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Constellation Door

Chapter 3879 Jianghu Is In My Heart (The End)_10

In front of him, the sky was in a daze as he looked down. Countless worlds were frantically reorganizing!

He stared blankly, his hair disheveled, and the Space Force in his body was rapidly flowing away. He looked at all of this and muttered,"Absolute spacetime, what exactly is it? is it like this? Who can tell me ... Is this ... Absolute time and space?"

The world had changed.

This chaos was undergoing a violent change.

The great Dao was being destroyed.

Everything had changed. Billions of living beings seemed to be cheering, roaring, and jumping for joy!

They had survived!

On the other side, Chun Qiu couldn't care less. At this moment, she could feel the endless energy in her body rapidly dissipating. She quickly chased in the direction that Li Hao and the others had run in. She seemed to see ... A world.

A world that belongs to me!

The realm of spring and autumn!

She seemed to hear the chirping of countless cicadas. She quickly ran in that direction and cursed,"I don't know what's wrong with you, why are you all crazy?"

Had the entire chaos gone crazy?

In the endless void.

Tian Fang looked down in a daze. He looked at those worlds and at the countless living beings jumping for joy. It was as if ... He was truly happy.

Why so?

Invincible power and endless longevity, aren't these what you all seek?

At this moment, he fell, allowing the power to dissipate and the force of the fall to drag him underground. He looked at the sky, at the origin of chaos that looked like the sun and moon, as if ... He was watching a battle.

Their first encounter a million years ago was today's ending?

Zhan, you're dead ... But I'm still alive.

But I ... I think I'm dying too.

Today, I've lost two million years of my life. Perhaps, I'm the person who has lived the longest in the chaos.


At this moment, Li Hao was flying toward a city.

His power was dissipating.

He didn't care!

"He was incomparably happy. He was incomparably excited. I can feel it. I can feel it ... That familiar aura.

"Dad, mom ... Xiao Yuan ... And everyone else ..."

He screamed and roared madly as if he had returned to the past!

Silver City.

On a road, a middle-aged man and woman were at a loss. They were listening to the crazy shouts and exclamations nearby. They were extremely confused.

What's wrong?

Are you all crazy?

Also, we were in a car accident. How can we be fine?

The couple looked at each other, both at a loss. Not far away, a young man was trembling in fear and also at a loss. I ... Didn't I die?

Where's ah Hao?

How was he?

He raised his head and heard countless cheers that exploded in his heart!

"Silver Moon King!"

"Silver Moon King!"


Silver Moon King?

Wasn't this the astronomical calendar?

Where did this Silver Moon King come from?

He did not erase anyone's memories. Everyone heard, saw, and felt it, including the silvers.

They knew that their King had won!

At this moment, there seemed to be more people around them. Some were confused, some were afraid, and some were terrified ...

Some people were cheering crazily, while others were at a loss.

Some people threw their heads back and roared, while others ... Saw powerful beings of the past falling from the sky, some even falling!

He was in a sorry state!

In the silver Blizzard city, the middle-aged man and woman looked at the sky in a daze and muttered,"Honey, someone ... Is falling from the sky!"

"Nonsense ..."

The woman's head ached from the noise, but she couldn't help but look up. What she saw stunned her. One figure after another seemed to fall from the sky. She even vaguely saw a familiar face!

Why does he look so much like my son?

"Mom, dad!"

"Little Yuan!"

The roar spread out.

At this moment, the shouting seemed to have stopped, and countless Silvermoon people turned to look in one direction.

In the sky, experts were falling one after another.

The invincible strength of the past seemed to have disappeared today.

A dog was hovering in the sky, spinning around in a daze!

An old man fell from the sky and landed on the ground with a bang. He rubbed his waist and cried out in pain. F * ck, it hurts!

It can't be like this, right?

'He's too ruthless. Other than having a stronger physical body, he doesn't seem to have anything else. This disciple of mine is too ruthless!'

There was a loud boom! 𝐢𝚗𝚗𝑟𝙚𝒶𝗱.𝒄o𝑚

Li Hao landed on the ground. He grinned and bared his teeth as he looked at the middle-aged man and woman in the distance. Then, he waved at a young man further away and shouted,""Little Yuan, I'm here!"

After shouting, he raised his head and looked at the dumbfounded middle-aged man and woman. He grinned foolishly, and it was so brilliant.

"Mom, dad, I'm here!"

The middle-aged man and woman looked at their son in disbelief as he fell from the sky.

How did it fall from the sky?

He didn't fall to his death!

Woof! Woof! Woof!

A Black Dog was clinging to Li Hao's leg, as if it was afraid that Li Hao would abandon it.

Not far away, a Woman in Black, whose black clothes had turned red, looked at the middle-aged man and woman, and then at Li Hao. While Li Hao was still ecstatic, she suddenly said,""Dad, mom ... I'm Li Hao's fiancée ..."

Li Hao was stunned as he looked into the distance.

"I'll go home first. Wait for me. You can't run away!" The woman turned around and left.

Li Hao was extremely dumbfounded!

"Lin Hongyu, it's already the daoless era, I'm nothing!" He said.

Li Hao roared,"you're ten years older than me!" I've never thought of getting married to you ... This is a new era, a new era!"

No one cared.

Lin Hongyu, dressed in red, left.

I will come and find you!

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