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Constellation Door

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Silver City Law Enforcement Team (4)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Liu Long looked at him coldly. “Take your time and think about it,” he said. “This is not a small matter, after all. The law enforcement team doesn’t lack elites. The most important thing is to catch this culprit before he wrecks any more havoc. He could be an expert or even a Super for that matter.”

Liu Long strode away and headed to the Zhang family residence. Li Hao followed. He put aside the offer for now and thought of how he could get the captain to demolish the house. This was his best friend’s home. Li Hao

“Search the house!” Liu Long ordered. “If we can’t find any useful clues, we will raze this place to the ground anyway. We will dig three feet under to see if we find anything. If we don’t, we will set fire to the whole damn place. I would like to see what they have been searching for by keeping an eye on this place for so long!”

Li Hao gasped inwardly. The captain looked fierce and domineering, it seemed he was also very reckless! That worked fine with Li Hao. That was what he wanted anyway.

“I don’t care if I have to burn it! If you really want whatever you are looking for, then show yourself!” should Captain Liu into the air.

The captain’s way of handling this case was in line with Li Hao’s taste. As a member of the Inspection Division, working in one of their Inspection Offices, Li Hao was well aware of the law enforcement team. However, he had always thought the organization a little useless compared to the Night Patrollers. But now he doubted himself. ‘How could a team led by such a person as Captain Liu be useless?’

But the fact remained that the law enforcement team was like a sieve, full of holes. Otherwise, how could the case reported by Li Hao have been leaked? Maybe there was indeed a mole in the team

Li Hao was lost in his thoughts when the female Patrol Officer, who had interrupted the captain so fearlessly, approached and smiled at him. “Officer Li, please don’t mind the captain. He is always like that. In fact, he appears cold and indifferent towards you because he really thinks you can be an asset to our team. Despite how he appears, he is really hoping you will join us.”

Li Hao was perplexed. Was it really necessary for them to recruit him? He felt like he had done nothing so remarkable as to be offered a place in the law enforcement team. He had only reported a case.

The female Patrol Officer chuckled, noticing his surprise. “The captain has said before. We don’t lack in terms of combat skills, weapons, or authority. But we do need smart and meticulous people who can spot things when something is wrong.”

She sighed. “Also, you have no personal connection with the law enforcement team as a whole. The captain feels that there are traitors among us. He tried to find the moles but couldn’t. He is disappointed with himself because of that. He can’t be seen investigating the internal workings of the whole team. So, he is turning to you. I hope you can use your wisdom to find the vermin in the law enforcement team too!”

Li Hao’s shock never seemed to end today. So, Liu Long already knew that there was a mole. Not only did he know about it, but he also wanted to investigate it. Liu Long was recruiting him to be his weapon!

Li Hao hesitated. The female Patrol Officer smiled reassuringly towards him. “Please do consider it. You can work with us to solve your friend’s case. And even if we fail, you will have the opportunity to participate in the investigation anyway with the Night Patrollers.”

“Those in the Confidential Information Room aren’t allowed to undertake investigation by themselves. It is admirable that you dropped out of the academy to find out what happened to your friend. But being in the Confidential Information Room will only take you so far. A year is enough, don’t you think? Or, are you planning to remain there forever pouring over old case files yet not being able to get involved in solving them?”

Li Hao’s mind wandered again. He realized he was so distracted tonight. He had always disliked the law enforcement team because he had thought them incompetent at handling cases properly. None of the people here were ordinary. They were extraordinarily smart otherwise they wouldn’t have been recruited to work for the most infamous law enforcement agency.

The female Patrol Officer’s words rang in his mind. He hesitated. Will they find out that he had taken the saber-shaped stone of the Zhang family from the chimney?

He had been so scared of being discovered by the enemy that he had not considered that he might be outed by the law enforcement team itself.

Li Hao had been glad when Liu Long had arrived with his team. He had no problem with the house being burned down. That was what he wanted. But would they notice that he had taken the stone? Could they really be fooled by the replacement stone he had placed inside?

‘I will just blame the person who controls the red shadow,’ thought Li Hao apprehensively. ‘I will just say I don’t know anything!’

He had been careless. One shouldn’t overestimate oneself. He had not considered the fact that the law enforcement team would catch his act. He had underestimated Captain Liu’s team.

Li Hao continued to follow Captain Liu while being lost in thought. The cold and overbearing captain, the charmingly persuasive female Patrol Officer, and Wu Chao who could see countless clues at a glance…

The law enforcement team indeed had some hidden talents that shouldn’t be underestimated.

If the law enforcement team that he had always thought incompetent were this meticulous, how would the Night Patrollers be?

Li Hao had dreamed once of joining the Night Patrollers. Li Hao had wanted to solve the case with them to know why the six self-immolation cases occurred. Even if he died, he would at least have an answer. But these people were so smart. Li Hao felt that he couldn’t hide anything from them. They would find out anyway. Or, they might already know…

Li Hao suddenly felt a chill down his spine when he considered that possibility.

“The outside world can be scary. The Confidential Information Room is like a secret safe hideout. It is certainly comfortable.” Liu Long looked at Li Hao.

Li Hao felt as though the captain was testing him. ‘Was he testing me when he declared to burn down the house too?’ wondered Li Hao.

The captain hadn’t asked him about anything yet. He hadn’t asked Li Hao if he had found or seen anything. Li Hao was afraid. He wondered if he had smiled or appeared relieved when the captain had declared to burn the house down. ‘No, I didn’t react.’

Li Hao thought he deserved praise for keeping his cool!

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