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Constellation Door

Chapter 3877 The Martial Arts World Is In My Heart (Ending) 8

"Tian Fang, do you know what I'm doing?" Li Hao took a deep breath.

Tian Fang stopped, but he didn't immediately attack Li Hao. Instead, he looked at Li Hao, who smiled and said,""Right now, in the primordial chaos, perhaps ... You are the only one who doesn't know. Do you know why?"

Tian Fang coldly looked at him.

"Because ... You have never been in despair!"

"What?" Tian Fang's heart jolted as he said in a low voice,"you mean ... What did you do through the heart gate, which is also your path of despair?"


So that was how it was!

Tian Fang frowned,'all of this is meaningless! What do you think these mortals can help you with? You're absorbing the power of will, right? Would it work? Spacetime was the strongest power! Only time can defeat me!"

"I know!"

With his hands behind his back, Li Hao said calmly,""Then how do you know that time has nothing to do with will and the common people?"

Tian Fang frowned slightly.

Li Hao smiled."You think that you're invincible in space, but I don't think that you're truly invincible. Tianfang, you've always wanted to create an absolute space-time. I'll satisfy you and use the real power of time. Are you ... Willing to try?"

"Real time?"

Tian Fang was stunned and looked at him. What did he mean?

"The power of time from before ..."

"That's only on the outside!"

Li Hao shook his head,"that's not Shi Guang, at least not the Shi Guang in my eyes!" I don't think that was the power of time. It could be considered a kind of power to reverse time, a power to allow memories to appear, a power to create illusions ... In my eyes, that is not considered time!"

That wasn't shi Guang?

An explosion sounded in Tian Fang's mind!

That was impossible!

How was that possible?

Tian Fang looked at Li Hao and became even crazier. "You're saying that it's not time and that you've cultivated the true power of time?"


"I want to see it!"

"That's the time left behind by the battle. How can it not be?" Li Hao, are you more talented than a fighter? I don't believe it! You're just trying to intimidate me!"

"No need to threaten!"

At this moment, Li Hao shook his head and thought, at this point, do I still need to scare you? There was no need! Today, there will be a winner between you and me. At this point, all the threats are just a joke!"

Tian Fang couldn't believe it. He looked at him for a long time before saying in a low voice,""I want to see ... What real time is!"

He wanted to see!

He didn't believe that the power of time he had always believed in was fake.

That was impossible.

In his opinion, it was only because Chunqiu did not know how to use it that it was so powerful. Otherwise, it would not be so weak.

At this moment, the heavenly Daoist Rite appeared.

Tian Fang instantly frowned!

He recognized this thing. Are you kidding me? this is Shi Guang?

Li Hao looked at him and suddenly extended his hand. In the distance, the shattered origin of chaos suddenly appeared and fell into the heavenly Daoist Rite. Tian Fang did not stop it. The origin of chaos was useless.

Without the power of great DAOs and the power of life, he was just trash.

He didn't mind if Li Hao took it.

He only wanted to see ... What was Shi Guang's motive?

At this moment, the shattered origin of chaos suddenly absorbed the power of countless wills and integrated them into the heavenly Daoist Rite.

In the heavenly Daoist Rite, the chaos formed by the convergence of countless worlds seemed to see light at this moment. The origin of chaos gradually rotated, and the original split origin suddenly split into two.

Yin and yang, light and darkness.

It was like the light of the sun and the moon, but also like the light of yin and yang.

Light and darkness began to intertwine.

The entire illusory chaos began to change. Countless wills merged into it, and countless people acknowledged this world, this chaos.

At this moment, Li Hao, who was holding the heavenly Daoist Rite, seemed to have sensed something.

At this moment, he seemed to understand how the origin of chaos was formed.

This thing did not seem to be man-made. Or rather, it was ... Something that everyone and all living beings looked forward to. It was something that was born in the previous era. They looked forward to the appearance of the great Dao.

That was why there was chaos today?

He didn't know if that was the case, but he could feel that the entire heavenly Daoist Rite seemed to have been given life.

In fact, Tian Fang had also felt it a little.

At this moment, his eyes were constantly changing.

He didn't move or stop her. He just wanted to see the Shi Guang that Li Hao was talking about. At this moment, he was even looking forward to it. Looking at the heavenly Daoist sect, he licked his lips and smiled."This ... Seems interesting!"

Li Hao seemed to have revived the origin of chaos!

It also seemed like something had changed.

Were there really other powers of time?

"Come on!"

Next to him, countless streams of spatial energy began to congregate, once more exuding a powerful aura that shook the world. But at this moment, the world seemed to have come alive.

Countless worlds and countless living beings were looking up!

Everyone's faces were filled with anticipation and hope that they ... Would succeed in transcending to the mortal realm!

Time would eventually triumph over space.

Li Hao exhaled, and a long black sword appeared in his hand. The power of desire poured into the heavenly Daoist sect. There was no need to suppress anything. Only with desire could there be motivation.

The entire heavenly Daoist Rite seemed to have transformed into a special force at this moment. It surged into the long sword and it began to tremble even more.

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