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Conquering The Novel

Chapter 10 My Second Teacher, Helena Parker

Ares was in the training hall of Mika Amami"s mansion and he had just finished his training with Helena.

Yeah, it's been more than half a month since Helena became Ares's teacher to help him in mastering his Element 'Electricity'..


POV Ares ~

I was sipping a drink while sitting on a bench in the training hall and soon I heard the footsteps approaching me, I tilted my head slightly to look towards them but I soon found Helena standing in front of me,

Her speed is still as fast as ever, I thought to myself inwardly...

"What is it, Helena," I asked her while seeing into her eyes...

"I never thought I could meet someone else with the same element as me, when I read your information given to me by my organization it said you have mana less body but you had talent in swordsmanship"

"If I had known you could use Electricity at that time, I would have rushed towards you as fast as I could even before Mika could find you, Tsk" ...she clicked her tongue by making a regretful face,

"It's good that the one who provided this information was killed by Mika or I would have killed him myself"..Helena said while putting a cigarette in her mouth and lighting it by snapping her fingers near the cigarettes head,

I saw her puffing her cigarette and then spoke,

"But that information is correct though, I do have a mana-less body"

Hearing me, Helena stopped puffing her cigarette and with furrowed eyebrows and questioned me...

"Huh, what did you just say?"

Seeing her expression I chuckled inwardly and explained to her about 'Soul Force', of course, I left out the information about my previous world and how I ended up here...,

Hearing my explanation on Soul Force Helena was left speechless, after summarizing all the information she spoke again.

"So, in simple words, you use your soul as a source to collect mana instead of your body?"

I nodded in confirmation

Helena was lost in her thoughts for a good few minutes while puffing her cigarette, I didn't disturb her and let her be...

After a few minutes, Helena came out of her thoughts and spoke...

"That makes sense, and only the ones with a mana-less body can use their soul as the source to collect mana"

"If anyone else uses that technique of yours they will die of excessive mana or get mana disease"

She nodded several times in agreement with her statement..,

p "You're a genius to come up with that technique, you didn't give up even though you have a mana-less body" saying that she looked at me with pure respect and admiration in her eyes.

I wanted to scream that everyone in my previous world is born with soul force same as how everyone in this world has a mana body...

But I let it be and didn't break Helena's delusions...

After a few seconds, I cleared my throat and asked Helena about her weapon to change the topic.

"I mostly use electricity during my fights I got a huge mana pool you see, but on rare occasions, I use a dagger as my secondary weapon" Helena explained.

"I don't think there is any device to check your mana pool though, as you know there are devices to check the amount of mana one body can hold which is also known as mana pool"

"Since your source of mana is different, we couldn't know how much mana your source can hold" Helena shook her head regretfully and spoke again.

"But I think you at least have a mana to become a reputed Magician," Helena said while still puffing her cigarette.

'Yup, I was a B-Rank magician in my previous world though it isn't strong enough I was quite decent if I say so myself. I thought inwardly and checked my status screen,




AGE: 15



SKILLS: 1. FELL CRESCENT ( Mastery 2% ) ( Intermediate Level )

( Info: A high-class sword charge-type sword skill that delivers a downward blow and covers a distance of 1 meter in 0.8 sec )

2. SNAKE STEPS ( Mastery 7% ) ( Intermediate Level )

( Info: A technique helps the users movement akin to a snake with helps to increase the user to cover the distance of 5 meters in 0.5 sec )

3. ELECTRICITY MANIPULATION ( Mastery 17% ) ( Intermediate Level )

( Info: Allow user to manipulate electricity on or near his body )


( Info: Allow the user to recall an image or information with high precision after seeing it only once)

2. ....?????....


Seeing my status screen a satisfied smile erupted on my face, many things have changed during the past two months.

The first noticeable change is my talent, which changed from Intermediate swordsman to Intermediate magic swordsman.,

The second change was my skills Mastery level, they all changed from Beginner to Intermediate level.

And my element Mastery also increased dramatically as I was already used to using it in my previous world, and I got a whole new perception of using my electricity while training with Helena,

Unlike Mika who doesn't want to see me hurt even during our training, Helena was quite the opposite of her.., she trained me to the brink of my death and almost killed me many times.

She can train me to her heart's content because Mika isn't here, if Mika got to know about Helena's training process god knows what will happen to Helena. I thought to myself and looked at Helena pitifully,

Feeling my pitiful gaze towards her, Helena squinted her eyes and asked,


I cleared my thoughts and asked her about their organization as if to change the topic.

"Why did you join that evil organization Helena"

I asked while staring at them, I was quite curious about that, after spending most of my time with her for the past few days she didn't seem to be that bad of a person.... except during her training but at least she would carry me to where Aegis is and ask her to heal me...

After hearing me Helena stopped puffing her cigarette and muttered in low voice,


She removed her cigarette with her right hand and looked at me with a serious face and spoke resolutely..,

"Listen to me carefully Ares, there is no such thing as good and evil in this world. Good is a point of view that changes depending on the society and depending on the era. It is in itself determined by those who have the greatest means to determine it, the powerful. Those with power dictate what is good and bad. Unlike power, good cannot live without bad. They coexist like warring brothers...

Without a villain, there can be no hero"

"The most important thing is to maintain the balance between the constantly moving good and evil. If you lean too much in either direction, it becomes difficult to maintain actual morals."

After saying that philosopher teacher Helena started puffing her cigarette again and looked at my dazed face for a few seconds then left the training hall.

"" ""

I was left speechless by Helena's statement and strangely I feel like I was enlightened...

I shook my head to come out of my thoughts and soon decided to leave too, while I was leaving I got a message I checked my phone and saw it was Mika's. I stopped in my steps and read its contents but it wasn't something important, in simple terms, Mika wouldn't be able to come back for quite a while now as something came up for her and she has to stay there, the message was quite long I just skimmed the miss you and other parts and just read the useful information,

I kept my phone back in my pocket and left the training hall,

There aren't many days left for the entrance ceremony of the Academy. I thought to myself and chuckled inwardly...

"This will be fun" I muttered while walking toward my room.


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