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Constellation Door

Chapter 3878 The Martial Arts World Is In My Heart (The End)_9

"Cut the crap!"

"I don't care!" Tian Fang shouted angrily. Li Hao, you know that I don't care about this. You know what I want. I want an answer and a result!"

At this moment, an invisible sword appeared in front of him, and countless spatial power surged into it. He was a little excited, a little excited, and a little crazy. He really felt threatened!

It was much more threatening than the Spring and Autumn period!

Perhaps, the timing of the battle was really wrong.

Or perhaps, Li Hao's time was even stronger.

And this is what I've been looking forward to.

Wasn't it?

"Come on!"

Tian Fang howled and raised his arm. At this moment, he had gathered almost all of his strength. His blood and Qi were burning wildly and his anger was surging to his head!

Li Hao's long hair was dancing in the wind.

The entire chaos was silent.

Everyone was waiting for the result.

Li Hao laughed. He waved his sword and slashed!

At that moment, it was as if chaos had descended between heaven and earth. Countless worlds floated in all directions like phantoms and merged with their willpower.

At this moment, the entire Primal Chaos began to shake.

Countless worlds rapidly began to gather!



The power of countless great DAOs was suddenly annihilated and disappeared.

A sun and a moon seemed to have appeared in the sky.

All the power of the great DAOs was rapidly dissipating, being devoured, annihilated, and exhausted. The power of the great DAOs in everyone's body was dissipating madly and began to merge with those worlds, creating an illusory world that had just been created.

The invisible sword in Tian Fang's hand suddenly started to break.

It seemed to have instantly worn out all the power of the great Dao!

Tian Fang was stunned. He looked at Li Hao in a daze. Impossible, this is impossible. How could this be?

I, Hundun, am invincible!

'Why ... Is the power of my great Dao and my power of space rapidly flowing away?'

"Li Hao! You're cheating!"

"I let you have your way again and again," he roared."I waited for you again and again just to see the real time and the absolute time and space. Why did you lie to me ..."

The long sword fell from the sky!

It was as if he had split the entire chaos, as if he had split all the darkness.

Tian Fang's hair was disheveled, and his eyes were filled with despair.

Why was it like this?

The power of space was incomparably powerful. How could it be no match for this unique power? this was not time ...

Flowing time was not like this!

What else could surpass the power of time?


When despair erupted, he was stunned for a moment. A door seemed to have appeared in his heart, and some things seemed to have emerged. It was as if ... At this moment, he had heard something.

Transcendent mortal!

At this moment, he knew what this special force was!

Transcendent mortal!

Time returned to normal?

He looked at Li Hao and everyone else in a daze. He was somewhat absent-minded and in a trance ...

"Impossible ... It can't be ... Li Hao ... You're lying to me ..."

The scene from a million years ago appeared in his mind.

That day, he met a person in Tian Fang.

On that day, they discussed the heavenly Dao and proposed the idea of absolute spacetime. On that day, they said that absolute spacetime might exist. However, later on, they said that when absolute spacetime appeared, everything might end.

What was the meaning of the battle that day?

Was the time he was talking about his time?

He had always felt that fighting was an escape. He was unwilling to face himself and The Collapse of Chaos.

But today ... He seemed to have understood a little.

The battle ... Returned to being ordinary.

He did not commit suicide!

He had just ... Died a normal death.

Tian Fang looked at Li Hao in a daze. At this moment, the entire chaos trembled violently, and countless great DAOs were being destroyed!

Li Hao took advantage of this moment and waved his hand. A special power of origin appeared between heaven and earth. He suddenly ignored Tian Fang and chased after him!

He chased after chaos!

At this moment, Li Hao seemed to be overjoyed. He crazily chased after the small world in the distance!

Behind him, the Black Panther quickly gave chase. Yuan Shuo laughed and stammered, then chased after it madly!

At this moment, the human King also grinned and laughed. He flew towards the distant neo martial arts land. There were some staggered steps under his feet, but he was extremely happy. He saw countless neo martial artists beginning to revive in the neo martial arts land.

Su Yu also flew toward the infinite worlds with a smile. The power of the great Dao on his body was being annihilated and dissipated.

"Let's go!"

At this moment, a venerable sovereign laughed and said,"if we don't leave now, the power of our great DAOs will be completely destroyed. We will fall to our deaths!" Hahaha ... I've successfully transcended into a mortal ... Hahaha ... My world, I'm here!"

The group of venerable sovereigns flew away in all directions.

At this moment, only two people remained motionless.

Tian Fang looked on in a daze, while Spring Autumn was at a loss. What was going on?

With just one sword, chaos seemed to have undergone a drastic change!

"Li Hao ... What's wrong?"

She roared loudly,"my power is rapidly depleting. Li Hao, Tian Fang is still alive! Li Hao...Where are you going?"

What are you doing!

Where are you guys going?

The battle isn't over yet. Tian Fang is still alive, but my power is being devoured by an invisible force and is being destroyed!

Li Hao, you bastard!

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