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Conquering The Novel

Chapter 22 Next Door Neighbor, Livia Frostine

-Ding! -Dong!

Just as I was happily admiring my new training room, I suddenly heard the sound of my doorbell ring. Taken aback for a brief moment, a slight frown appeared on my face.

"Who?" I questioned, as I don"t recall being friends with anyone who could visit me at these hours...


Opening the door to my room, I was immediately greeted by a blue-haired individual standing in front of the door.

'" '"

I was seriously taken aback by her sudden visit,

"Hello, Nice to meet you", she said

"Yes? How can I help you?" I asked her with a smile,

Extending her hand towards me, she introduced herself while putting a gentle smile on her face,

"Nice to meet you, I'm Livia Frostine from room [ 22 ] your neighbor as well as your classmate",

Nodding my head, and smiling back at her I extended my hand toward her and introduced myself to her as well,

"Ares Von Rothstaylor, Pleased to meet you too"

Of course, we both knew each other very well, but this is our first formal introduction.

Shaking my hand, a couple of seconds after we let go, a rather awkward silence enveloped the corridor. I saw Livia glancing at my room with a sparkle in her eyes as if conveying something...

Noticing this, glancing back at my room, I suggested.

"...Do you want to come in?"

Hearing my suggestion, she immediately nodded her head as if she was waiting for me to ask,

" "

"That would be ideal" she replied with a gentle smile,

Seeing how friendly she was being, I decided to let her in. Although many students didn't have a positive impression of me because of the scenes I caused in the entrance examination, that didn't mean everyone was like that.

Even though I eliminated Livia in the most rogue-like way, she didn't seem to hate me.

I thought to myself while letting her in,

"Alright, please come in"

I stepped to the side and let her in.

I saw her smiling even more brightly, while she was entering my room...


Closing the door, I turned around a said

"Welcome, although I just moved in here, the place was already furnished before I came so just have a seat while I make some tea"

"Sure, Thank you"

Nodding her head she calmly walked towards the sofas and sat down.

From the side of my eyes, I managed to observe that she seemed to be rather familiar with the layout of the apartment. It seems like her room was similarly decorated.


Seeing that Livia was comfortably sitting on the sofa, heading towards the kitchen, I quickly heated a teapot and exhaled lightly.

It was the first time a student is being friendly with me without any fear or hatred in their eyes after the entrance examination, so I don't want to leave a bad impression. After all, being a loner wasn't something I loved.

A couple of seconds after Livia sat down, coming back with a steaming pot of tea, I sat on one of the sofas and poured tea for her.

"Thank you"

Thanking me and taking the teacup in front of her, Livia carefully took a sip of it as if not to burn her tongue.

Placing the teapot down and blowing on my teacup, I looked at her and asked.

"Aren't you angry with the way I eliminated you?"

Taking a sip of the tea and savoring the taste for a couple of seconds, placing the teacup down, Livia looked at me and shook her head.

"I don't think you did anything bad because it was me who was being arrogant and let my guard down and got beaten to death" she replied and continued

"But, you were brutal at that time," she said with a tint of blush on her face,

I can only smile wryly hearing her,


As soon as she finished speaking, silence enveloped the room. Thereafter, I saw Livia look at me with a trace of pity in her eyes.

"..I feel bad for you," Livia said,

Confused, I couldn't help but tilt my head to the side and ask.

"Why's that?"

"Because you gathered too much attention from our entrance examination, and now you can't live your life freely as you used to, Every step you take from now on you will be noticed and judged by everyone" she sympathize and continued

"If you even make a small mistake you will be ridiculed in disappointment"

Listening to Livia speak, from time to time

I knew she was talking about her own life,

Livia was born talented and from a very young age everyone appreciated her talent including the Magic tower, Her parents also doted on her very much to be more precise they doted on her talent, and her freedom was restricted as she has to do everything within there expectations,

As we all know every good thing comes with a price...

We then carried on an awkward and difficult conversation for several more minutes before she decided to bid me goodbye.

"Oh, sorry for taking so much time, I lost the track of time while having a conversation with you," she said and stood up from the sofa,

Then she walked towards the door and I followed behind to bid her farewell.

Before leaving, she stood in from of the door and turned toward me, and spoke

"Thank you for having me Ares, Please take care of me in the future as well"

"No prob- "Even before I can reply to her

It all happened so fast that it took me a couple of seconds to realize what she had done, and when I realized what she had done, it was already too late, Without looking back, she walked out of my room, leaving me standing with a blank expression.

"Is this how people say goodbye to each other in this world?"

Ares was justifying himself while placing his right hand on his lips, as he was just kissed by Livia while she bade him farewell...


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