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Conquering The Novel

Chapter 24 Combat Training Class (1)

S"oreh Academy is an educational institution that nurtures the next generation of heroes.

And heroes handle a lot of things, and representative of them are Lifesaving, Raiding Monster Gate, Villain suppression, and Monster extermination. These are the four that were mentioned in the novel.

Of course, there are other things like maintaining public order and disaster support,

And unlike lifesaving and disaster support, the most basic requirement in villain suppression and monster extermination is the minimum necessary strength. Even in the case of heroes who specialize in lifesaving and disaster support, they have to be able to handle a certain amount of monsters so they can protect themselves, so the minimum conditions for being a hero can be said to be quite high.

In addition to the above, while lifesaving and disaster relief can be replaced by ordinary people, there are very few people who can replace them for villain suppression and monster extermination. It is almost impossible for the police to subdue the villains, many of whom have abilities, without causing serious damage, and it is also unprofitable to dispatch an army to capture a single monster. In other words, it can be said that to become a hero, the minimum necessary strength is the first thing that is required.

'And, this is a world where fantasy is mixed in.'

As a result, cold weapons such as swords, spears, and bows are preferred over modern weapons such as guns, missiles, and bombs.

Modern weapons can be strengthened as well but they have to be created with powerful materials to withstand the magic.

As weapons can be strengthened through the concept of magic, the cold weapon has an advantage over modern ones.

This world also has weapons from mythology and legendary game-like weapons... Such as the Staff Of Homa, Vortex Vanisher, Leviathan, Durendal, Excalibur, Amos Bow, and even the Spear of Longinus exists, and possess great power.

,m Lucas will end up with the Legendary Spear of Longinus in the future,

I knew of several Monster Gates where such legendary items are and as well as one of the skill books that I want to lay my hands on, but it was difficult to try at my current level, so I was just waiting to get stronger.

I also know about where the legacy of the Legendary Man lies...I mean Ivica's father's legacy, Though it will not be useful to her as his legacy is mostly for cultured men, was taken away by the SHADOWS organization member in the novel.

But I decided to take that legacy for myself, not because I want The Legendary Man's legacy but because I don't want it to end up with someone evil like a Shadow organization member.

"....." Ares justified himself,

After pondering to myself for a few minutes I decided to go to the training grounds as it was about time for the combat training class to start,


After arriving at the training grounds the combat instructor indicated every student to select their weapons,

After the weapon selection was finished, the actual training followed immediately. The training professor, who was our instructor, gathered the students randomly as it was the first day, Most of the students were gathered in the group of twos or threes

I chose a random long sword while Livia who was still sticking to me chose a mace-like staff,

The Groups that were selected will now spar with the professor for three minutes and in that three minutes the group should be able to at least land a single blow on the instructor to get his approval,

The Groups were as follows,

Ares Von Rothstaylor and Livia Frostine


Lucas Eugene, Ayla Eugene, and Ziona Madlock


Diana Eliora and Claude Valdemar


The instructor was an A-Rank Adventurer before joining the Academy so the difference in strength between the new-born brats and the veteran Adventurer is quite huge like a difference between sky and ground,

Then soon the sparring session between groups of students and the combat instructor began,

As time went by as expected no mob students could even touch the instructor's hair and soon after the main event started as now it was Diana Eliora's and Claude Valdemar's turn they fought each other in the entrance examination but now they have to fight together,

As soon as the spar began Claude disappeared while Diana shot countless arrows to divert the instructor's sight so Claude could land an attack from his behind, but it was for naught as he blocked all the arrows as if were nothing and caught Claude's wrist with his right hand that came after his neck from behind him,

Diana again shot her arrows towards the instructor who was now holding Claude's wrist but as soon as the arrows were about to hit them he released some of his aura which sent them in different directions.....

As time went by their fight continued as Diana and Claude attacked the instructor continuously the professor blocked easily at first but his hand got grazed by Diana's arrow while he was dealing with Claude's attacks as he appeared in front of him and attacked continuously with his daggers, while he was focused on Claude, Diana attacked while adjusting her attack as if not to cause friendly fire and made her every attack miss Claude with the hair's breadth towards the instructor,

The instructor was shocked seeing her accuracy and got one arrow grazed his hand while he was trying to avoid it.

At that their sparring ended and both Diane and Claude got his approval.

The students that were struggling before were shocked to their core knowing the difference in their strength,

Especially Diana's accuracy was unmatched, the other bow user students were speechless seeing her shoot arrows at such a fast rate while avoiding Claude by hair's breadth and only aiming at the professor.

If she missed her attack with even a millimeter then her arrow would have hit Claude.

And Claude who seemed to be unbothered by the arrows that were passing from right next to him fearlessly was remarkable as well if he had gotten startled by the arrows passing through him and made a huge movement he would have gotten hit by the arrows.

Coming out of their thoughts they saw three other students entering the stage after Diana and Claude came down,

They were Lucas Eugene, Ayla Eugene, and Ziona Madlock,

It was the deadly trio and everyone was looking forward to this sparring session.

Seeing Lucas and Ziona in front and Ayla supporting them from behind they were in the pyramid formation, Instructor grabbed a dagger as his weapon to spar with them and signaled them to begin,


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