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Combat Maid Harem

Chapter 784 Time Acceleration

Juju was curious about Lawrend right now. She wanted to know more about him to judge if she really wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

"I don't know. The last time it took Master a year to become an Earth Mage," Aleshia answered.

"Fufufu. It's time for you to tell us who you really are. It's odd that you aren't attacking us since some of us are humans here," Aezel said and walked forward to stand in front of Juju.

Juju looked her up and down and found that she felt familiar but also not familiar.

"What are you?" Juju asked.

"A Fallen Angel from a Demon," Aezel truthfully answered.

Saying that she was a Fallen *Angel* might incite misunderstandings since demons generally hated anything related to them.

"A Fallen Angel?"

A look of interest formed on Juju's face. She inched a step forward and cupped Aezel's cheek.


Aezel took Juju's hand off her cheek while she stared at her in confusion.

Juju didn't stop her, and she looked at Aezel, befuddled. She sensed the pure Darkness mana inside of Aezel. It was oddly purer than her, who was a Heaven Demon.

"I've only read about that exotic race in the past. You say that you became one from a demon?"

"Fufufu. I'm still a proud demon, of course."

Aezel would never forget her roots. She was proud of her race. It was also the reason why she invaded the Port City all of those years ago. Similar to most demon women, she wanted to improve their race.

"Jujuju… Quite interesting. I will ask you in-depth later."

Juju looked at her with an amused facial expression. She found Aezel's case interesting. She had never heard about a Demon becoming one of the fabled Fallen Angels.

"But before that, what are you *truly* doing here?" Aezel asked and squinted her eyes.

She was doubtful about the reason for Juju's appearance. She appeared out of nowhere, and there didn't seem to be any nearby civilization as this was the very center of the desert.

"Juju is here to watch over this man's attempt to become a Heaven Mage. Aren't all of you too?"

Shocked expressions popped out on the faces of Aleshia and the others. Their doubts only became suspicion.

"We are, but w–"

"Who are you to Master?" Aleshia interrupted to ask.


Juju had no answer to that question. She never asked that question to Lawrend, and he never made it clear to her. Right now, they had just finished having passionate sex earlier.

She was currently meeting with his ten other women, and she couldn't answer willy-nilly since she put a lot of importance into it.

"Do you like Master?" Aleshia asked again.

She had a lot of experience watching other women fall for her master. She instantly could tell that Juju harbored some sort of feelings for Lawrend. As the future first wife, it was her duty to get to the bottom of this.


Juju lowered her head and didn't reply. This was the very question she wanted to know herself. Did she really like him? Or was she only missing some physical touch? It was hard to tell.

"If you don't like master, I suggest you stop harboring thoughts about him. Otherwise, you will only hurt him," Aleshia said firmly and raised her chest forward.

She wanted the best for Lawrend, and letting him get hurt was not one of that. She needed to cut the but before it grew too big and became a thorn in Lawrend's heart.

"I want to know more about him! Give me time," Juju replied in a solemn tone.

Aleshia, Ember, Aezel, and the others glanced at each other. They didn't know what to say after they heard Juju's words. It seemed like there was more to this than meets the eye.

Thus, the group became silent. Aleshia and the others watched Lawrend for a bit before ultimately leaving. It was awkward being near Juju since they didn't know what was her relationship with Lawrend.

They returned to their village and hung out there.

As for Juju, she stood in the same place and continued watching Lawrend. She was worried about him and anticipated him becoming a Heaven Mage. It was weird for her since this was the first time she felt this way.

Maybe it was because of that that she couldn't leave.

Aleshia and the others were confident with Lawrend's success since they were used to him doing something like this. The difference between them was clear for all to see.

Lawrend watched as the flow of time in his planetary system accelerated. The sun spun faster, and the planet revolved around the sun a few times a second. With each completed revolution, a whole year would have passed on the planet.

A month passed by.

Two months.

Three months.









By the twelfth month, Juju had created a small sandstone platform on her spot. She sat with her legs crossed and kept her gaze at Lawrend. The whole area had returned to serenity.

The effects of the mana storm and the forest Lawrend had made had already disappeared. No traces were left except for his afterimage floating above the sky.

A full year passed. There were still no signs of Lawrend finishing. He was still chilling inside the space barrier he had made.

A second year went by in the blink of an eye. By this point, Lawrend's maids became worried. He had already gone past a year of the usual time he took to increase a level.

Ember reassured them since it was normal for Divine Earth Mages to take a long time to become a Heaven Mage.

A third year passed.

Everyone was worried. Juju was worried. She tried approaching Lawrend and touching him, but the her hand simply passed through his after image. The space he was in was isolated from the Demon World.

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