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Conquering The Novel

Chapter 18 Completing The Quest

There were 300 first-year students this year which was much more than any other year, and there were only 3 classes which divide the students as follows, There will be only 40 students in Special class and 130 students each in Alpha and Beta class respectively,

Each class will have a professor in charge and a combat instructor with two to three assistant teachers, students can choose other courses based on their preferences, including Alchemy, magic formations, Ruin language deciphering, and many other courses,

There are different training grounds allotted to different classes and of course, special class students could enjoy high-quality training equipment as well as experienced trainers to train them which can help them improve their strengths more quickly as compared to Alpha and Beta class students,

Not only that they will also be given many other special privileges as well,

So it was enough of a reason for everyone to desperately try entering the special class,


Ares and his other fellow freshman were in a huge classroom waiting for the start of the written examination,

While waiting Ares was observing other candidates as he was bored, and he saw many types of candidates, nonchalant candidates like Claude Valdemar, confident candidates like Ayla Eugene, sleepy heads like Lucas Eugene, Nervous candidates like Ziona Madlock, and bored candidates like Livia Frostine and Ares himself...

As Ares was pondering to himself soon the professor entered the classroom with a clock watch in his hand and as soon as the clock struck 10, he distributed the question papers to every student present in the examination hall by using his telekinesis and said,

"You have exactly 2 hours to complete your examination and if the candidates who finished their exam before the given time can give their answers sheet to me and leave, Now start!"

As soon as they heard him everyone started reading the question paper given to them including Ares,

Ares saw the question paper for a few seconds then soon he decided to start writing the answers which were already saved in his memory as a clicked picture, as soon as he glanced at a question there was a search going on in his mind and soon the suitable answers automatically appeared in his mind and he continued writing his answers and only the loud scribbling voices could be heard all around the examination hall as he was writing at an extremely fast pace, All the students and even the professor glanced at him and gulped loudly seeing Ares writing at a fast rate and filling papers by papers in an instant, soon they decided to focus on their exam and started reading their question papers again,

? Time went by soon, and after a few minutes a thud sound could be heard in the examination hall,

Ares completed his examination and broke his pen as if announcing to everyone,

He soon walked out of his seat and handed his answers sheet to the professor and left the examination hall,

The professor who took Ares"s paper in a daze muttered to himself"Not even 15 minutes has passed through?"

Everyone in the examination hall saw Ares's back while he was leaving with a surprised look,

As many students were still reading their question papers and didn't even start their exam, then soon they thought he might have just scribbled some words as it guaranteed that he will be in a special class, Everyone has the same thoughts and they all nodded there head in understanding because no one could complete their exam in such a short amount of time,

And suddenly a students voice made them come out of their thoughts,

"I'm so sorry that I'm late professor, My alarm didn't go off" a student came by rushing inside the classroom while huffing and puffing

Everyone in the examination hall looked at him and glared at him in disappointment,

seeing so many glares at him he asked stutteringly with a confused look on his face,



POV Ares ~

After coming out of the examination hall Ares muttered to himself,

"I always wanted to break my pen after completing my examination and exit the hall in a cool way leaving everyone speechless" it was on his to-do list...

As Ares was taking the tour of the Academy in the meantime he suddenly saw a kid with small cat ears and a tail running around in the hallways, she seemed to be one of the beastmen,

Eventually, he would have ignored her but the kid suddenly approached right in front of him and raised her both arms as if asking him to carry her...

Soon time went by and it was almost time for the end of the written examination, Ares was now sitting on the bench outside the academy while stroking the hair of a cat girl who seems to be sleeping on his lap,

"Okay, How did I end up like this" he muttered to himself,

As soon as she heard a bell ring, The cat girl woke up from her sleep and suddenly ran off to somewhere wearing her oversized jacket,

"' '"

Ares was left speechless seeing her running off so hurriedly with her tiny legs while wriggling her tail...

He came out of his thoughts and went towards his room so he can practice his electricity manipulation as it will take a day for the results to be announced...

Soon the day went by and nothing interesting happened that day, So Ares decided to train more and improve his element mastery...

The Next Day ~

It was the long-awaited class allocations day,

Students who received a notice that the results of the written examination had been posted on the central bulletin board gathered there and were shocked to see the name of the top scorer,

Ares Von Rothstaylor scored full 10 points in the written examination, everyone was in shock and disbelief as they all saw him leave early less than 15 minutes after the start of the examination...

The one who appeared the most thunderstruck was someone else who Ranked 2nd with 9 points,

The girl kept a dazed face and walked around the hallways with no destination in her mind while her brother was trying to cheer her up,

That girl was Ayla Eugene, she couldn't believe it no she don't want to believe that she Ranked below someone who was just flipping books in the library a day before the examination,

She would have accepted it, if it was someone she could accept anyone but him,

She came out of her thought when a sudden realization came to her mind and her eyes widened threatening to pop out,

"wait, don't tell me he was reading the books instead of flipping" she shouted madly...But soon they all saw a huge hologram appear out of nowhere in the middle of the Academy,

And on that huge hologram, the names of the students allocated to the Special Class were announced with Overall points for everyone to see extravagantly,


RANK #1: Ares Von Rothstaylor 67 points

RANK #2: Livia Frostine 46 points

RANK #3: Ziona Madlock 38 points

RANK #4: Lucas Eugene 35 points

RANK #5: Diana Eliora 35 points

RANK #6: Claude Valdemar 31 points





Ares who just woke up from his sleep as he practiced his electricity manipulation till late at night suddenly heard a Notification sound from his system,

Hearing the notification sound Ares opened his system screen,








As soon as Ares opened his system screen he saw that all the Quests given to him were now completed and now he can get his new ability, seeing that a small smile erupted on his face...

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