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Conquering The Novel

Chapter 20 Meeting With The Dean, Ivica Livingstone

POV Ares ~

After pondering about my new ability for a few moments I decided to get myself something to eat as I didn"t have my breakfast yet, so I picked up my phone and was about to place my order but I was bombarded with so many messages on my phone, as soon as I checked them out I was left speechless,

I knew I would become popular but I didn't know that it will be to this extent...

I became a hot topic all around the continent taking Livia's spotlight, in the novel Livia was the one who topped the entrance examination and her overall score was also an all-time high than any other year so she became quite a well-known figure,

and Ayla Eugene was the one who topped the written examination in the novel,

But now there was an anomaly that overshadowed their fame and took attention from all around the continent upon himself,

Of course, that anomaly is me, I don't know if I should be happy about it as gathering too much attention isn't a good thing,

I shook my head and came out of my thoughts and decided to finish my sandwiches which I ordered not too long ago whilst checking the messages on my phone, they were in simple terms the congratulatory messages from Aegis, Mika, and Helena for my Achievement and there was more content in Mika's message but I skimmed it, Soon I packed my belongings from my room which wasn't much as I keep most of my necessities in my inventory, as I will be now moving in the Dorm provided to special class students,

I checked my room for one last time and left as it was already evening other students must have eventually moved into their respective Dorms...

As I was walking in the hallways after leaving my temporary allotted room I saw someone approaching me wearing a maid uniform and soon halted in front of me and spoke,

"Ares Von Rothstaylor, the Dean has called upon you and is awaiting your visit so please tag along with me" she spoke authoritatively as if she wouldn't accept no as an answer, of course, I have to visit her if she called me,

I followed behind her without saying anything and soon we arrived in front of the Dean's office, the maid knocked on the doon and spoke,

"Mam, Ares Von Rothstaylor is here as per your instructions," she said

"Let him in and you can continue with your job" a melodious voice could be heard from across the door,

Hearing the answer the maid opened the door for me and beckoned me to enter, I nodded my head toward her and went in.

As soon as I entered the Dean's office I was met with a calm and simple interior and not with some extravagant and luxurious office that I had in my mind, and not far away I saw a woman sitting on her chair across the table but her face was covered in a white mist acting like some sort of veil to hide her face,

She was the Dean of the s'oreh Academy, Ivica Livingstone...

Soon she beckoned me to sit on the other side of the table across from her, I nodded my head and sat on the chair across the table, and faced her,

We both kept our silence for a few seconds then Ivica spoke,

"So, what should I call you," she said in her beautiful voice but I knew better than her question isn't simple...

Because she wasn't asking me my current name but my name from the previous world, how did I come up with that conclusion?

it's simple because Ivica has some sort of skill that can see through the person's soul to read the said person's emotions, it just shows different colors to different emotions, for example, if someone had some bad intentions towards her she could see a red color hue near that person's heart...

But in my situation, I don't know what she saw, or am I just overreacting?

I came out of my thoughts and replied to her,

"Ares" I answered

"Hmm, your current name is the same as your previous name?" she questioned

Hearing her question I knew my suspicions came true, I was quite shocked and was thinking about my next course of action...

And after a brief moment of silence, I just nodded my head feeling Ivica's gaze from under her veil made of mist...

"hmm, I presume you even know the future?"

I was surprised yet again and was left speechless, seeing her hitting the bullseye with her every question I doubted that she can read minds...

"No, I can't read minds" she spoke with a chuckle,

" "

"It's just that your face is too easy to read", she said,

I realized that I was so overwhelmed by her questions I forgot to keep my signature poker face...

"Before I answer, you, tell me one thing... how did you know that I came from another world", I asked her because I don't think she knew about me by just using her skill,

"First, I had my doubts after seeing you use your element during the entrance examination as you were well known to have a mana-less body,

And second, have a skill that allows me to see a person's hidden emotions through their soul, and when I used my skill on you, my skill was blocked as if something is restricting me to see through you or maybe your soul is too strong if its the later that means you are using your element by using soul as your source that is in itself is otherworldly,

And third, to confirm my deduction I got a revelation from my constellation, and my constellation even told me that you may know the possible future" she explained...

"' "'

The first and second parts didn't bother me but knowing that she got a revelation from a constellation I was confused and shocked as it is too early for her to get chosen by a constellation compared to the novel,

"So you're already a chosen one?" I asked

She nodded her head in confirmation,

The Chosen ones are the beings that are selected by the constellations to be their avatar, and in return, they can borrow some of the powers of their constellations,

I pondered to myself for a good few minutes and Ivica didn't disturb me as well,

But coming out of my thoughts I replied to her previous question,

"I don't think I can say that I know the future, but do have some knowledge of future events"

Hearing my reply she spoke again,

"Yeah, the Future isn't constant as it will change every second like how every small change can lead to large-scale and unpredictable variation in the future"

Hearing her I nodded my head in agreement and spoke,

"It's called the butterfly effect ...."

She nodded her head in agreement,

After a brief moment of pause, I decided to come to the main point,

"So you called me to know about the future events?"

Hearing my question she shook her head and spoke,

"Though I wanted to know that too, you couldn't answer me"

"Huh" I looked towards her in confusion,

"You couldn't disclose the future to anyone nor can you say anything about your previous self to anyone, as you will receive severe backlash from it or the worse you may even get a curse, not only that but the one who heard your words will also receive some backlash"

"But you knew about my previous self and you even knew that I know the future, so why didn't you get any backlash?" I questioned

"I didn't hear anything from you but figured it out myself, of course hearing your previous name was a gamble if your previous name was different from your current name we both would have gotten some severe backlash"

I was left speechless hearing her talk about gambling with life

"' '"

"So then what's the reason you called upon me" questioned her,

"Hmm, how should I say it, if you know about some future events also know about my real identity don't you?" she asked with hesitation,

Hearing her a smirk appeared on my face because of course I knew her true identity, she played quite a crucial role in the novel after all.

Seeing me smirk she said,

"So you know huh, how about we make a deal I will help you in dealing with some of your future problems as long as it's within my capabilities and you do the same for me too, as I presume you already know about my problem and I also think you know the way of solving my problem, How about it?"

"You already planned it all out since the beginning didn't you? but I don't make deals with someone who doesn't even show their face" I said to her as I was quite curious about her appearance, in the novel only a vague description was given about her appearance...

"Tch, it is not like I wanted to hide my appearance as you may already know why I cover my face since you know the future events" she sighed and removed the mist that was covering her face,

'" "'

As soon as my eyes laid on her, I was astonished by her grandeur beauty...

'she has red hair with bewitching crystal green eyes and an extremely alluring face along with the desirable pillowy red lips combined with her captivating Voluptuous body'

'.....Beauty that could start a war that was what her description was in the novel


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