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Conquering The Novel

Chapter 149 RAID [1]

Three demons, disguised as humans, stood guard at the entrance of an alleyway. A camouflage barrier had been cast around the alley, making it look like a slum area, to deter unwanted visitors.

As they saw a young boy approach, one of the demons sneered, "Oh, so the brat managed to get money for the potion again?"

"Ha, it seems he just got lucky and stole the money from some weakling," another guard chuckled.

"Don't worry, he'll eventually die. I don't think he can get lucky every day and—," The third demon was about to add a sarcastic comment, but he stopped mid-sentence at the sound of approaching footsteps.


? The demons turned toward the source of the noise, and their eyes widened in awe.

Approaching them was a stunning purple-haired demon with two black horns, and sharp eyes, exuding a powerful aura.

She was wearing a long, flowing, black dress that was tight at the waist and flared out at the hips, giving the illusion of an hourglass figure.

The neckline was plunging, revealing her ample cleavage, and the sleeves were puffed at the shoulders, adding a touch of elegance to the dress.

Her black boots reached her knees, and the boots were studded with diamonds, reflecting the light.

She walked with a grace that made her seem regal, as if she were royalty among commoners.

Beside her was a white-haired, frail boy in ragged clothes, who appeared to be her servant.

The three guards were so taken with the beauty before them that they barely paid any attention to the white-haired human.

Their gaze was fixed on the purple-haired demon, and they drooled, their eyes filled with hearts.

"What are you fools staring at? Get out of my way, you lowly disgusting peasants!" The purple-haired demon, Irethiel, scowled at the guards, disgust written all over her face.


The guards were jolted awake from their fantasies by Irethiel's sharp response.

"P-Pardon me, but may I know who this beautiful lady is?" one guard respectfully asked, thinking of Irethiel as some sort of higher-ranked demon due to her conduct.

The young boy whispered to the guards, "S-She's the royalty from our demon world. My mother was her maid.

She arrived yesterday in the human world to make preparations for the demon lord's arrival.

As her family serves Demon Lord Pazuzu,"


One of the guards muttered in surprise, "W-What but we never heard anything about her arrival." The three demons looked at each other in confusion.

"You dare to stop this princess?" Irethiel said in an annoyed tone, gesturing dramatically with her hand. "Servant, take care of them." She added


As soon as Irethiel stated that, two gleaming blue shurikens emerged out of nowhere and pierced the two demons from their necks.


The two demons perished instantaneously and their corpses fell backward on the ground, blood sputtering from their necks like a stream.


With no time to react, two demon guards were killed instantly, while the third stumbled backward with a shocked expression.

"PEASANT! TAKE ME TO THE ONE WHO CONTROLS THIS PLACE IF YOU WANT TO LIVE!" Irethiel commanded in a fierce tone, her eyes glowing crimson and a menacingly dark aura surrounding her.

"Y-Yes, I will do as the lady wishes," the demon guard stammered and began to guide us into the alleyway with a horrified expression.



As we entered the alleyway, it was like stepping into a small demon colony.

There were a large number of demons inhabiting the area, and all eyes were drawn to Irethiel as she confidently walked as if she owned the place.

Some demons were mesmerized by her beauty, while others were curious about her identity. But when Irethiel turned towards them, they all hastily averted their gazes.


I pondered at how natural Irethiel was in this role, facing everyone with confidence as if she truly was royalty.

"Hey human, is she really royalty from the demon world?" the boy beside me asked curiously.

"... Yeah, maybe she's a demon queen!" I replied jokingly.

"W-What? Really?" the boy exclaimed.

At the sound of his voice, Irethiel shot him a glance that made him promptly close his mouth and cover it with both hands.

"Well, he's too young and doesn't really know how to use his abilities properly," I said, observing his reaction.

What actually surprises me is what the Hero Association is doing while demons have already established a colony in this kingdom.

Who knows how many other similar colonies exist in other kingdoms as well?

That Bitch Jessica was wasting her time arguing with me about irrelevant things and is participating in the preparation of that pointless tournament.

By the time she decides to react, the demons will have already taken over this kingdom and turned it into another Valtora - an abandoned kingdom." I thought to myself, shaking my head.

We soon approached the huge mansion, the imposing structure loomed over us. Its walls were made of dark stone and adorned with demonic symbols, making it clear this was a stronghold for demons.

The mansion was foreboding and exuded a gloomy and ominous aura.

And more importantly, It was surrounded by hundreds of guards, all with the strength of B or A-Rank monsters.

"W-What should we do? Can you defeat all these demons by yourself?" The boy asked me in a hushed tone seeing an army of demons standing in front of us.

"Hmm, I am not sure if we can defeat them all," I admitted.

The demons in front of us seemed to be at least B-Rank, if not higher. Even if we defeated these guards, we'd still have to face the leader, whose strength was unknown.

"I don't have a signature move that would allow me to take on so many demons at once," I said, still thinking.

"We're counting on you, Demon Queen!" The boy whispered to Irethiel.

"Hey, you lowlives, what are you waiting for? Make way for this princess!" Irethiel exclaimed confidently.


"...Don't mess around and stick to the plan, demon," I said to her telepathically, my attention shifting to her. But as I looked at her expression, I was taken aback.

When the guards turned their attention to Irethiel, she raised her hand and summoned a dark energy, which slowly started to swirl around her.

The dark aura grew more intense, and the guards could feel an aura of fear enveloping them.

" FEAR TEMPEST!" Irethiel exclaimed as she unleashed her skill, and a burst of dark energy shot out from the vortex and enveloped the entire area. And it looked like the whole world turned black and white for a second.

The demons were thrown off their feet as the energy coursed through their bodies, filling them with fear and dread.

Amidst the chaos, Irethiel stood tall and commanding, her eyes glowing with an otherworldly light.

The demons cowered in terror, unable to move or even speak as the fear tempest raged on.

With a flick of her wrist, the vortex dissipated, leaving the demons stunned and powerless. Irethiel strode forward, her footsteps echoing in the now silent alleyway.

The demons cringed away as she passed, their fear of her growing with every step.

With a smirk, Irethiel reached the entrance to the huge mansion and pushed the doors open, revealing the dark, twisted interior of a typical demon lair.


The walls were adorned with symbols of death and decay, and the air was thick with the stench of rot and decay.

With a confident swagger, Irethiel stepped into the mansion, ready to take on whatever lay ahead.


"This was not part of our plan, you foolish demon!" Ares shook his head, thinking inwardly.

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