao quickly said,””Boss, I’ve learned it. Can we start?”

Liu Long nodded and glanced at Yun Yao. Yun Yao said,””Give me your right hand!”

She opened a small hole on the ice crystal cover, and the mysterious energy did not leak out. This kind of device was very special. The mysterious energy inside would not leak out, but it was also very limited.

Li Hao extended his hand, and Yun Yao pointed at him.””Put your hand in and activate the energy drawing technique. The mysterious energy will follow the circulation of your technique and enter your body. However, remember, if the absorption rate in your body is too low and the mysterious energy leaks out, it will quickly dissipate ...”

Li Hao knew this. He asked in confusion,””Then why don’t you let my entire body enter the ice crystal barrier? that way, even if it seeps out, it can be used again.”

This was the Black Panther’s doing. It had used the mysterious energy that Li Hao had leaked out for the second time.

Since it’s so precious, I should just recycle it!

Yunyao laughed,”first of all, the cost of such a large ice crystal Shield is too great!” Second, if the mysterious energy that flowed out of his body was used again, the efficiency would be lower and the rejection would be greater! The more times mystery could be used, the greater the rejection with the person who used it later! The mysterious energy in our warehouse can be considered to have been used twice, or even thrice ...”

Because this was to deprive others!

In short, rather than recycling waste, it was better to dissipate it directly. If the rejection was too great, not only would the effect not be good, but it might also cause greater damage.

“So it’s like this ...”

Li Hao understood. He thought of Black Panther. This dog didn’t care about this. It seemed that his appetite was very complicated, so he didn’t care. As for the damage, he didn’t see any damage. He still ate with a greasy face.

At this moment, his arm had already reached in.

At a speed visible to the naked eye, a mysterious energy quickly drilled into his palm. 𝘪n𝐧𝓻eа𝒅. 𝘤o𝘮

This was the first time Li Hao had come into contact with the mysterious energy emitted by the non-Jade sword.

He immediately activated the energy drawing technique.

In the next moment, Li Hao’s heart moved.


Why did she feel ... So uncomfortable?

He felt very comfortable absorbing the Jade sword’s mysterious energy. Although he felt a little bloated, it was indeed very comfortable.

But this time, Li Hao felt uncomfortable. He felt that the mysterious energy was not obedient at all. It moved wildly on his arm and even flowed to various parts of his body. The impact was extremely strong!

There was a faint sense of rejection!

“Is this what yunyao meant by the sense of rejection after being used multiple times?”

Li Hao instantly reacted. He was somewhat puzzled and strange. This meant that the mysterious energy on the Jade sword might be first-hand, but the energy here was definitely second-hand or even third-hand!

Therefore, the difficulty of absorption was higher, and the rush was greater?

Therefore, what the black Panther had absorbed was actually second-hand, and what he had absorbed might not even be as good as what the black Panther had absorbed!

A man was worse than a dog!

Li Hao thought, but he didn’t dare to show it.

He worked hard to absorb the mysterious energy.

Inside the ice crystal Shield, the mysterious energy kept pouring into his body. The veins on Li Hao’s arm bulged, and some blood even started to flow out. The rejection force was too strong, causing the capillaries to burst.

“The quality of second-hand goods is just a little worse!”

Li Hao cursed in his heart. At this moment, he suddenly felt that the mysterious energy provided by the Jade sword was really fragrant!

He had always felt that the mysterious energy was so gentle, but now he understood. It was so F * cking uncomfortable. No wonder people said that people would die if they tried to draw energy into their bodies. He didn’t understand it before, but now he really did!

With such a strong impact, his physique was considered quite strong. Even so, his blood vessels were still ruptured. Even if an ordinary person were to be hit by the attribute-less mysterious energy, their body might explode!

“If I were to use it three or four times, wouldn’t I be killed by the impact?”

At this time, Liu Long’s voice still rang in his ears,””Not bad! The rejection force wasn’t too strong, very good! It seems that your body constitution is not bad. You only lost a little blood. I thought you would need me to save you ...”

This isn’t too big?

Li Hao instantly sympathized with the others. Didn’t they almost die the first time they absorbed the mysterious energy?

He tried his best not to think about the rejection force and continued to absorb.

After a while, Liu Long’s voice came again,”Alright, you can take out your arm and bandage it. I’ve been training for the past two days, and the effect is not bad. At least 30% of my mystic energy is retained! It’s alright!”

Li Hao’s face was stiff.

No more?

No more!

The two mysterious powers were gone just like that!

F * ck!

He felt it for a moment. This was probably ... Probably similar to the second-hand soup left by the Black Panther on his first night.

Just this?

2 million?

‘I ...’

At this moment, Li Hao was speechless and deeply disappointed.

I’ll go!

That’s too little. It’s not even as much as the amount I absorbed last night. No, it’s far less!

However, Liu Long still had a pained expression. Seeing Li Hao’s dazed look, he said proudly,””Now you see how powerful and precious the mysterious energy is? Work hard and Don’t Let Me Down! If you do well this time and successfully kill the other party, I’ll reward you with two more rewards!”


Li Hao smiled stiffly. In other words, I’ve worked so hard and risked my life to kill the red shadow, and you’re only going to reward me two times?

I’m living worse than a dog!

This dog Black Panther, how much of my mysterious energy has it eaten?

At this moment, Li Hao completely understood why the red shadow was eyeing the weapons of the eight great families. If it was him, he would also be eyeing them!

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