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Constellation Door

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Black Panther (2)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“It’s good. Try some. Don’t turn your nose up at it! In a few days, you might not have anyone to feed you. You should find some other way to feed yourself.”

Li Hao crouched down and patted the dog. He laughed as he saw the dog eat the food unwillingly.

He took out the Vortex Mk III from his pocket. After some hesitation, he took off the jade pendant from his neck. Li Hao fell into a deep thought.

Was this jade pendant related to a mysterious power? Could it be that the eight great families of the Silver City song were also involved in something supernatural?

He had never seen or felt anything out of the ordinary about his jade pendant. As for the blood ownership mentioned in the song, he didn’t know if being injured when young and his pendant getting stained counted as

“Starry Sky Sword!” mumbled Li Hao. Was this the red shadow’s target?

“Woof!” Black Panther suddenly stopped eating and barked at the jade pendant in Li Hao’s hands.

Li Hao looked at Black Panther.

The Black Panther faced the jade pendant, wagging its tail. It looked like it wanted to approach it but was scared to do so. It kept a safe distance and started at the pendant.

Li Hao raised his eyebrows. He playfully pretended to stab at Black Panther. The dog jumped away immediately and barked at Li Hao as if it was frightened.

Li hao was surprised. Was the dog afraid of this trinket? That was interesting. According to some folklores, white cats and black dogs could see things that normal human eyes couldn’t. Could it be that Black Panther could see something in the jade pendant that Li Hao couldn’t?

Li Hao knew that Black Panther was a smart dog. “Black Panther, come here,” said Li Hao.

The dog looked hesitant but slowly moved over to him, its eyes fixed on the jade pendant.

“Woof!” The dog still looked scared but eased a little near Li Hao.

Li Hao observed its strange reaction and frowned. Maybe the jade pendant was indeed special. Li Hao was lost in thought when he felt the jade pendant disappear from his hand. The dog had swallowed it!

“F * ck!” Li Hao was stunned for a moment. He grabbed Black Panther’s head and tried to gently pry its mouth open. “Spit it out! Damn it!”

He wondered why the dog was acting strange. Usually, it never snatched away the food when it was being fed. Black Panther always waited patiently until Li Hao told it to eat. What was this? Was the dog really scared?

Black panther clamped its teeth shut and refused to open its mouth. Little hao had to get the pendant back somehow. He pinched the dog’s mouth and grabbed its tail, not letting it escape or bite. “You ingrate! This is my only family heirloom. Do you have to have that too?”

“Spit it out!” Li Hao let go of the dog’s tail and grabbed its head. With his other hand, he tried to open its mouth.

Finally, Black Panther opened its mouth and the jade pendant slipped out. The Starry Sky Sword was of great importance. He couldn’t give it up even if it was dirty and slimy. He picked up the jade pendant and smacked Black Panther’s head lightly.

“To think I feed you when you don’t even listen to me!” Li Hao chastised it. The dog was usually very mellow. He hadn’t expected it to act like this all of a sudden. It was Li Hao’s own fault for being too low on his guard against it. It would have taken his pendant!

“They say that dogs that bite don’t bark. That really suits your personality, you know.” Li Hao looked at the slimy jade pendant in his hand with disdain.

“Woof! Woof! Woof!” Black Panther stared at the jade pendant as if reluctant to part with it. The fear it had earlier shown had long since disappeared.

It even stuck out its tongue as if it wanted to lick the sword again. However, Li Hao Playfully smacked it on its mouth and it retracted its tongue.

“Woof! Woof!” Black Panther looked at Li Hao sheepishly, fawning and pleading as if it wanted to lick the jade pendant again.

Li Hao frowned. He glanced at the dog. Black Panther usually wasn’t like this. It was always very mellow and obedient. Even when Li Hao brought it food, the dog would wag its tail eagerly but it had never ever snatched the food out of Li Hao’s hands.

“You want to… eat this?” Li Hao waved the jade pendant in front of the dog. Black Panther wagged its tail, its eyes full of desire. But it hesitated as if making sure of something. The dog, very lightly, shook its head.

“What?!” Li Hao was stunned. Did the dog just shake its head?

For the longest time Li Hao had assumed that dogs understand humans very well. But shaking its head…

Moreover, what did it mean? He didn’t want to eat it then? If the dog didn’t want to eat it, then why was it staring at the pendant so much?

“Strange,” murmured Li Hao. There must be something special about the Starry Sky Sword. He had, of course, considered it after he had heard the Silver City song. But why was it that Li Hao had not felt anything from it in so many years?

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