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Conquering The Novel

Chapter 2 The New Beginning


Am I still alive?

Ares tried to stand up after opening his eyes and realizing what was happening to him, but a severe headache caused him to clench his fists in pain.

Soon after, a flood of the information entered his brain, causing him to lose consciousness once more.

After a few hours, he gradually opened his eyes and said,

"Ares Von Rothstaylor," which had become his new name thanks to the memories that had been implanted in his brain. He still has the same first name as in the previous world.

When he finally got out of bed and went to the bathroom to look in the mirror, he was taken aback to see a young person, perhaps 15 or 16 years old, with black hair and black eyes, with an extremely attractive face that appeared to be carved without flaws or like a lovely painting that could mesmerize anyone who paid attention.

Ares Von Rothstaylor was the fourth prince of the Escratia Kingdom. His mother was a maid who became a concubine and was brutally murdered when he was only 13 years old, which is when he lost everything and the meaning of life.

He lived for vengeance ever since, but not long ago he learned that his stepmother was responsible for his mother"s murder, but he was powerless to go against her.

Despite having a manaless body from birth, he had an unmatched talent with a sword.

He learned this skill from his mother's brother, an A-Rank mercenary who also perished while seeking revenge for his sister.

Even though he was physically fit for his age, he lacked the strength necessary to carry out his plan of revenge.

As a result, he decided to join the evil organization that had promised to aid him in carrying out his plan of revenge.

The organization was called "SHADOWS."


Ares was well-versed in the group, having read about them in the novel he had just finished.

He had his doubts after reading old Ares' memories that this was the world inside the novel that he read just before dying, but despite knowing this, he decided to first gather his thoughts in a calm state of mind.

He tried to make connections between the novel, the information on that black piece of paper, and transmigration.

He learned this from his girlfriend from the previous world, who always maintained an emotionless face even during her death, that it is preferable to think and attempt to analyze problems before panicking and making any decisions.


After pondering to himself for a few hours, he decided that the first thing he has to do is to stay as far away as he can from that evil organization that the previous Ares was about to join.

As he never heard the name Ares Von Rothstaylor before throughout the end of the novel which means he might have died even before the start of the novel, which would be 2 months from now.

Which he confirmed and checked by going through his phone and surfing the internet.

Yes, phones and the internet are also available in this world but this world's technology far surpassed his previous world by a large margin, the phone he held in his hand is transparent and glass which can even show holograms and you can transfer objects or anything you want to transfer just by scanning the object through the camera, and online shopping is also very convenient as you can just select and buy any necessities with one-tap delivery directly through phones.

This world is a mixture of the medieval and modern world with high-class technology, not only that this world also has many races like Elves, Dwarfs, Demons, Angels, and many races.

The main story will start 2 months from now, where all the main characters will gather under one roof in "S'OREH ACADEMY", which is the pun and anagram of HERO'S.

And he decided to attend the Academy as well, in the hopes of finding some clues about his transmigration, as he already had an Academy invitation with him; only a select few are invited to the academy based on their talents, and the previous Ares was well known for his swordsmanship, which he inherited when their memories merged.


"In my previous world I wasn't a swordsman but a magician, but I had some knowledge about it as my girlfriend was a swordswoman, she was known as sword maiden and I used to often watch her train."

"And in the world, that I was previously in, the main source of collecting mana was through soul, which is known as "SOUL FORCE".

That means I could still use my soul force in this world as well, as I tested using it, I realized that even though I could use my soul force, it isn't as strong as it previously was, But the good thing is that I can at least still use it.

My Affinity was Electricity which would perfectly complement my swordsmanship in this world, this world use mana with the body as its source, and Ares's body was well known as the cursed manaless body, but that doesn't matter to me much now, as I use soul as my source to collect my mana.

As I was pondering, my thoughts were interrupted when I noticed the sun rising, so I decided to stop here and freshen up and get something to eat; I am currently staying in a hotel on the floating island where the academy is located.

And after getting myself outfitted, I ordered food using my phone, surprisingly I had quite a lot of money in my bank account, the previous Ares doesn't seem to be an extravagant money user.

After having my fill I decided to take a look around so I left the hotel and walked towards the streets.

While I was moving on the streets I decided to check my status screen, in my previous world there was a system, but in this world, there seems to be some sort of status screen.

As I muttered my status, I saw a huge hologram as the screen appeared in front of me, which is quite different from previous Ares memories, but after thinking for some time, I got the gist of why I think my status is the merge between system x status screen and it looked quite advanced.




AGE: 15



SKILLS: 1. FELL CRESCENT ( Mastery 12% ) ( Beginner Level )

( Info: A high-class sword charge-type sword skill that delivers a downward blow and covers a distance of 1 meter in 1 sec )

2. SNAKE STEPS ( Mastery 67% ) ( Beginner Level )

( Info: A technique helps the users movement akin to a snake with helps to increase the user to cover the distance of 5 meters in 1 sec )

3. ELECTRICITY MANIPULATION ( Mastery 3% ) ( Beginner Level )

( Info: Allow user to manipulate the electricity near his body )


( Info: Allow the user to recall an image or information with high precision after seeing it only once)

2. ....?????....


After checking his status he muttered to himself, 'The skills and abilities are not that bad compared to other characters but it's still not good enough for me,, Photographic memory will help me fasten my progress but the ...???... in affinity and ability doesn't make sense...'

Then I thought I will know as time goes by, and left it as is...


Then I considered how this world operates; unlike my previous world, this world has adventurers rather than hunters.

Adventurers are individuals registered under the Adventurer's Guild, regardless of race or nationality, who undertake quests offered by the Adventurer's Guild and complete them in exchange for a monetary reward.

These requests can range in nature and fatality, including but not limited to monster subjugation, escort, and investigation.

Despite its risks, gate exploration is a well-known and common job.

To ensure that adventurers are fairly compensated, the poster of the said quest must offer a bare minimum sum, as specified in the Association's rules and regulations.

And an adventurer doesn't need to form a party, as some are well known to be able to fend for themselves and manage alone.

As I was pondering to myself, I heard screaming and commotion of people coming from not far away from me, they were running left and right unsightly, so I decided to check what was happening.

After arriving at the place of the commotion, I saw a gate appear out of nowhere in the middle of the streets, it was a gate I was quite familiar with, Even though, I am in a different world this remained unchanged, I don't know if I should be happy about it.

I took my sword out from my system storage, which was like an Inventory, where I can store any of my necessities, the sword was normal and somewhat sturdy, which was not that special. I found them from previous Ares belongings, but I should make it do for now...

I got into my fighting posture and waited for the monsters to come out of the gate. I was eager to try my strength, and know my standings in this world, as I wanted to surpass my previous self, who was weak and pathetic, and who couldn't even protect the one I loved the most...


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