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Conquering The Novel

Chapter 30 Best Swordsman Vs Best Swordswoman

As Ares arrived at the sparring Arena he saw Ziona Madlock already waiting for him with a creepy-looking smile revealing how excited she is about this duel.

This duel was not just customary, as the Title of the Best Youngest Swordmaster was on the line here.

Previous Ares was known as the best swordsman of his age and the same goes for Ziona as well she was known as the best swordswoman of her age...


I was at a loss for words because I know how promising of a Swordswoman she is, She will get me run for my money...I thought to myself,

We stood in the Sparring arena confronting each other and I can see all the students getting excited about this sparring, especially Lucas Eugene.

Lucas and Ziona fought each other before... though their fight was interrupted by some crazy bastard, he knew exactly how strong Ziona is...

I pulled out my sword following Ziona and waited for the signal that indicates the start of the duel.

Ziona on the other hand was getting herself prepared without losing focus as she knew about my quickness.


Soon we both heard a signal indicating the start of the duel, and as soon as I heard it I rushed towards Ziona trying to catch her off guard as I know the longer the duel the more disadvantageous I will be, I didn"t dare to underestimate this crazy Beastwoman.

And soon I appeared before her and used my attack against her, but to my surprise, she blocked my attack with her sword as if she was anticipating it.

You'll know that my speed is second to none among the students in the academy including the 3rd years, and which also caught the instructor off-guard in yesterday's spar though it was somewhat because of Livia...

But she has seen through it, which shows how strong her beastly senses are.

As soon as she obstructed my attack, she attacked me without wasting any time. I stopped her attack with my sword as well but her monstrous strength was no joke and gave me a hard time.

We proceeded with our fight at a fast pace blocking and attacking each other leaving only the sounds of swords clashing could be heard and sparks generated as the swords collided could be seen at the fast pace.

We fought without using any skills and only used our fighting techniques.

We clashed our swords several times with each other while losing the sense of time, Throughout our exchange, a wild smile could be seen on both my and Ziona's faces as if we were enjoying our fight. I knew Ziona was a battle maniac and she likes to fight strong opponents because she can go all out with them without stressing about anything.

To be honest, I was enjoying our fight too, this was my first official spar with someone as strong as me, every other time my spars were rather with someone stronger than me, or I was been supported or interrupted by someone.

Clashing our swords, when neither of them is been pushed back, leaving only sparks and sounds of metals...It was too addictive.

Now I know why everyone else liked to use swords so much.

And time went by as neither of us was seem to be exhausted and our attacks got even fiercer as if we were at to kill each other with a huge grins on our faces, but it was about time we conclude our fight as it had already been more than 30 minutes since our spar began, So we both agreed on ending our duel with one substantial final blow to decide the winner of our duel. Of course, we agreed nonverbally as we just read our sentiments and nodded to each other as if agreeing.

So been decided to finish the duel with one last strike, Ziona covered her sword with her purple Aura which seemed even stronger than before,

Seeing her going all out I too decided to use my trump card.

I used my skill 'static electricity' on my sword, which seem like I was carrying a bolt of lightning as my whole sword was covered in blue electricity.

And soon we rushed towards each other at a fast pace and attacked each other, as our swords clashed a massive shockwave that shook the whole sparring room could be noticed.


My whole sword was covered in electricity which seems like Electric Aura and Ziona's sword was covered in her Purple Aura which made her sword look ominous, as they collided a cracking sound could be heard after a few seconds of the powerful clash and soon Ziona's sword shattered and Ziona was sent flying outside the sparring arena while demolishing the ground on her way out, I was driven back as well and dripping of blood could be seen on my hand in which I hold my sword.

- BEEP!!

Then I heard a sound indicating the end of the duel, and my name could be seen on the holographic screen.


Seeing that I turned my head towards Ziona who was now being treated by a healer, even though we wore safety gear to avoid accidents she still seems to be injured and lost consciousness.

"...What a monstrous skill" I muttered out loud, I knew it was a powerful skill but the way it shattered Ziona's Aura sword and the way Ziona was sent flying outside the arena made me amazed at its power.

As I was pondering, loud cheers made me come out of my thoughts. I looked towards the source and saw a bunch of excited students who appears to hate me before were now cheering at me loudly till my eardrum burst,

As I was scrutinizing them I was met with Lucas's shocked gaze, and Ayla, Diana, and Claude's faces had the same expression as Lucas's.

I ignored them and came down the sparring arena, but I saw Livia glancing at Ziona with a distorted face.


'I can never figure her out.' I thought to myself and shook my head.

And soon the spars continued but the results were what I expected with no suspense...


"Winner Lucas Eugene"


"Winner Claude Valdemar"


"Winner Livia Frostine"



"Winner Diana Eliora"




And with that, all the spars were ended and we will know about our appointed advisors by tomorrow.


Today's class was filled only with morning classes, that is, the spar to select an advisor.

That didn't mean that we were supposed to take it easy. In our case, we were given a guidebook by Roselia, but essentially, as we had been told on the first day, each student had to spend this afternoon occupied.

"So, is that it for today's class?" Livia questioned

While I was pondering myself, Livia who was eating her sandwich next to me, started a conversation as usual.

The two of us were sitting on an outside terrace, which was used as a cafe and a lounge for students. Of course, I was eating alone before Livia joined me.

"Yes. But, I heard from a professor, that we have to visit the chosen extra courses room before this afternoon, so it would be better to go early" I answered her.

"Well, the magic exploration and hunting course's rooms are almost next to each other, so it'll be quick. How about you Ares?" Livia raised a question.

"The reading course is just reading in the library, so I can go there anytime, and I will only be attending Runes deciphering on weekends, so I'll go to the Archery course today.

I answered Livia but she seems to hear only one part of my explanation, she stopped chewing her sandwich and questioned me while her mouth was half served,

"On weekends?" she spoke while swallowing her sandwich and continued

"I didn't know we had classes on weekends as well"

"No we don't, I just have private tutoring sessions on weekends with Miss Roselia" I answered her as if it was not a big deal.

"Pr-Private tutoring? o-on weekends? A-Alone with Miss Roselia!" Livia spoke stutteringly.

"Remove your mind out of that gutter" I spoke with a distorted face.

*Gulp she gulped soundly and spoke again,

"That's how it works in romance novels, 'The Forbidden Teacher-Student Relationship' ".

"Why is it Forbidden though? As we live hundreds of years the age gap between the 20s and 30s didn't matter, right?" I answered


She looked at me with a shocked expression and uttered,

"You're into older women?"

I just turned my head away and ignored her as if I didn't hear her question...

"...Ares?" Livia bombarded me with many questions but I didn't give attention to any of them.


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