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Conquering The Novel

Chapter 17 Preparing For Written Examination

Academy was quite hectic after the day of the Entrance examination, rumors and gossip between students along with professors could be heard everywhere and the hottest topics of discussion among them were "Ares Von Rothstaylor' and 'Livia Frostine',

Ares was given many titles after his performance in the Entrance Examination and the most famous ones were, "Ares The Menace", "Ares The slaughterer" and "Ares The Executioner", most of the students seems to be avoiding him like the plague,

On the other hand, Livia was turned into an idol of admiration, and she was also given many titles like "Ice beauty", "Ice Queen" and the most ridiculous one was "Beauty That Fought Devil",

and it's obvious who the devil is in that phrase...

Many other students also gained some admiration, like Lucas as 'The Spearsman', Diana as 'The Bow Empress', Ziona as 'Beast that uses sword', Claude as 'The Assassin', and so on...


POV Ares ~

It's already been a day since the entrance examination and it's like I became the Villain for all the first years, Everyone seems to be avoiding my gaze and escaping just from my sight...

"They are treating me as a madman" Ares shook his head and muttered to himself,

I was on my way to the library as I have to prepare for tomorrow's written examination, though it's almost certain that I will be in a special class and the written exam is just a formality for me I have to be ranked 1 for completing my quest, I thought to myself and checked my quest again,









The first quest was already completed tomorrow as soon as the results of the entrance examination were announced, and as for the written examination it wouldn't be that hard if I invest some time into it because of my Photographic memory, I thought to myself and soon I was in front of the Academy's library,

As soon as I entered the library I saw all the corners of the library were occupied,

"Tsk" I clicked my tongue and went towards the librarian and asked him about the section where the first-year books were kept,

The librarian was a thin and fragile looking middle age man with brown hair and brown eyes with not a well-shaved beard, he fronted me along with a sound and said with an amused smile,

"Ohh, aren't you the famous 'Ares The Executioner' that decapitated more than fifty students"

Hearing him all the students who were focused on their books looked toward me and as our eyes met they all hurriedly focused back in there a book,

I turned my head towards the librarian again and just stared at him, he flinched and replied stutteringly,

"O-oh t-the first year section" and pointed his index finger towards the corner of the library and said "all the first yearbooks are there" he muttered with an awkward smile,

I nodded my head to him and went to the corner he pointed,

I saw many first-year students reading there but I ignored them and took the book from the shelf,

I opened the book and was about to start reading but to my surprise, all the contents of the page were stored in my memory with just a single glance...

'" '"

I was shocked by my genius...

Sometimes, my genius is.....its almost frightening

I thought to myself and continued flipping books at an alarming rate,

students around me were giving an annoyed look and moved away from me, I just ignored them and continued my reading my book and in a few hours I completed reading most of the book, then I finally stopped and looked around for if any more books left and noticed that the library which was fully occupied when I arrived.. now barely has anyone,

But soon my attention went towards a table where I saw a familiar face reading a book with mountains of other books piled next to her...

I ignored that familiar face and my attention went toward the book piles,

I went towards her and sat down next to her then took one of the books from the pile without even asking her permission and started flipping it,

she ignored me at first and didn't react to me borrowing her books but as she saw me just flipping more than half of the books, she got annoyed and spoke in a low screaming voice,

"what do you want!!" she said while glaring at me fiercely

seeing her expression I couldn't help but chuckle inwardly,

She was Ayla Eugene twin sister of Lucas Eugene...

I ignored her and continued my flipping of books, Seeing me ignoring her she got up from her chair and stood right next to me while puffing her cheeks like a squirrel with both her hands on her waist and started glaring at me more fiercely,

I was speechless by her reaction so I finally looked toward this cute loli.....I mean cute girl with a petite body,

"What?" I asked

"What are you doing flipping the books for the past few hours while everyone is busy reading, we know that you will be in a special class even if you fail this written examination, so why are you disturbing us and you know...."

she continued her blah blah for a few minutes as if taking all her piled-up frustration on me and after a few moments she finally stopped...

I was just staring at this cute girl without saying anything and ignored all her complaints or whatever she was talking about,

"hahhh, soo you know what I mean right" she finally concluded and waited for my answer,

Me who didn't even bother listening to her, I can just say one word in this situation...

"Sure" I answered and flipped the last book then got up from my chair and left,

Throughout the whole process, her eyes were focused on me for who knows why.....was it for asking for some explanation? well, I left the library leaving her in a daze,

As soon as I stepped out of the library I heard the voice of someone exclaiming,

"huhhhhhhhh" could be heard throughout the library, that someone should thank god that no one was present in the library,

I shook my head and went towards the cafeteria and after finishing my late lunch I went back to my room, as tomorrow I have to take an exam and finally complete the quests...


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