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Conquering The Novel

Chapter 29 Advisor Selection Class

"Hey, Ares. Did you decide which courses you"re going to join?"

I nodded at Livia's question as she called my name in a friendly manner.

"Yeah. I roughly decided." I answered

"Oh? What are you going to join?" she inquired.

"Rune deciphering, Reading, and Archery."

The last decision was made after a lot of consideration. After all, in the case of the additional ones, I could adequately substitute them with different ones, but I had a feeling that the opportunity to practice archery would be hard to come by.

'I used a bow as my secondary weapon in my previous World, so I think it would be a waste to give up on it straight away…., And It will correspond pretty well with my new skills as well, 'Hawks eye' and 'static electricity.

Hawks eye will Enhance my vision for a certain amount of time and allow me to see through the opponent's weaknesses which is perfect for archery, and my static electricity skill was what I thought no It was more powerful than I thought, but It has huge mana consumption for me to continuously use It on the sword but I think I can apply it on a couple of arrows for more destructive power.

While I was pondering to myself, Livia made a surprised expression and spoke.

"What, you want to join three courses?"

"Well. There are so many things I am interested in." I answered her nonchalantly but It's going to be hard, Other courses are not included in the internal evaluation as they are known as extra courses.

Therefore, it was the academy's policy to not let students worry about grades and to gain a broad perspective and experience. In addition, it was possible to join several courses if the circumstances allowed.

In the case of reading, I decided to gain as much knowledge as possible so it can be helpful to me in the future, For archery, it's to create the talent for the bow.

As I was thinking over to myself Livia conversed again,

"I only joined Magic exploration and hunting... ."

"That's too bad. There's no overlap."

Even with my formal words, Livia nodded her head several times in agreement.

In any case, since I had a sword as my main weapon, for now, it was natural to have a decent sword. Most importantly, the educational weapons that were provided to the students in bulk were not bad compared to normal products, but they were not at a level that could not be called a great weapon, but I will have to make do for now.

There was nothing I could do right now. I considered I should act a little more gradually and calmly for a while.

I need a huge sum of money to deal with my many problems, though Ares saving was enough, for now, my future allowances were cut off by my stepmother...but at least I will be able to survive by the allowance given by the academy,

Students attending the academy are given a certain amount of money every month in the name of fulfillment maintenance rather than tuition.

And the amount was not only enough for the maintenance of fulfillment, but could be used for living expenses if you preserved a little more. In addition, the special class students get a decent amount of money compared to other classes.

It was not for nothing that people without money struggled to become heroes or even academy students.

But it would be too short for my future goals.

Simply put, there were plenty of things that require money, such as expenses that would be required for future efforts, money to purchase various items, and scenarios that can only be progressed with huge sums of money.

"Should I ask Mika?" I muttered out loud.


After slowly walking and pondering to myself, I and Livia managed to arrive at the Sparring room on time since it's an outdoor class from the first period.

It was the first class in the Sparring room at S'oreh Academy, The 'Advisor Selection Class.'

As the name suggests it's to select a suitable advisor to hone your skills.

It was divided into seven categories.

Vanguard, knights, Guardians, Sniper, Casters, Supporters, And specialists.

Vanguard, Knights, and Guardians. These three occupational groups are responsible for the front row.

And snipers, casters, and supporters take up the rear row.

Finally, specialists, who have not been categorized anywhere in the previous six, meant people with unusual professions or roles. In a good way, it's a Joker-like role, but in a bad way, it's a perfect role to be in the middle.

'The vanguard takes the role of the spearhead, the knights are the core of the attack, and the Guardians protect the rear...'

It was mentioned in the novel, that these roles themselves were categorized to make them somewhat easier to understand combats. Once the story progressed a bit, these classifications became meaningless.

'But at the academy, they teach you to specialize in one thing first.'

It was the approach of the Academy to find and refine one's specialization first, and then develop one's skills by focusing on it. For this reason, we would select classes for our advisors so that we could have a more adequate and in-depth education.

At some point, the students who were buzzing became quiet in an instant. As I veered around my eyes, a middle-aged professor was walking up to the podium with elegant steps.

"Good morning. Guys. Have you had a satisfactory breakfast?"


He smiled in satisfaction at the vigorous reply. Then he instantly scrutinized us with a stern expression.

"Today will probably be the first real combat class for all of you here at the S'oreh Academy. Yesterday you were only given a general briefing on the Academy and were evaluated to know about your suitable weapon by sparring with the Instructor, so this class is practically the first of its kind."

"The reason why this class is the first class is that this class is considered the most important here at S'oreh Academy. So I want you to keep that in mind and at least try to take this class as earnestly as you can."

"Today is a class to select advisors who will be in charge of the actual battle for you, who will become heroes of the future. Even though you will be sparring with safety gear on your weapons, one wrong move could lead to a serious accident, so I want you all to focus and work hard."

And he shouted in a voice that was louder than before.

"From now on, those who have chosen the main armament suitable for the front guards, gather to my right, and those who belong to the rear guards to my left!"

At his words, the students moved immensely, and there seemed to be slightly more people who chose to be the front guard.

"In the Sparring room here, there are twelve small Sparring areas in total. Six of them will be used. If you proceed in front of it, the names of the students who will enter the Sparring area will appear on the holographic display. If there is a mistake, don't hesitate to speak up immediately! And the students on the rear-guard side will be classified in a little more detail, so wait!"

At his words, the group of students, including me, proceeded to where he said. Several professors were sitting on the bleachers overlooking the area where each of the Sparring areas was located, monitoring us.

We would each spar with a partner here, and the data observed from our entrance examination, combined with the opinions of the professors, would be used to select several candidates for the instructor who would be teaching the student. The range of the advisors varied depending on our performance and the skills we demonstrate during this spar.

When you engage in a spar, you will see the overall capability of the student, so you can evaluate their strengths. That's what the instructor said...

"Oh. Ares. Your name came up."

At the words of Livia, who was standing next to me, I was about to look toward the holographic display but I remembered something...

"Wait Livia why are standing beside me? you are in a rear guard position!" I suddenly realized and questioned her.

"Oh, I see" she spoke then took off towards where the rear guards were...


"Tsk… ."

Unlike me, who clicked my tongue in annoyance, I felt someone evilly smiling at me.

[Ares Von Rothstaylor VS Ziona Madlock]

That was definitely what showed up on the holographic display.


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