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Constellation Door

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Silver City Law Enforcement Team (3)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Liu Long’s eyes flashed. “That’s not true! Some people always think they are superior to others, and in the process, they underestimate their enemy. But over the years, hasn’t our law enforcement team killed those high and mighty criminals?”

As he said that, others laughed a little. Li Hao, on the other hand, was curious. ‘What does that mean? Are they talking about mysterious people with magical powers?’ he wondered.

Li Hao was engrossed in his thoughts when Liu Long turned to him. “Officer Li, sometimes you need to believe in the strength of the law enforcement team. I know you had your own reasons to reach out to your professor. However, I can see that you are not as stupid as you pretend to be. You were able to dig out the self-immolation cases and connect it to your friend’s death. That shows patience and grit. Our Inspection Office needs someone as meticulous as you.”

“You did not directly turn to the law enforcement team, so you might have a lot of concerns regarding the organization. I understand.” Liu Long’s voice was indifferent. “However, you must remember that even a strong dragon cannot suppress a simple snake in its territory sometimes. You might think that the six cases are not something ordinary people can solve. But my team has people who can even surpass the Class 1 bandits sometimes.”

Liu Long’s voice rang. He appeared domineering. “In the Silver City, even the dragon has to coil up to rest sometimes. That’s where we come in. It’s not like things cannot be done without the Night Patrollers! It’s not like I haven’t beaten some of the Night Patrollers myself!” The captain scowled in displeasure.

Li Hao was stunned. ‘Was it true?’ he wondered.

The captain had mentioned the Night Patrollers without any hesitation. He had seen right through Li Hao. Li Hao had wanted to involve the Night Patrollers because this case involved a mysterious power but the captain had seen through his intentions.

Li Hao quickly tried to think of an excuse. “I don’t understand, Captain…”

“Liar!” said Liu Long, coldly. “What’s there to not understand? You dig out the six cases out of countless cases. You understand everything. Do not lie to me that you don’t know about the existence of the Night Patrollers. No matter how powerful they might seem to you, there is still someone above them!”

“Li Hao,” said the captain, a little more gently. “The Inspection Division and the Night Patrollers are managed by the same organization. We are all colleagues. The first taboo that the Night Patrollers broke was when they attacked their own people. Why are you so afraid of them? They can just as likely be scolded for doing something wrong as the rest of us!”

Li Hao was shocked. Everyone else was a little wary. The Night Patrollers, supposedly respected, feared and even revered, were not even worthy of such devotion in the eyes of the captain!

An old female Patrol Officer behind Li Hao chuckled. “Officer Li, the captain is just bragging now. But he is right. They aren’t as high and mighty and fearful as you expect. Those guys are simply unlucky. Every time they appear, people assume something big has happened. They come with an ominous omen.”

“How dare you?” thundered Liu Long. One of his team members had accused him of bragging!

The female Patrol Officer laughed. She seemed neither to care nor fear the captain. She turned to Li Hao again. “The reason why the captain is working himself up and why we are interested in you is because we feel that you are wasting your talent at the Confidential Information Room. Li Hao, would you consider joining us in the law enforcement team?”

Li Hao was speechless. He could not respond. His mind had truly turned blank.

Liu Long looked at him, his face cold, but his tone calmer. “I see that you are a little clever, patient and loyal. You seem acceptable. I can offer you a position as a Level 2 Patrol Officer. You will mainly do some case analysis, filing—”

The female Patrol Officer interrupted the captain with a gentle smile. “To put it simply, the law enforcement team needs talents like you. You have proven yourself to be meticulous when you found a connection between the six cases out of thousands of cases you might have gone through. We of course have many strong and boorish people in the law enforcement teams but they sometimes lack essential analyzing skills. Sometimes, they find some clues but not enough to continue the case.”

“For example, your friend Zhang Yuan’s case. At the time, the law enforcement team didn’t find significant clues and obviously didn’t connect them to the other six cases. The case appeared simple enough and was dropped. Otherwise, if we had seen this pattern, we would have started a serious investigation into it,” she explained.

‘They are actually recruiting me?!’?thought Li Hao, still too stunned to speak.

The law enforcement team actually needed him! They were even offering to up his rank to level 2! Liu Long was so cold to him, he had thought the captain was really displeased but it seemed that was not the case.

Liu Long looked at him indifferently. “If you join us, you might be able to solve the self-immolation cases much faster. We don’t have many people who are good at analyzing things so we transfer the cases to the blaster Night Patrollers most of the time. But with you in our team, we could find more clues. If you request your professor to put you in contact with the Night Patrollers, who knows how many favors you will owe him?”

His words hit Li Hao with clarity. Captain Liu was right!

He was intending to ask professor Yuan to put him in contact with the Night Patrollers, but that would mean he would owe him big time!

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