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Conquering The Novel

Chapter 5 Becoming An Adventurer (1)

It"s been over a month since I became Mika Amami's disciple, and only a month left for me to attend the academy.

Becoming Mika Amami's disciple wasn't that bad of a choice, I thought to myself while checking my status screen,




AGE: 15



SKILLS: 1. FELL CRESCENT ( Mastery 92% ) ( Beginner Level )

( Info: A high-class sword charge-type sword skill that delivers a downward blow and covers a distance of 1 meter in 1 sec )

2. SNAKE STEPS ( Mastery 97% ) ( Beginner Level )

( Info: A technique helps the users movement akin to a snake with helps to increase the user to cover the distance of 5 meters in 1 sec )

3. ELECTRICITY MANIPULATION ( Mastery 57% ) ( Beginner Level )

( Info: Allow user to manipulate the electricity near his body )


( Info: Allow the user to recall an image or information with high precision after seeing it only once)

2. ....?????....


''My Mastery of skills improved drastically and they are almost at the level of intermediate,

I think I can improve my mastery to an intermediate level before joining the academy''

I muttered to myself,

After observing my status, I thought about the training I went through with Mika.

Though it was brutal it was quite effective,

According to Mika, my foundation was a mess, it's like I know how to use a sword but my body wouldn't know how to react to it and sometimes it just moves on Instinct.

After hearing her explanation I thought to myself,...that she hit the nail right on point,

Because the one who practiced the sword was previous Ares, even though I inherited his memories the fact that I never used the sword before never changed, and I can't fight based on Instincts forever.

During the past month, I improved my foundation drastically and now I don't need to just focus on Instincts during fights,

And the fact that I was worried about most was the obsessive nature of Mika Amami,

But after being with her for a month I don't think it's that bad, and I think it's quite good to have someone worry and take care of you even though she goes overboard sometimes.

'' ''

But the best thing was that she is an excellent teacher, she pointed out my every little mistake without showing any disappointment...

Even After seeing my Awkward and rogue stance...

To get me out of my thoughts I heard my phone ringing., and it was Mika.

She told me to get myself dressed because as she want to take me somewhere, she didn't clearly explain where we are going...." "

After ending my call with Mika, I got myself dressed in the clothes she brought for me...

She bought me clothes fitting the entire room, it has daily wear clothes, training clothes, clothes for outings, party clothes, etc...

Just seeing those clothes made me think of some young master being spoiled by his rich mother

By the way, I have been staying at Mika Amami's mansion for the past month now...

Her mansion is quite huge with every necessity available, from gym, training room, swimming pools, etc...

And I'm taking the second floor entirely for myself, while Mika stays on the third floor.


As soon as I got out of the mansion I saw Mika waiting for me leaning on her sports car,

She was wearing different clothes than she usually wears,

She was wearing a black shirt with tight black jeans and black boots, half of that shirt was tucked in, and her usually long tied hair was left alone to free fall, and her two katanas hanging left side of her waist...

I was again mesmerized by her beautiful white face with a beauty mark under her left eye which was highlighted due to her clothes.

And by pure coincidence, my clothing was all-black as well, if weren't for our height difference we would have looked like a couple wearing matching outfits...

I came out of my thoughts as we greeted each other and got in her car to leave for our destination...


Third Person POV ~

While traveling, Ares was told by Mika that they will be visiting the Adventurer guild for Ares to become an Adventurer.

According to Mika, it wouldn't be that hard for Ares to become an Adventurer by having Mika as his sponsor...

Ares could skip all the required examinations and he just has to duel with a trainer to determine his rank.

They arrived at the Adventurer guild after around 30 minutes of travel.

As they were moving to the hall everyone was making a way for Mika and Ares, soon after the receptionist noticed Mika she ran towards her and took them to the VIP lounge...

Ares was observing the expressions of the people present in the hall, and in which most were fear and respect.

Ares was again reminded that how powerful of a figure Mika Amami was...

She was one of the few SS-RANK Adventurers with the title of "SWORD EMPRESS".

And how she was respected and feared by the whole world.


As they arrived in the VIP lounge, soon the Guild master of the branch came running inside the lounge with his sweating forehead.

The Guild Master was a brown-haired guy with a well-built body, huge and his height seems to be around 195 cm.

Even before he began to introduce himself he was shut down and interrupted by Mika and she directly told him the purpose of her visit.

The Guild master could only smile Awkwardly as he couldn't even introduce himself properly but he soon ordered the receptionist to get the preparations ready for the duel...

And after waiting for a few minutes the receptionist came back to inform them that everything was ready,

Ares and Mika went to the prepared training hall while following the Guild master and the receptionist.

As they arrived at the training hall they were met by a black-haired guy with a scar on his left eye and a well-toned body, he seemed to be a trainer to determine the adventurer's rank.

And soon after they all greeted each other, Mika and Guild's master went to the corner of the training hall leaving Ares and the black-haired guy at the center.

They both were given wooden swords by the receptionist for a duel,

Usually, real swords would have been used in this type of duel but Mika forced them to use wooden swords against Ares.

It's not that she didn't believe in him but she just doesn't want to see him in any danger or see him getting hurt badly,

what if he got badly wounded "Accidentally", she thought to herself.

Ares could only smile awkwardly by seeing how Mika was treating him,

Even the Guild master, trainer, and receptionist were shocked to see Mika's behavior towards Ares.

Leaving his shocked expression behind soon the trainer took his sword stance indicating Ares to get ready,

Seeing the trainer Ares too took his sword stance, while Guild master and Mika too started focusing their attention on both of them,

Soon the receptionist blew a whistle indicating the start of the duel...


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