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Conquering The Novel

Chapter 26 Learning New Skills (1)

There exist several ways to acquire skills in this world,

The first way of acquiring skills was by acquiring tools, and objects, or by fulfilling certain conditions,

However, the aforementioned two were very rare cases, and most people were taught by someone through known methods, such as skill books, or naturally obtained through repeated training and hard work.

And the academy here encouraged students to obtain such skills.

But skill books are exceptionally hard to find and even if someone got a hold of them they will trade them for quite an enormous sum of money, only if he doesn"t want to utilize it or it isn't usable to him will he sell it or else, of course, he will use it for himself,

As in this world, every little power is an accumulation of their survival.

But the skills I am trying to get can be found in the runes class, There were many skills books in the runes class which also has a library but to utilize them you have to decipher the book first. And to decipher it of course you have to know the language of the runes. which is only accessible by the students who took the rune language course,

Roselia Florence our homeroom teacher is in charge of deciphering the rune language, and it is the perfect opportunity for me to try my new ability "UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE".

Just thinking about it a huge grin came on my face,

After pondering to myself I went straight to Roselia's office.

Knock-knock. !

After reaching her office I knocked on the door,

"Yes, come in"

After hearing her reply I stepped in,

"Huh, Ares? How may I help you?"

she was shocked for a split second but soon got back her composure.

"I am interested in rune language, so I decided to come by as you are in charge of that course" I answered.

Hearing my reply Roselia was astounded for a few seconds and silence befell the room, then she soon got her senses back and stars could be seen in her beautiful blue eyes,

"Really?" she said with an amazed tone as she stood up from her chair and grabbed my hand with both of her hands,

"Yes," I replied while nodding my head not bothering with her exaggerated reaction.

A beautiful smile could be seen on her face as she replied,

"I never thought I would get a first-year student in my course, you see runes language is quite complicated and many first-years don't want to waste their time learning a new language that they had never read before, instead they would take some other courses that could help them in increasing their strength"

"so my class has very few students, thus my class is combined between 2nd and 3rd years and you will be the first 1st-year student"

As she was explaining to me about her course I already filled up my course form and returned it to her.

"Oh, you already filled it? Let's get going then it's already time for my class"

She said as we walked out of her office and reached her course class,

As soon as I entered the class or whatever shit is this I was bewildered seeing what lay inside...

The classroom or I don't think we can call it a classroom because half of the class was covered in books only leaving minimum space for someone to sit and there were wrappers of snacks, empty coke cans, pillows, and many other things that shouldn't belong in the classroom.

Seeing this mess I looked toward Roselia who has a wry smile on her face.

"Now I know why there are exceptionally fewer students taking your course" I muttered to myself

"Ahem, Let me introduce....No I don't think I have to introduce him as everyone in the academy knew who 'Ares The Executioner' is, so he will be taking my course from today"

she introduced me with a proud smile on her face,

After hearing her there was no reaction from the class as they just stared at her blankly as if asking her 'seriously?'

Seeing them I didn't have any good impression of them, they just looked like some slothful students dazing off in the name of learning rune language,

They were a total of around 10 students and in that only 1 person seems to care about learning she didn't care much about me as she just glanced at me when Roselia was introducing me then she went back to interpreting her book,

She has light silver short hair with grey eyes and a curvaceous body...

I know she is the student council vice president but I didn't know her name because she doesn't like to interact much, I don't know how she became vice president with that kind of personality, or it may be the student council president was after her beauty.

"Ares, did you learn rune language before?"

Roselia asked me ignoring other students' stares at her,

"Yes, I comprehended the introductory alphabet" I lied to her, as I don't want them to be suspicious of me as I decipher some skills, or they would be like 'oh, the newbie that never learned about rune language was able to decrypt a skill book?'

"Wh-what you did?"

Roselia asked in a perplexed voice and I nodded my head in agreement.

"O-okay then, we don't have to waste time teaching you about basics, there are many books here including skill books as well as information about ancient magic circles runes"

"If you can decipher a skill book you can have it without offering anything in return, but if you could decipher a magic circle rune you have to share it with the academy, if you can contribute by deciphering the whole magic circle you might even get awarded by the academy"

"Of course, that is impossible for you guys as of now, as there are many scholars that still couldn't decipher a single magic circle rune"

"If the word you decipher is correct then it will automatically replace it in our language"

"There are many half-finished books in that corner, so you can start from there"

After explaining to me the essentials that I should know she then indicated me toward one corner,

I nodded my head and went towards where she indicated.

Then I took one book and tried to read it and sure enough I was able to decipher it as if it was natural, knowing that a satisfied smile appeared on my face.

Then as I was flipping books for a few minutes I soon came across a skill book, and as soon as the skill book was deciphered a bright light came out of the book and soon the book disappeared and its contents entered my brain.

My eyes were closed throughout the process and after a few minutes, I slowly opened my eyes and checked my status screen to know about my new skill.




AGE: 15



SKILLS: 1. FELL CRESCENT ( Mastery 48% ) ( Intermediate Level )

( Info: A high-class sword charge-type sword skill that delivers a downward blow and covers a distance of 1 meter in 0.8 sec )

2. SNAKE STEPS ( Mastery 57% ) ( Intermediate Level )

( Info: A technique helps the users movement akin to a snake with helps to increase the user to cover the distance of 5 meters in 0.5 sec )

3. ELECTRICITY MANIPULATION ( Mastery 77% ) ( Intermediate Level )

( Info: Allows the user to manipulate electricity on or near his body )

4. HAWK'S EYE ( Mastery 1% ) ( Beginner Level )

(Info: Enhances vision for a certain amount of time and allows user to see through the opponent's weaknesses)


( Info: Allow the user to recall an image or information with high precision after seeing it only once)


( info: Allows the user to speak and understand all the languages available in his world and other worlds )

3. ..?????....


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