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Constellation Door

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Acting is the Real Strength (1)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The sky was already dark.

Zhang Yuan’s house was not in the Qiming community. It was located on an old street outside the community.

When he was young, Li Hao had frequently visited the old streets to play.

With the redevelopment of the Silver City, a part of the old streets had been demolished. The vendors and hawkers had left from the streets. Gradually, the old streets were abandoned. There were only a few people who were occasionally seen there.

Most of the residents had moved away from the old streets. Even the Qiming community was dead-silent without them.

As Li Hao walked through the street, he saw some old houses by the side. Some of those houses still had their lights on which seemed strange to him.

Li Hao felt like he should have waited a little bit longer and drank some jade pedant water to strengthen himself before embarking here. However, he hadn’t had much time.

The longer this dragged on, the more dangerous it would become.

If he had drank the water, he would have had more strength and stamina, but he didn’t think it would have been of help against the red shadow.

Li Hao had come to Zhang Yuan’s house for only one purpose: to see if the saber-shaped stone was still there.

If it was, that would be pleasant news for Li Hao.

If he didn’t find it there, it would mean either the red shadow or the people following him had taken it already. Which would also mean that they knew about Li Hao’s jade sword and were planning to snatch it away.

Black Panther followed Li Hao silently. In the dark, the puppy was almost invisible.

Li Hao’s footsteps were loud on the silent street. He remained calm. He could see an old house in front of him. There was a seal on the door. Zhang Yuan’s house.

He felt something was wrong. Black Panther hadn’t warned him yet, but he knew. When he neared Zhang Yuan’s house, Li Hao took out his communicator and dialed a number.

The communicator emitted a faint light in the dark and illuminated Li Hao’s face.

“Beep, beep, beep…”

There was a click and a rough voice answered. “It’s late Li Hao. What is it? Let me guess, you have thought it through and can’t stay in the Inspection Office any longer. So, you want to come back to the academy. Is that it?”

His voice sounded so loud in the silence that it spread across the street. Li Hao, who had felt a little scared, now felt at ease. “Professor,” he said in a polite voice. “It’s nothing like that.”

“Then why the hell did you call?!” said the angry voice from the other end.

“Professor, I have been investigating Zhang Yuan’s case for the past year. I have found something. His death might not have been an accident.”


Li Hao’s voice was calm but it contained a certain sort of ferocity. “I have done some research. Zhang Yuan wasn’t the sole victim in the Silver City. There were several people who suffered the same thing. None of them seemed to be related but there was something connecting them all.”

The voice at the other end did not respond.

Li Hao had already reached the door of Zhang Yuan’s house by now.

Looking at the broken seal, he whispered, “I am in Zhang Yuan’s neighborhood. I came to visit his house. I want to see if I can find more clues that can prove that he was murdered.”

“Li Hao!” said the man from the other end of the communicator. “I know about Zhang Yuan’s matter. If this is a murder, then don’t go there alone! Don’t be rash. What if something happens to you? Just wait a moment. I will inform the Inspection Office and the academy so somebody can come get you if you need help!”

Li Hao said nothing further.

Professor Yuan understood something as he urged Li Hao to not go alone. If Li Hao had suddenly called him at the door of Zhang Yuan’s house, it meant that he already knew he was in danger. He was reaching out for someone intimidating who had influence.

He didn’t need Professor Yuan to do or say anything. Li Hao had intended to just establish the fact to whoever was watching that he was in league with someone as famous as Professor Yuan. As long as he was connected to the professor, it was enough to deter anyone. And if Li Hao died, Professor Yuan would look for the one who killed him.

It was rumored that Li Hao and Yuan Shuo had a falling out. On this night, anyone watching would know that was not true. If anything happened to Li Hao, the Silver City Ancient Academy and the Inspection Office both would be involved. Li Hao just needed to establish that much.


Black Panther bit Li Hao’s pants. Li Hao turned around but found nothing unusual. But he knew that the dog was much more sensitive. If it had sensed danger, then Li Hao didn’t want to doubt its instinct.

There really was someone watching him.

Li Hao’s heart pounded. He didn’t know if this meant that Zhang Yuan’s saber-shaped stone was still somewhere in the house.

Professor Yuan was still speaking from the communicator.

Li Hao quickly smiled. “It’s alright, Professor. It’s not that serious. I called you just to inform you on the matter. Oh, I have also accepted a mission from the Inspection Office. In a few days, I will be with the team accompanying you on your expedition.”

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