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Conquering The Novel

Chapter 23 First Day At The Academy

S"oreh Academy.

The name was created as a pun with an anagram of S'OREH, or HERO'S, which means hero in English, but at least the power of the name in this continent was unparalleled.

There were many world-renowned educational institutions all around that specialized in nurturing only wizards, but all of them were a fold compared to the S'oreh Academy here.

Everything, including facilities, size, and technology, was all state-of-the-art, and it was a hero training institution that had nurtured numerous heroes.

And it was also the main background of the world at the beginning of the Novel.

"From now on, all of you will be taking the first step to becoming a hero here at S'oreh Academy… "

The person standing on top of the podium giving a speech right now was a woman, a member of the student council, who was given a role and authority similar to that of vigilantes here at the academy.

There were about 10 members of the student council per grade. And the academy had a total of 3 grades, so it's calculated to be a little over 30 people.

"Next, I would like to call the first-year top students from the entrance examination and written examination, Please come forward."

When my name was called, murmurs quickly filled the air. Then the third-year student, who had taken on the role of host, quietly added, as if to say calm down.

"Since the top scorer of both entrance and written examination is the same student, rank 2nd student please come forward as well"

After hearing him I went to the podium followed by Livia,

The Third-year student moved away from the mic and beckoned me to take it and give my introduction,

I stood in front of the mic and introduced myself,

"I am Ares Von Rothstaylor, Nice to meet you,

I Once Heard A Saying, "If You Set Out On The Path To Revenge, First Dig Two Graves."

So anyone of you who's trying to take their revenge against me because of entrance examination gets your graves ready before approaching me" I completed with a smile and walked down the podium,



The student council members as well as all the students present were speechless hearing my introduction which seems to be like a threat...

Soon hearing Livia's voice everyone came out of a daze,

"Ahem, My name is Livia Frostine and I Like Ares...I mean I couldn't agree with him more," she spoke and followed behind Ares.....

Loud gulps could be heard all around the hall, soon the third-year student came and concluded the entrance ceremony.

"Th-That concludes the entrance ceremony for new students. Pl-Please leave the auditorium in order and proceed to your notified classrooms in an orderly fashion."

"Please be sure to check your number and class on the main square."

Hearing him everyone left the hall accordingly,

I just don't want to get bothered by some random mob characters that wanted to defeat me to gain some fame as it happened to Lucas in the novel so I had to take a rather harsh approach, that's the only reason I threatened them not to bother me because I already have too much on my plate.

But I don't know what Livia was thinking, I thought to myself while glancing at her as she was walking beside me as if it was the most obvious thing to do.

And after what she did yesterday while leaving my room we had an awkward atmosphere all around us as I don't want to talk about it and as for Livia she didn't seem to care much,


Seeing her acting as if nothing happened, I doubted that kissing goodbyes to a person you just met is a normal thing to do...

I came out of my thoughts as we reached our classroom,

'Is this the classroom? It feels completely different from what I thought and read in the novel.'

My first impression of entering the classroom was that it was very spacious and sophisticated, and the classroom was still almost half empty. As I pondered where to go and sit down, Livia pointed me towards a seat.

"Let's sit there," she said while pointing her index finger towards the corner seat.


I looked at her with my emotionless face for a few seconds and spoke,

"You can go ahead and sit there, I will be sitting there," I said to her while walking towards the last seat of the opposite corner Livia recommended,

As I sat on my seat Livia followed me and sat right next to me, I just glanced at her once and ignored her as I heard someone's voice,

"Come on, everyone sit down!"

Just then, the front door opened with a loud clang and someone walked into the classroom.

Her long blonde hair had been partly gathered up into a high bun, though the rest fell free and her deep blue eyes were like a deep ocean that will drown you if you stare at it for too long, her beautiful face complemented with her perfectly balanced figure.

..She looked like a model even in plain clothes of a white shirt and long black skirt. She had such a beautiful appearance that it made me wonder if she was a professor. The mysterious woman, who had all these, was smiling confidently, and the students who were still standing quickly took their seats.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Roselia Florence, your professor during this school year. I look forward to being with you for the next year!"

Applause erupted from all over the place at her loud and courageous introduction. I also casually applauded and looked around, and the faces of some male students were red.

she was introducing herself and explaining in simple terms the story of her life here at S'oreh Academy.

"Oh, by the way. I teach runes deciphering as my main major. If there are any students here who are interested in runes language, They can meet me after my hours as the professor in charge."

With these words, she handed out the handouts she brought to us. Looking at it, simple common sense, rules of the academy, name, location of the facility, etc. It contained detailed information that would be useful to freshmen in many ways.

"Originally, I had to spend hours explaining everything, but isn't it a bit strange to do so from the very first day? Therefore, I would like to end the class today. You can all go back to your dorms to rest, or you can take a look around the academy with your new friends. In the meantime, please be sure to familiarize yourselves with the handouts I've just given you."

The students couldn't hide their delight at her words. It was true that some professors gave hard lectures and warnings from the very first day, but we could say that Roselia wasn't like that and she seems to be an easy-going professor.

"Oh, and before I finish, I'll add one more thing."

She said while glancing at everyone in the class with a frown on her face,

"I'd like to ask you to keep this in mind, that armed conflict between students without due cause or procedure is not allowed under any circumstances. If you want to see how good you are at fighting each other, do it during practice time."

Hearing her everyone turned around and glared at me and Livia, it was mostly me as Livia was just in their line of sight,

Seeing all the class glaring at me a nonchalant smirk came across my face and I laid back in my seat,

"It's over then. I want to congratulate you all on your enrollment at S'oreh Academy and hope you enjoy your first day."

Saying that Roselia added while looking at me with the same smiling expression.

"Because a hellish schedule awaits you all soon."


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