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Conquering The Novel

Chapter 3 Mika Amami The SS-Rank Adventurer (1)

Good day, readers. Quite a few mentions were sent to me regarding the element, which is "ELECTRICITY" and not "LIGHTNING."

So here is my response: I intend to make "LIGHTNING" the development of "ELECTRICITY." Consequently, it will change in the future.

I appreciate you reading My Book.


As I was waiting for the monster to come out of the gate,

Soon I saw a silhouette of a monster, that was as huge as the building, it was only one, but I know how dangerous that bastard is...

It was an A-Rank monster....a huge one-eye cyclops carrying a huge hammer, even though it was huge its speed is not to be trifled with and it also has a monstrous strength which means a single hit from it will turn me into a meat paste.


But I wasn"t planning on running away because I am used to fighting monsters stronger than me and I just have to stall some time until reinforcements arrive because the floating island's security is quite good compared to any other kingdoms.

As I was planning my next move I heard the monster's huge roar.....


Hearing the monster's roar I found an opening in his defense so I decided to make my first move, I began rushing towards it by manipulating electricity around my legs, and using my skill snake steps which increased my speed drastically, catching the monster off guard, I struck its ankles, but it wasn't powerful enough,

"It is too shallow" I muttered to myself.

The monster was shocked to see me unaffected by the pressure it was emitting and cried out loud due to the pain in its ankle, it swung its hammer with full strength as if to crush me underneath it, but I already anticipated it and dodged his attack skillfully.

The pressure it was emitting was no joke, but due to me already being used to the pressure stronger than it, and as my soul force is already used to that much pressure, I wasn't affected much. If it was anyone other than me, they would have been paralyzed and would have been trembling in fear.

The monster looked quite angry due to the stunt that I pulled, and it rushed toward me with its huge body, but its speed says otherwise, it slammed his huge hammer to crush me underneath it again, but I dodged the hammer with thins breath and rushed towards it by manipulating electricity around my legs and climbed its hand at the fast pace and decked my sword into its only eye.

The Cyclope was terrified by my sudden attack and screamed in pain, the blood started oozing from its eye like a waterfall.

It started swinging its hammer left and right with its full strength due to its pain and destroyed all the surrounding buildings, the shockwaves of it threw me far away from it and I ended up hitting the building at high speed while throwing a mouthful of blood all over, I tried to reduce the impact by digging my sword underneath with all my strength but the sword ended up breaking.

"Is it too early for me to face an A-Rank monster", I muttered to myself.

Seeing the blood oozing all over my body and with a few broken bones, I was barely keeping my consciousness due to pain, though my body was well trained due to previous Ares being the swordsman, and him not neglecting his training, it still took quite a toll on this teenage body.

Using electricity manipulation was still too much for my current body, and I need to get familiarize myself with using with snake steps technique as well, I thought to myself...

I tried to get up by using the broken sword as my support because the monster was still not dead, and was approaching me slowly by sensing my presence, the only thing that slowed him down was because its eye was now blinded.

The monster was not that far away from me and I was planning my next measure, as to deal with it,

But as the monster was not that far away from me, I saw its movement stop completely,...

I squinted my eyes toward the monster, to know why it stopped so abruptly, but the scene in front of me made my eyes widen in shock...


I saw a huge red trail on the monster from the center of its head to its lower abdomen, which looked like a clean sword cut, and soon its body was separated into two pieces, each piece falling to either side...

And behind its corpse, I saw a silhouette of a person, which seems to be a woman, she was holding a katana in her hand, and it seems, she was the one behind slaying that monster. And now, she was approaching me,

The woman was wearing a Japanese kimono, which was a black and white combination, and her black hair was tied in a bun, while her black sharp eyes with a beauty mark under her left eye, made her look even more attractive.

She was carrying two dark black katanas, one in her right hand and another katana hanging around the left side of her waist, she approached me and stood, right in front of me, without speaking up any word.


After seeing her up close, I got to know immediately who she was,

She was Mika Amami one of the Few SS-Rank Adventurers in this world...

She has a Crazy-Yandere-type personality, and in the novel, she was overly obsessed with her only disciple.

In the future, she would single-handedly slaughter the whole branch of Adventurer Guild, due to her disciple getting slightly hurt during his mission because its difficulty was somewhat greater than what was mentioned by the guild.

'Yup, she is 'that' crazy woman,' I thought to myself...

She stared at me without saying a word. I stared back at her too, without uttering a word as well. While my whole body was now in pain and was covered in blood.

As we both glared at each other, a sparkle could be seen in both of our eyes, and only silence befell between us.

And after a brief moment, Mika broke the silence and spoke, she didn't even ask me about my name, nor did she ask me about my injuries...

She just said three words, with an emotionless and straight face,

"Be My Disciple",

And Just after hearing those words, I lost my consciousness, because of excessive blood loss...., and definitely not because of those words.



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