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Conquering The Novel

Chapter 21 Ivica Livingstone’s Circumstances

POV Ares ~

As Ivica removed the white mist that was acting like a veil to cover her face I was astonished by her elegance...

Beauty that could start a war, her description in the novel wasn"t an exaggeration,

Her beauty was a feast to the eyes, I thought to myself...

After admiring her beauty for a few seconds I came back from my thoughts,

"So you want me to help you in getting the Exacerbation Fruit," I asked,

She nodded her head and spoke,

"Yes, as you already know I don't have much time left"

I nodded my head in agreement,

Ivica Livingstone's true identity isn't completely human, she's half human and...half Dragon,

It was an impossible combination that defies logic, As it is impossible for a human woman to bear a child of a dragon because a dragon's child would be too powerful for a human to handle, and the same goes For a human male, as human male can't impregnate dragon female as humans are not powerful enough to do so and another reason is dragon women's are quite prideful and they wouldn't mate with anyone weaker than them,

So the question is how Ivica was born.....

The answer to that question is quite simple Ivica's father was a legendary man he not only slept with a prideful dragon woman but he also impregnated her which led to the legendary combination of half human and half dragon,

And the proof was 'Ivica Livingstone' she may be and will be the only half human and half-dragon in existence...

But the problem came after that, Ivica was born with a dragon heart and a human body which means her body couldn't handle the power of a dragon heart as time went by the power will only increase with it, and soon when her human body reaches its limits she will die of excessive mana...

But there is a solution to it and that is the legendary Exacerbation Fruit which is basically a strengthing Fruit that will allow the one who eats it to strengthen their body beyond the human level,

And it is the exact thing Ivica needed now which will strengthen and transcend her body beyond limits and will allow her to adapt to her dragon heart...

"Ok, I accept your deal but it may take some time for you to get the Exacerbation Fruit as it isn't available at this time and I can't say you when it will appear as we will receive a backlash for me sharing a future event" I explained her after pondering for few minutes

Ivica nodded her head in agreement and spoke,

"It's ok, then tell me when you needed my help," she said and got up from her seat and approached me, then we both shook hands to confirm our deal,

"I will be in your care Ivica" I spoke while we were shaking hands,

"Please take care of me as well Ares" she replied and continued with a smile,

"And Call me Dean, as no one calls me by my first name," she said,

"But you're also a teenager according to the dragon's age though" I replied with an amused smile,

she was shocked with her eyes wide open hearing my justification, because of course I was right I don't know her current age but by no means she is older than 300 years, as dragons reach their adulthood after they reach 300 years old,

After a few minutes of shock, she giggled while covering her mouth with one of her hands and continued till her eyes turned moist then she finally stopped and spoke,

"Yeah you are right but did you forget that I am a half-human?" she said,

I don't know how to rebuke that as she is the only half human - half dragon, so I don't know what age she will turn adult, 18 or 300.

I shook my head and got out of useless thoughts,

"...I guess, that's right" I spoke

Then we continued our conversation for a few more minutes then I finally bid her farewell and left for dormitories,

While I was on my way to my dorm I muttered to myself,

"It's nice to have an ally that knows about my predicament, and I can count on her if I ran into some problems in the future"

As I was pondering to myself I arrived in front of a huge extravagant building that seems to be a Special dormitory,

I entered the building and went towards the Special Dormitory building reception, and was immediately greeted by a brown short-haired middle-aged woman, The middle-aged woman before me had a beautiful face, a well-formed nose, and small lips, her light brown hair was carefully brushed to both sides to give her a cleaner look,

she immediately recognized me and greeted me as respectful as possible and spoke,

"Young master Ares your room is on the 4th floor and its the biggest room available for a 1st-year student to have, as you ranked #1 it was specially allotted to you, and if you want to customize anything or need anything then you can call me anytime," she said with a smile on her face and gave me my room key or to be more precise it was a room card,

I nodded my head to her and took the room key from her and saw [ 21 ] written on it which seems to be the room number I thought to myself and walked away from her,

As I walked along the corridor of the building, I was impressed by the internal design of the building. Especially the lighting as the corridor I was walking on was illuminated with soft and welcoming light as if it were sunshine in a gentle pastel hue.

The floor was made out of marble and a long red carpet covered most of the pavement as it directly led toward the elevator area.

Thus, following the red carpets and arriving in front of the elevators, I entered the elevator and quickly pressed a button that led me to the 4th floor,

The Special Dormitory building had fifteen floors, and the current floor I was headed towards was the 4th floor, where my room, 21, was located.


Exiting the elevator I was greeted with a small corridor that split into two, left and right. Checking my phone, I turned right and after walking past a couple of doors, I was soon able to see a door with the number [ 21 ] displayed on the side.

Without hesitation, I swiped my card on the door. Shortly after, as the doorknob turned green, I opened the door to my room.


Entering the room, I was immediately stunned by what I saw. The first thing I saw was a large window inside the living room that illuminated the whole place. Thereafter, I noticed all of the decorations around the place. From clean white sofas to a personal kitchen furnished with all sorts of utensils.

Compared to my previous temporary allotted room, it felt as if I was going from the slums to the main city.

...A huge difference.

Turning right of the living room, I soon spotted the bedroom that had a large white bed in the middle. There were a couple of other decorations in this place, however, that wasn't what attracted, it was a door that was by the side of the bedroom.

Without hesitation, I immediately headed for the door and opened it. This was the only thing that interested me at the moment.


Opening the door, I instantly felt cool air brush past my clothes. Thereafter, looking at the room, a look of amazement appeared on my face.

A large spacious room that was twice the size of the living room appeared before me. On the right side of the room, multiple different types of equipment ranging from dumbells, squat racks, and all sorts of other gym equipment appeared before me and on the left side of the room, there was no equipment or anything of the sort. However, the pavement and the sides of the wall were made of a special material that was shock absorbent.

Essentially, that area was the area in which I could peacefully train my sword skills and other sword techniques without worrying about causing any damage, As I looked at the gym, a satisfied grin appeared on my face...


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