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12 Stupid Heart

Caspian entered the ballroom while adorning his full royal attire. He was wearing a fitting waistcoat over a white shirt. The white coat had golden embroidery around the neck and the rims of the sleeves. He was wearing a matching pair of breeches, the look completed by a pair of knee-length boots and a red cape.

Caspian was seamlessly exuding the aura of confidence and sophistication.

Zenon and the dark-haired man from the other day, Vincent, were walking on either side of the King. These three men were the most powerful, most feared, and the most alluring trio of Sorvando.

All the men feared their fury and all women desired at least one member of this trio.

The moment the trio walked in, the vampire noblemen present in the ballroom bowed their heads to the King while all the noble ladies curtsied as seductively as they could.

Caspian couldn’t care less about all the women swarming around him to get his attention. His eyes were busy searching for someone in particular. ‘Where is the smell of lavender coming from? Let’s see...’

‘Ooh! Found you!’ It didn’t take long for Caspian to discover Anastasia who was hiding in one corner like a timid mouse.

And the moment his eyes met hers, he felt something magical happening in his cold heart. ‘What kind of feeling is this? I’m feeling so uneasy but at the same time... I think I like it.’

He automatically inched closer towards Anastasia as if he was hypnotized by her beauty. He felt as though an invisible rope was tugging him towards her.


He glanced at her face which looked livelier than before. Her cheeks and her lips were painted to look rosy. She was wearing a court gown with a low and oval neckline and puffy sleeves. The heavily boned bodice made her waist appear even smaller and her bossoms prominent.

The crimson color of her gown complimented her pale skin as well as her hair. Half of her hair was neatly combed backward and pinned while the long tresses of curls covered a side of her bare shoulders.

In short, Anastasia looked like a rare rose that bloomed in the castle’s garden after centuries.

And Caspian was in a great dilemma. One part of him wanted to pluck that rose and keep her hidden from the others. But another part of him wanted that rose to thrive and wanted the world to appreciate her beauty.

Anastasia also watched in awe as God’s finest creation inched closer and closer to her. He looked so captivating that she was unable to tear off her gaze no matter how hard she tried. ‘I know that I should be on my guard when I am around him but why do I feel so secure instead? It doesn’t make any sense!’

Caspian stood in front of the spellbound Princess and held out his hand for her to hold. He flashed a warm smile and spoke in a hypnotizing voice, “Come, wife. Let me introduce you to everyone.”

‘Wi-Wife? Right! I am his wife!’ Anastasia felt her warm blood rushing to her cheeks and ears after hearing Caspian addressing her as his wife.

Anastasia wanted to take his hand but at the same time, she didn’t want to leave Tilla alone, not even for a minute. She glanced at Tilla who was also not willing to leave her alone.

Seeing the hesitation in Anastasia’s eyes, Caspian glanced at Vincent and pointed his brows towards Tilla.

Vincent, Caspian’s close friend and also a nobleman, instantly understood what the King was trying to say. So he stepped forwards and held out his hand towards Tilla, “Milady, may I?”

Tilla was surprised when that handsome killer was addressing her as a lady. She was confused as to how to react. But before she knew it, she was already holding his hand and was allowing him to take her away from the Princess.

Caspian then held Anastasia’s hand and led her to the center of the ballroom. 𝒊𝓃𝗻𝘳𝘦𝐚𝐝 𝒄o𝓶

Once again, Anastasia felt the piercing gazes from everyone in the ballroom. Even though a piece of soft music was continuously playing in the background, and even though this was supposed to be one of the most magical moments of her life, Anastasia felt as though she was being dragged to her execution.

Caspian then darted his eyes around the hall and addressed everyone, “Ladies and gentlemen, all of you already know why I have invited you here today.”

He took a glance of Anastasia and announced with a tinge of happiness, “May I present my lovely wife to all of you, Princess Anastasia Vairina of Orsenia.”

Mild cheers and claps filled the hall when the King made the announcement.

Anastasia tried her best to plaster a smile on her face. But in her heart, she was wishing, ‘I wish I could disappear into thin air. Is it just me or are all of them drooling while looking at me?’

Most of the vampires were indeed staring at Anastasia as if she was some rare delicacy.

And Caspian was no fool to not see the hunger in their eyes. So he gritted his teeth and spoke in a loud and menacing voice, “I expect all of you to treat her respectfully from today onwards. Any harm that you do to her, I will pay it back in ten folds.”

With that last sentence, Caspian was able to send chills down everyone’s spine, except one.

Anastasia’s heart skipped a beat when Caspian spoke in her defense like that. She stole a quick glance of him and wondered if he was just saving her for himself or if he really cared for her safety. ‘Either way, I shouldn’t be fooled by his sweet talks and his appearance. He is the Devil in disguise.’

Caspian put a smile on his face and ended the introduction session, “That is all I have to say. Enjoy the food and music.”

The moment Caspian ended his speech, the music playing in the background took over.

Caspian faced Anastasia and held out his hand with a polite smile, “May I have a dance with you, wife?”

Anastasia’s heart fluttered again. One smile from him and she would forget that he was a bloodsucking monster.

“Of course, Your Majesty,” Anastasia gave a flustered smile and held his hand.

With his other hand, Caspian took Anastasia’s free hand and placed it on his shoulder. Then he gently placed his hand on her tiny waist and pulled her close.

Caspian began to lead Anastasia while matching his footsteps with the beat of the melodious music. He was unable to avert his gaze away from his beautiful wife.

He was slowly trailing his eyes from her rosy cheeks to her plump lips, and down to her smooth neck and shoulders. Her luscious curls weren’t doing much to cover the slender shoulders.

‘She sure knows how to entice me, barely covering her shoulders like this,’ Caspian thought to himself and smirked.

Anastasia, on the other hand, was completely avoiding looking at him. She knew that her heart would betray her the moment she would look at Caspian.

‘I had placed a bet to make him fall for me, not the opposite!’ she was screaming in her mind and was trying hard to resist Caspian’s charm. But the way he made her dance and the way he was being so gentle with her was only making it harder for her.

Caspian was noticing how she was doing everything to avoid looking at him rather than trying to seduce him. He assumed that his bold wife was nervous because of all the vampires so he leaned closer to her ear and asked, “Are you feeling uncomfortable?”

Anastasia breathed in sharply. It was quite the opposite. She was feeling the most comfortable while dancing with him. She was feeling as if she was floating high in the clouds. And that scared her.

“No, Your Majesty,” that was all she could reply without giving away how she was feeling.

Caspian pressed his lips into a thin line and slightly tilted his head. He didn’t like her constantly addressing him as ‘His Majesty’ so he whispered to her, “Why don’t you refrain from being so formal with me? Call me Caspian... or husband. It’s your choice.”

That suggestion from him prompted Anastasia to look into his eyes. Both her gaze and her heart were stuck on him. Her heart had never betrayed her like this ever before, drumming so loudly when she was with someone who could hear her heartbeat.

She took a deep breath to calm her heart but it didn’t do much. ‘What is wrong with my heart? I need to put a rein on my stupid heart and focus on receiving that cure. I will just run away with Tilla the very day I fulfill my objective.’

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