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Constellation Door

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: One Hair Moves the Whole Body (2)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

He didn’t want to say anything more.

The involvement of the Night Patrollers wasn’t seen as a good thing.

Once they got involved, it would indeed be very troublesome. Plus, their arrival and involvement would raise a lot of questions.

Therefore, Wang Jie didn’t want to have anything to do with Night Patrollers unless that was the last resort.

The law enforcement team didn’t want the Night Patrollers to get involved either. But if there was no other way, the Night Patrollers would naturally appear and it wouldn’t matter what the Inspector General wanted.

Li Hao nodded somberly. But he had one last thing to remind him. “Chief, I have observed a pattern in these cases. It always happens when the weather is bad, either it’s rainy or there is lightning. The Silver City will have rainy season soon. If this is a murder, it will most likely happen in that time.”

Wang Jie took note of this information. He had just taken over the case and he didn’t have much information, at least not as much as Li Hao.

Wang Jie was silent for a moment, then he nodded. “I’ll inform the law-enforcement team. You should also be careful when you go check on Zhang Yuan’s house. Do you need any help with it?”

“No need, Chief. I will be alright.” It wasn’t that he didn’t feel afraid. But not everyone saw the red shadow, anyway. So, it would be useless taking someone along.

Besides, if he didn’t encounter the red shadow then he would have a gun with him for other matters anyway.

Most of the people in his office were civilians. If there was really a danger, Li Hao didn’t think they would be able to fight, much less protect him. He would be only putting others in danger.

“Then be careful. Zhang Yuan’s been dead for year. I don’t think there will be many dangers there.”

Wang Jie waved his hand and gestured for Li Hao to leave.


Li Hao walked out of the office, relieved. He was comforted that Wang Jie still cared for him.

He strode towards the Equipment Warehouse after Wang Jie’s approval. He soon received a metallic black pistol.

The Third-generation Vortex had an effective range of 50 meters, competitive precision. Some big cities had started promoting the fourth

It was said that some big cities had begun to promote the fourth-generation Vortex because of its effective shooting range of up to 100 meters. Of course, Silver City was not considered very big, so the fourth-generation Vortex hadn’t been popularized yet.

Even the law enforcement team was used the Third-generation Vortex, specifically, Vortex Mk III. It had 18 rounds of ammunition, and each round held six shots. It could be fired continuously, so it was a rather powerful weapon.

Before Li Hao became a part of the Confidential Information Room in the Inspection Office, he had undergone a month of training. They had taught the newbies how to shoot. Fortunately, that would now come in handy.

After he became a part of the Confidential Information Room, he had not needed to use guns. He had not used it for a long time. But Li Hao anyhow felt more confident with a weapon on him.

He just didn’t know for sure whether it would be effective against the red shadow. Others couldn’t see it at all. If he shot at it, would it die?

“From the royal family’s opinion, the law enforcement team is probably not willing to inform the Night Patrollers to interfere. But time is of the essence. If the Night Patrollers don’t interfere, will the law enforcement team be able to deal with the red shadow?”

“If I say I can see the red shadow now …”

The conversation flashed through Li Hao’s mind. He couldn’t help thinking about the previous cases. Some people who had actually seen the red shadow were either dead or made to be silent.

What happened to the one who had seen the red shadow? The Night Patrollers had intervened. Were these people dead or had been absorbed within the Night Patrollers?

The uncertainty of it made Li Hao queasy. If the Night Patrollers were willing to get rid of the red shadow, then perhaps there was value in exposing himself. But could he trust them??If all the people who saw the shadow were either dead or missing, did it mean the Night Patrollers were in league with the red shadow?

If he exposed himself, will the Night Patrollers get rid of him or help him get rid of the red shadow?

‘Both the Night Patrollers and the red shadow were shrouded. Are friends or enemies?’ wondered Li Hao. He could not make up his mind. He did not have enough information regarding this to come to a conclusion.

If they were on the same sides, then anyone who sees the red shadow would be killed or made to disappear. That was where Li Hao had his doubts.

‘What a headache!’ Li Hao lamented. He was in a dilemma. On one hand, he wanted to reveal every information he had so that the Night Patrollers could help him get rid of the red shadow. However, he worried if he could really trust them. What if the Night Patrollers killed him for being able to see the red shadow?

‘I will wait a few more days,’ Li Hao decided.

Li Hao knew that he didn’t have much time. But he wanted to first see the outcome of the law enforcement team’s investigation and their attitude towards this case.

Right now, they would believe Li Hao had accidentally uncovered a pattern in the cases. But if they became seriously interested, they would find out about Li Hao’s relation to the case anyway.

If law enforcement team was smart, they would contact the Night Patrollers.

Li Hao had revealed his suspicion of another self-immolation to occur in a few days. He had done it to make sure the law enforcement team felt the urgency of the situation. If the law enforcement team failed to involve the Night Patrollers, then Li Hao would have to risk disclosing the fact that he could see the red shadow.

‘Professor Yuan is leading an expedition team too. In that case, the Night Patrollers will truly appear. Whether or not there are any Night Patrollers in the city right now, they will definitely arrive in the next few days,’ thought Li Hao.

After confirming it to be most likely that Night Patrollers would indeed show up, Li Hao temporarily put aside idea of exposing himself. Whether the other party was a friend or an enemy, he would find out soon enough.

If the Night Patrollers did not take the initiative to contact him before the rainy days, then he will go to them!

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