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Conquering The Novel

Chapter 25 Combat Training Class (2)

Now it was Lucas, Ziona, and Ayla"s Groups turn for a sparring session, they went to the arena and got in their position,

Lucas and Ziona were in front and Ayla was supporting them from behind they were in the pyramid formation, and the Instructor took a dagger to use as his weapon and bolstered himself to spar against them, he then signaled them to initiate,

As soon as the instructor gave them an indication to begin, Ziona rushed towards the instructor with her sword and Lucas followed her lead with his spear, their attacks were so fast that many students couldn't catch a glimpse of their attacks, but as for the instructor he repelled their attacks as if it was nothing, Ayla provided both Lucas and Ziona with her speed buffs from behind, which boosted their speed and was now only second to Ares.

As the fight continued Lucas used his Spears Aura and his spearhead was now covered with the red hue of mana, His attacks after that became more vicious and gave the instructor a hard time, during all this Ziona didn't abide and used her Sword Aura as well, now her sword was covered with the purple mana, she soon moved swiftly towards the instructor as well while getting the buffed from Ayla, Both Lucas's and Ziona'a speed increased at least by two-fold,

Facing both Lucas and Ziona's fierce attacks as their weapons were now covered with their Aura's which made the instructor impossible to evade their attacks by just using a single dagger, and soon as he blocked Lucas's spear that attacked him from the front but he was met with Ziona's sword from the side that was pointed on his neck with the inhumane speed due to Ayla's buff,

Hence that concludes their sparring session as the instructor recognized their victory.

Every student that saw their fight was dumbfounded, as they never anticipated that someone would even be able to land a blow on the instructor let alone defeat him.

They never even thought about winning against him, their only purpose was to land a single blow on the instructor.

Even though the instructor didn't use his full strength it was still an achievement for the students their age to brag about.

After the end of their spar Lucas, Ayla, and Ziona stepped down the stage, and the last group proceeded towards the stage,

The last group was of course Ares Von Rothstaylor and Livia Frostine.

Soon Ares and Livia arrived on the stage and the instructor scrutinized them before taking out his long sword, he knew exactly who these two were, as they were in the top 2 ranks of the entrance examination everyone knew the infamous 'Ares The Executioner' and 'Livia the Ice Queen' so he don't want to let his guard down.

After scrutinizing them he signaled them to initiate,

As soon as they got the signal, Livia froze all around the arena they were sparring in to decrease the tendency of the instructor except for a single line of the path for Ares to move around,

At the same time, Ares applied the electricity around his legs and moved quickly toward the instructor at a fast pace leaving only the blue trail behind, even though the instructor was expecting it he still couldn't keep up with Ares's speed as Ares suddenly appeared in front of him aiming his sword on his neck, the instructor was stupefied and blocked his attack with his sword at the explicit time and their sword met leaving a clashing sound, Ares attacked continuously and was pushing the instructor back, the instructor's movements were being restricted by the ice that was obstructing his feet and the huge ice wall that stood behind him which was created by Livia, he had no choice but to take on Ares attacks head on and their swords clashed continuously at the rapid rate and only sounds of metal colliding with each other could be heard and the sparks that generated during the clash could be witnessed,

Cold sweat formed on the instructor's forehead as he saw Ares's speed increasing as the time went by and not only that Livia's ice reached him continuously even though he shattered her ice from time to time,

As time went by the instructor was pushed into the corner and was attacked continuously by Ares's sword and now even Livia was tossing ice spears and other spells toward him.

The instructor's hand was bleeding from persisting with Ares's fast attacks and he even had some scratches on his cheek and forehead that were induced by Livia's magic, the spar should have been already stopped but Ares and Livia didn't seem to be satisfied with this and continued bombarding him with their attacks with an evil grin on their face.

They both were so flawlessly in sync as if they were fighting together for decades,

And soon as the given three minutes were over they finally halted, leaving the instructor who was now sweating all over with the measly scratches unaided.

They both then spoke in unison with a slight bow toward the instructor,

"Thank you for your tutelage"

And soon they heard the bell ring indicating the end of the class, so they both departed the training hall together as Ares left first and Livia walked behind him.

All the other students just scrutinized them with their bewildered faces as both of them were walking out of the training hall as if nothing happened, The instructor was also dumbfounded by their behavior as he was still sweating all over he muttered to himself,

"They are monsters" with his perplexed complexion.

Soon other students came out of their thoughts too and watched the instructor's-complexation for one last time before leaving the training hall.


After leaving the training hall Ares thought to himself that he still wasn't strong enough and he needed a new weapon to use as his main weapon and he also require additional skills,

There were quite a lot of cases in which the performance of weapons determined the outcome of the battle, and more importantly, Ares had felt it keenly during the spar, so he hoped there would be a sword that could be used as his main weapon.

"Let's see, the first thing I need to do for a while is training and skill training. Search for a sword to be used as the main weapon. And likewise, the search for skills to use as the main force. There were approximately these three essential things." He muttered to himself,

'It feels like the work I have to do is only increasing, I suppose it can't be helped.' after pondering to himself he concluded,

"Let's look for skills first."

Fortunately, I knew where to proceed and find those skills. At least it was fortunate that it wouldn't be that complicated, he thought to himself while moving toward the dorms.

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