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Constellation Door

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: The Book of Five Beasts (4)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was almost impossible!

The effective range of the Third-generation Vortex, specifically Vortex Mk III, was only fifty meters. If the opponent was more than fifty meters away, Li Hao wouldn’t be able to target them at all.

Hell, if they were within fifty meters, they could easily break his neck before Li Hao could shoot if they trained with mysterious power every day.

‘So, firearms might actually prove to be useless,’ thought Li Hao.

Li Hao was now anxious. A gun as a weapon might not be useful at all, especially against the red shadow.

He looked at his jade pendant at the bottom of the bowl and picked it up. His eyes were filled with desire and curiosity. ‘Is there a limit to how many times I can soak it in water?’ wondered Li Hao. ‘Can I make the magical water every time I want?’

If there was no limit, then Li Hao could drink it every day! But he was reluctant. The starlight energy might not be infinite.

Li Hao wanted to examine it a bit more. He frowned and looked at the clock on the wall. It was already eight o’clock. He had to go out!

He wanted to go to Zhang Yuan’s house to see if he could find some clues there. If he didn’t go, he might not have the time or the opportunity to visit the residence again. Besides, he was being watched already. He needed to check if the saber-shaped stone was at Zhang Yuan’s house.

‘If the Starry Sky Sword has such an ability… what kind of supernatural power does the Zhang family’s stone have?’

Li Hao was getting surer than ever that the red shadow was after these heirlooms. ‘Li family’s sword, Zhang family’s saber…. If the heirloom is what it is after, then the Zhang family’s saber might already be taken. It might not be at the house.’

But it was hard to say. What if the red shadow hadn’t really gotten hold of the stone saber? He had seen it before. It didn’t look very extraordinary. It just looked like a normal stone. After his parents passed away, Zhang Yuan hadn’t really cared about the stone. What if he had thrown it away?

‘If the saber-shaped stone wasn’t there, then maybe people are still watching Zhang Yuan’s house!’ thought Li Hao, anxiously. He would have to find it soon. But he was afraid that it might not be entirely safe for him to go to Zhang Yuan’s house alone.

Should he go or should he not? Li Hao made a decision. He would go! He had to! He decided to take every safety precaution he could think of.

He already had a plan. It would be better if he found the saber easily enough. With the saber and his jade sword, he will have increased chances of overcoming the red shadow.

Li Hao went to shower first. Soon, he walked out of the bathroom and got ready. He wore the jade pendant again and hid the gun in his inner shirt pocket.

He got ready to leave. He hesitated and looked back at Black Panther who was still lying on the ground. “Come on! You have a sharp nose and I need your help.”

Black Panther was a dog after all. If someone followed Li Hao, maybe Black Panther could alert him.

“Woof!” Black Panther wagged its tail and trotted towards the door.

Li Hao smiled and patted its head. “You seem to have become so much smarter. It’s like you understand my every word. If you sense anyone following me, don’t bark! Just nudge me on my foot or bite my pants. I will understand. Alright?”

Black Panther actually nodded. The dog wagged its tail fiercely and bit Li Hao’s pants to indicate that it understood him. Li Hao laughed.

“Good dog.”

Black Panther seemed to have high intelligence now. It was like those trained dogs at the Inspection Office used sometimes for investigations. Black Panther might actually be able to help Li Hao.

Patting Black Panther on the head, Li Hao went over his plan in his head, preparing for possible dangers. He then left the house with Black Panther.

Time to visit Zhang Yuan’s house!

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