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Conquering The Novel

Chapter 8 Meeting With Helena Parker (1)

As we came out of the gate the adventurers who were guarding it were in shock and disbelief, because we cleared the A-Level Gate in less than an hour, As to be expected of Mika Amami...

Mika was waiting for me inside her car so I rushed towards the car and got in,

"What took you so long," Mika asked while staring at me,

"I was just mesmerized by your attack master, and it took me some time to get over it" I replied to her with a bitter smile.

"You don"t have to be that impressed my disciple soon you will also be able to have that kind of power I believe you can even surpass me"....Mika spoke while smiling,

I didn't have any words for that so I just nodded to her,

"Let's return to the mansion now I have some preparation to make with Aegis, I will be away for 20 to 25 days and will be back before the start of your academic year"

"You can stay with Aegis at the mansion and you should improve your swordsmanship until I return," Mika said and I nodded in confirmation.

As Mika was speaking her mind, we soon arrived at the mansion.,

After parking her car we went inside the mansion, and as soon as we entered the mansion we were met by a guest,

Seeing her Mika furrowed her eyebrows and spoke...

"What do you want bitch, I told you not to visit my mansion like it's your backyard" Mika spat at her...

I was standing next to her while observing who the guest was,

She has long silver hair tied in a ponytail, ember red eyes with sharp eyebrows, and a beautiful face, she was wearing black tight gym clothes and a black jacket tied around her waist,

The tight exercise clothes accentuated her excellent figure. Those beautiful and eye-catching curves were irresistibly attractive!

she was holding a cigarette between her lips and smiled teasingly at Mika who was cursing at her...

My eyes widened seeing her but soon I returned to keep my poker face.

Because I knew who she was, her name is Helena Parker and her element is electricity same as mine, and she is a member of the evil organization "SHADOWS"...

As I was pondering to myself, Helena ignored Mika and appeared in front of me and grabbed my shoulder, it was like she directly teleported as I can't even get a glimpse at her movements...

Though I was shocked by her sudden approach I didn't show it on my face and kept my poker face and just glared at her.,

Helena grinned and removed a cigarette from her mouth with her right hand and spoke.,

"Aren't you The fourth prince of Escratia Kingdom 'Ares Vos Rothstaylor', what are you doing here?" she asked

Even before I can reply to her, she was sent flying towards the wall due to Mika's kick and cracks like spider web could be seen as she hit the wall...

"Don't touch my disciple, bitch" Mika grunted at her furiously.

Hearing Mika's words Helena raised her eyebrows and muttered, "Disciple?" with a questioning face and got up and appeared in front of us again in a blink of an eye seemingly unharmed, and ignored Mika's kick like she's used to it...

"How do you know him?" Mika asked while squinting her eyes between me and Helena..,


Third Person POV ~

Even though Ares was a prince, no one could recognize him as his position in the kingdom wasn't that good and he never appeared in any social events, Even though everyone might be heard of his name but not many has seen his face.

But of course, Mika and Ageis knew about him as Ares told them about his standings in the kingdom and also about his revenge too.

And knowing that Helena knew about who Ares was, Mika has doubts about Helena's intentions.

Ignoring Mika's furious gaze Helena answered,

"Of course, I know who he is as our organization was trying to recruit him knowing about his talent in swordsmanship, and it's impossible to forget that handsome face easily" saying that Helena smiled mischievously..,

As soon as she completed her words, the whole mansion was engulfed in strong killing intent of two people destroying all the glass windows and the whole mansion was trembling as if an eruption of an earthquake,

The source was of course Mika and Ageis,

Yes, normally playful Ageis was also emitting her killing intent towards Helena,

Facing both Mika's and Ageis killing intent, Cold sweat appeared on Helena's forehead and her hands were trembling as she dropped the cigarette from her hand on the floor and raised her both hands in the air and stepped backward signaling her surrender, and spoke while her voice trembling...

"W-Wait l-let me fin-finish what I was s-saying"

After a few seconds, both Mika and Ageis retracted their killing intent and shouted in unison,


As soon as she heard their ferocious voice she fell to the sofa as her legs went numb...

She breathed heavily for a few minutes and soon got her composure back and looked towards Mika and Ageis who were still glaring at her furiously.., she sighed and answered them,

"It was three months ago that we got his information and I saw his picture at that time, but a month ago we lost contact with the one who was keeping an eye on him and lost his tracks"

"Now I know why we lost contact with the informer keeping his tracks, and why we couldn't find where Ares was"..of course, he was killed by Mika, Helena thought inwardly...

Even after listening to her answer Mika and Ageis still didn't stop there glaring at her,

Seeing them behave like that Helena spoke again,

"Of course, we won't do anything to him now as we don't want to make an enemy of Mika Amami"

Hearing her words Mika retracted her gaze but there was still one more gaze on Helena,

Seeing that Helena sighed again outwardly and said.

"Of course, we don't want to make an enemy of Aegis Winston too"

Hearing her words Ageis retracted her gaze as well and nodded in satisfaction...


Ares was in the corner leaning against the wall and was eating some potato chips, and watching the scenes unfold in front of him...

"I was quite hungry because I didn't have my lunch and I only have some snacks with me, hence I had no choice but to eat potato chips... it's not like I was enjoying the scene unfolding before me" Ares muttered to himself and nodded several times in confirmation.


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