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Conquering The Novel

Chapter 12 Entrance Examination (1)

The day of the Entrance Ceremony went by without any major issues and now finally it was the day of the examination...

Ares and other candidates were in the huge white room where translucent crystals could be seen in every corner of the room, where many candidates were talking to each other and were planning on teaming up to increase their chances of entering the special class.

Ares was standing alone in the corner of the room and was observing others,

Soon a professor wearing a white lab coat with black messy hair and black eyes with dark circles underneath it entered the white room and explained to them about the room.

"Once everyone is present, the crystals will be activated and teleport you all into the magical space, and once you get eliminated you will be back in this white room," the professor explained with an uninterested tone.

"Candidates can"t carry anything with them inside the magical space including their weapons,

you can only use weapons that will be provided to you before entering the magical space", the professor explained and tapped on a red button he was carrying soon small door appeared in the corner of the room, and the professor beckoned the students to enter the door.

Once they entered the door a large space with all types of weapons and wands hanging on the walls or placed on the tables can be seen,

Soon professor's voice could be heard in the space as he announced the students to choose their weapons in three minutes...

Hearing the professor's voice every candidate chose their weapons and magicians chose the suitable magic staff or wand.....

Once the selection of weapons was done and every student returned to the white room, the professor tapped on the same red button and let the door disappear.

The professor soon signaled the candidates to get ready for their examination and activated the crystals.

All the crystals in the white room lit up brightly and soon everyone in the room was teleported into the magical space.

"Oh, I forgot to tell them, that they will be teleported to a random location, well that wasn't important anyway." the professor muttered to himself...


After getting teleported inside the magical space, the candidates noticed that they were in a Forest landscape with huge trees, waterfalls, lakes, and cliffs...

As soon as they entered the magical space, many students were on their move, some want to kill other students and increase their points as fast as possible, and some want to get to where their other teammates are, to get a clear advantage number...


Outside the magical space, the huge circular stadium was fully occupied by students, professors, and a special VIP room in which Dean, Vice Dean, chairman, and other guests were present...

In the center of the stadium, a huge holographic screen focusing on the movements of every candidate from different angles could be seen.

There were also commentators and announcers to keep everyone updated on candidates' points, there was also a huge scoreboard that will be showing the top 40 candidates...

Now the huge Holographic screen was focused on a single candidate who was fighting with three other candidates at once and still didn't seem to be at any disadvantage.

The candidate was.....Lucas Eugene, the brown hair and brown-eyed youth carrying a spear that was larger than his height, but that doesn't seem to be bothering him, as he was overpowering the three candidates that teamed up against him without much of an issue.

p "His movements, technique, and skills are far superior to the candidates his age," said one of the commentators.

And after a few minutes, he killed the three candidates without taking much damage..and soon the scoreboard updated his points,

"Lucas Eugene 3 points"

Seeing that the crowd started cheering and shouting his name,

In the VIP room, the Vice-dean spoke and asked the chairman who was an old man, bald with a long white beard and mustache a skinny body, and a crane in his hand for his opinion.

"What do you think about him chairman, his movements and techniques are far superior to his age, don't you think so?"

Hearing Vice Dean's question, the chairman replied,

"Lucas Eugene is it, that kid has a talent far superior to candidates his age, If we polish his talent properly he'll be a big shot in the future."

After hearing Chairman's evaluation everyone present in the room nodded their head in confirmation... but the Dean whose face was covered in a white mist hiding her face sat on her chair without showing any emotions and seemed to be focusing on the screen as if not interested in their conversation.

Soon shouts and cheers could be heard in the crowd again, Hearing the commotion everyone in the VIP room focused their attention on the screen.

On the screen, they saw a beautiful girl aiming her bow, but the targets of her aim couldn't be seen in sight.

The girl has Golden hair a beautiful face and sky blue eyes with pointy ears she was aiming her bow at someone with one of her eyes closed,

She looked so beautiful in that pose, it was like a scene straight out of a portrait.

She was 'Diana Eliora' the only princess of the Elven kingdom...

After a few seconds of aiming she shot three arrows continuously without wasting any second...

Everyone was confused as they still couldn't know where she was aiming...

But after traveling more than 100 meters away in a few seconds the arrows hit their targets,

When the screen focused on the arrows three students with their forehead, neck, and heart being pierced respectively could be seen and soon their bodies turned into particles as they were eliminated...

They died without even being able to react properly.

Soon scoreboard updated her points,

"Diana Eliora 3 points"

The crowd cheered loudly and most of the boys struck by her beauty shouted and chanted her name crazily...

Even professors and others present in the VIP room were shocked by her aim, accuracy, and power,

One of the guests in the VIP room gave her information.

"Diana Eliora the only daughter of Empress Eliora, has five brothers and they are all very talented but not as much as Diana, and according to Empress Eliora, Diana will transcend into a high elf in the future, thus her family dote on her very much" she explained...

Everyone was shocked about this revelation and was pondering to themselves because the High Elves are the strongest and most important beings for Elves, Even though Empress Eliora holds the power equal to other transcended beings but she isn't a High elf and it has been more than thousand years since the Elven Kingdom had a High Elf...

After pondering for a few moments they again shifted their attention to the screens...and saw many other fights between students, but soon another fight caught their attention,

They saw a unique beast woman fighting with a sword, beastmans have their pride and reputation of not using any weapons, they mainly use their claws and teeth as a weapon and they find using weapons a dishonorable act,

Seeing a beast woman using a sword to decapitate other students came as a shock to them...

One of the guests in the VIP room gave the unique beastwomans introduction, she was the same guest that gave Diana Eliora's information,

"Ziona Madlock, the disowned daughter of King Madlock of the beast Kingdom. she wasn't born talented, instead was the weakest among King Madlock's children but later she chose to walk the path of the sword after meeting a wandering Adventurer"

"Her swordsmanship techniques plus her beastly Instincts make her one of the strongest swordswomen of her age"

As she completed her statement everyone was astonished by her knowledge about candidates...

As they were pondering to themselves they heard the announcer speak her score aloud and the scoreboard updated her points,

"Ziona Madlock 2 points"

Ziona Madlock the wild beauty with purple hair and long purple ears with ember eyes,

Just decapitated two candidates with her sword...

The cheering of crowds could be heard all around the stadium...

The Examination continued and was already halfway through but there was still no news from Ares...


POV Ares ~

"Ahh shit, this is killing me!" Ares screamed.

I thought it would be quite easy for me to kill this wannabe Heros, but who would have thought that my luck would be this bad...Ares thought to himself while climbing a cliff,

'Yeah 'Cliff', I was teleported down the cliff where no living creatures could be seen as far as my eyesight could see, I could only see a waterfall and a lake in my sight.'

'I checked all my surroundings but couldn't find any way up the cliff so I had no choice but to climb it, so now, I am climbing the huge cliff with my bare hands, one misstep and I would fall and that would be the end of me...' Ares thought to himself while climbing,

'If it was Helena she could have jumped or even flown by manipulating electricity, my efficiency in using electricity is still not enough for me to be able to jump that high or even fly, I thought to myself as I could see the top of the cliff not that far away from me...

"Just a bit more" I muttered to myself...


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