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Conquering The Novel

Chapter 4 Mika Amami The SS-Rank Adventurer (2)

POV Mika Amami ~

I have been staying on the floating island for the past few days and waiting for the completion of my work, and on a normal day during my stay here I received news about the gate breakout but I didn"t care much about it because I found it quite bothersome,

But soon I got a call from one of my few friends requesting my assistance, I wanted to reject her but I have received quite a lot of favors from her in the past.

Nevertheless, I decided to take care of it as soon as possible and complete my pending work and leave the floating island,

On my way near the gate I met quite a lot of low-rank adventures who were helping people evacuate, I didn't bother with them and rushed where I can sense the presence of the monster.

Just by the pressure, the monster was emitting I knew it was an A-Rank monster, if left alone it could destroy the whole city and the low-rank adventures didn't ever dare to stay there.

As soon as I arrived near the gate I saw a huge building size monsters silhouette and I decided to get this over with as soon as possible, but I stopped my steps when I sensed another presence,

To get a clear look at the person present I decided to wait just out of my sheer curiosity,

After moving to a place from where I could get a clear sight of that person I halted my steps in shock, " "

There I saw a boy with dark black hair around 15-16 years of age standing in front of a monster unaffected by its emitting pressure,

And when I saw his fearless eyes gazing at the monster,.... it sent shivers down my spines...

The boy was glaring at the monster with his narrow sharp black eyes which gave the scene the look of the hunter waiting to devour its prey...

The monster roared at him to scare him off or try to paralyze him but that doesn't seem to bother the boy much, soon the boy disappeared from where he was and leaving just the blue trail behind and soon he attacked the monster on its ankles which took the monster by the surprise,

I was once again shocked by that speed and more importantly due to 'that' affinity...

After that, I saw him try his best to defeat that monster but it was still too strong for the boy to defeat it as of now, and I saw him covered in his blood...

I came back to my senses,

And soon I killed the monster immediately not wanting the boy to get himself killed,

Because soon he will become my...disciple, I thought to myself.

If he trained under me he will soon be able to surpass me and I was also searching for someone that can inherit my techniques, it seems to be fate,

I thought to myself and nodded several times in confirmation,

I then approached him and said him my thoughts, but he lost consciousness due to excessive blood loss...


Ares slowly opened his eyes and found himself engulfed in a room of endless darkness,

soon he saw the small form of light in the shape of a ball approaching him, he heard the whispers from it "Help me Ares"...."Help me Ares".., continuously,

He was confused, which Ares that light was asking for help, as his name was Ares in his previous world too.., he knew that it wasn't any coincidence and there must be some purpose in him coming to this world.

To throw him out of his thoughts, the light soon covered the whole dark room with its bright light and he has to close his eyes to not get blinded by it,

And as soon as Ares opened his eyes he found himself laying on the bed seeing the unfamiliar white roof which doesn't seem to be the hospital, He soon checked the condition he was in...

And he found his whole injuries were healed and what was left was just a mild headache and sour throat,

As he was pondering to himself he soon saw a woman entering the room wearing a white doctor coat, Her unique long pink hair was left alone like a waterfall till her waist with her white beautiful face and green eyes, she had the hint of a mature woman with her perfect figure.

She approached Ares with a smile on her face which looked like blooming flowers that any man would want to protect,

She first checked Ares's condition for a few seconds and then introduced herself and started explaining how he ended up here,

After hearing her explanation he got to know that her name was Aegis Winston and she is one of the S-Rank Healers which is quite rare in this world to find. she also told him how she was dragged here by her best friend Mika Amami to treat him. and how he was carried here by her best friend when he was covered in blood and bruises.

Ignoring all the information Ares got from her, he thought about the most important and scariest info he got,

Ares was now staying in the personal mansion of Mika Amami....." "

Soon he realized what he heard before losing consciousness and that was enough for sending chills down his spines...


Aegis saw him lost in his thoughts and decided to break the silence, And spoke

''I never thought Mika will find herself a disciple and quite handsome at that., I heard about how you fought an A-Rank monster fearlessly,

Even though she is older than you I hope you still take care of her''.

she said while making an innocent smile, but her eyes says otherwise...

Ares just glared at her without saying anything...and after a brief moment of silence he decided to speak

''I never told her that I will become her disciple and als...''

Before he could finish his sentence Aegis interrupted him...

''It doesn't matter if you want to become her disciple or not'', she paused for a few moments and spoke again.

''Because once she decided that you will become her disciple you didn't have much choice, she will chase you to the end of the world even if she has to.

until you accept her as your master the easy way or she even has many other ways, trust me I have been through it before, she will get what she wants no matter the consequences".

''And I think it will be quite helpful for you to become the disciple of an SS-Rank Adventurer. which also comes with quite a lot of perks''.

''She may not look like it but she cherishes the one close to her and she is quite reliable too....maybe",

"Ohh and her swordsmanship is well known all around the world..''

She's well known as "SWORD EMPRESS"...

After saying all that she paused for a moment wanting to hear my response

I pondered to myself for a few minutes and thought about what I heard from her and weighed the pros and cons of becoming a disciple of an SS-Rank Adventurer Mika Amami...

After a few moments of silence, I decided to respond to her about what my answer is,

while she was glaring at me with stars in her eyes


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