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Conquering The Novel

Chapter 28 Making A Deal With Roselia Florence.

After acquiring my second skill I decided to halt for now and stopped flipping books as I don"t want to raise suspicions and attract any more attention than I already have.

As time went by the ringing bell could be heard indicating the end of class, soon everyone left but I was stopped by Roselia. And I think I know why,

As everyone left only leaving me and Roselia alone, Roselia went towards the classroom door and locked it as she don't want anyone to eavesdrop or disturb our communication,

She then made a place for the two of us to sit down facing each other and then beckoned me towards the seat.

I followed her indications and sat on the seat she prepared, then after a few seconds of silence, Roselia spoke.

"I don't know from where you learned the language of the runes so fluently and I won't ask you about it as well, Everyone might have thought that you were just flipping books, but I knew better that wasn't the case."

"...What do you mean?" I questioned

"I heard rumors that you were just flipping through books a day before your written examination and still topped the exam, but seeing you now I know that wasn't the case."

"It may look like you were just flipping through the books but in actuality, you were reading them, weren't you? "

"...Yes, that's correct my memory is good" I answered her nonchalantly with a certain pause.

"Your memory is 'JUST' good you say...," she made a shocked expression and then continued.


"Well, I will not ask you how you can comprehend rune language so fluently or about your Just good memory because I know everyone has their secrets that they don't want anyone else to know"

"But I just want to warn you how dangerous it is for someone who can decipher rune language as fluently as you, once the words got out about your existence everyone in the continent will come after you"

"Magic tower will want to imprison you so you can decipher ancient magic runes for them and that's not the worse part, you will be targeted by demon cultists as well."

Hearing her I now know how reckless I was in using my ability,

'The Magic tower wants to decipher the language of the runes to revive the ancient magic, if they got to know about someone who can decipher the rune language fluently, they will do whatever they can to get their hands on them and that's not the good situation as they will imprison and make them decipher all the books they deem important without any rest.

'And that's not the worst case, as much worse than magic tower is demon cultists as they are trying to unseal the seal that stops the demon lords from descending into the human world and if they found out about the existence of someone that can decipher the language of runes fluently it will be problematic as it will allow them to fasten their plans on unsealing the demon lords by deciphering the magic circles that were used to seal them in the ancient times.'

As I was pondering to myself, Roselia spoke again,

"So you should be careful from now on when you are deciphering runes and if possible keep it a secret to avoid unwanted trouble, and you don't have to worry about me as my mouth is sealed"

"I will appreciate that" I replied to her with a thankful smile.

"Now that I said whatever you need to be careful about,..." she paused for a few moments then spoke again with an earnest face.

"Now, Let's talk business"

Hearing her a smug came on my face as I knew where this conversation was going,

"Alright, so what do you want me to do," I raised a question.

Listening to me a huge smile came on her face as she spoke,

"I will authorize you to take the books out of the class on weekends and you can decipher them in your dorm room without worrying about anyone, and I will furthermore not care about what skills you get by deciphering them too, ...but you have to help me in deciphering some of the books that I wanted to decrypt, of course only on weekends"

"And let me be clear, It's not a threat, and you can even refuse me if you want to and I will still keep your secret,"

"I just wanted to make an offer with an equivalent exchange" she concluded as she intertwined her hands together.

I have no reason to refuse such a great deal as I will be able to decipher the books in my dorm room without worrying about anyone and I will even be able to get a glance at the books Roselia is researching.

It's like a win-win situation for me, I thought to myself, and quickly accepted her offer.

"Ok, it's a deal then"

As I accepted her offer we both shook hands as a gesture of making a deal, and we both had bright smiles on our faces.

"I will be in your care, Miss Roselia" I spoke while we were shaking hands.

"Please take care of me as well Prince Ares" she replied.


After making a deal with Roselia I left the classroom and came back to my dorm room without wasting any more time as I wanted to check the 2nd new skill that I acquired.

And as soon as I was in my room I made myself comfortable on the sofa and summoned my status screen.




AGE: 15



SKILLS: 1. FELL CRESCENT ( Mastery 48% ) ( Intermediate Level )

( Info: A high-class sword charge-type sword skill that delivers a downward blow and covers a distance of 1 meter in 0.8 sec )

2. SNAKE STEPS ( Mastery 57% ) ( Intermediate Level )

( Info: A technique helps the users movement akin to a snake with helps to increase the user to cover the distance of 5 meters in 0.5 sec )

3. ELECTRICITY MANIPULATION ( Mastery 77% ) ( Intermediate Level )

( Info: Allows the user to manipulate electricity on or near his body )

4. HAWK'S EYE ( Mastery 1% ) ( Beginner Level )

(Info: Enhances vision for a certain amount of time and allows the user to see through the opponent's weaknesses)

5. STATIC ELECTRICITY (Mastery 1%) ( Beginner Level )

(Info: This can cause a powerful electric current to flow through tools or equipment. Its power is so strong that it requires a large amount of mana)


( Info: Allow the user to recall an image or information with high precision after seeing it only once)


( info: Allows the user to speak and understand all the languages available in his world and other worlds )

3. ..?????....


After checking out my status screen I caught a glimpse of the 2nd skill that I obtained today, "Static electricity".

I was surprised to see that I acquired the skill of electricity element. But I don't exactly know what this skill does even after reading its information as I could already manipulate electricity around my weapons without even using this skill.

...But if it works as a sword aura then it will be extremely impressive even if it induces huge mana.

I pondered to myself with a satisfied grin on my face and decided to inquire about it in the training room...


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