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Combat Maid Harem

Chapter 7 - Aleshia’s Unending Trouble

"I- I am sorry. We will come back at a later time."

Aleshia was horrified at Healer Natasha's anger. If she decides to deny healing Ella because of this incident it would be something that Aleshia would very much regret later.


Healer Natasha nodded her head at Aleshia. Aleshia and Ella then left the shrine with bated breaths. Ella was gripping onto Aleshia's hand tightly while Aleshia's forehead was beaded with sweat.

"What happened inside?"

The city guard from earlier was waiting for them. He was taken aback when he saw what they look like. They look just like someone who fought against some undefeatable foe.

"I- I angered Healer Natasha…"

Aleshia replied despondently. She didn't expect her first meeting with Healer Natasha to be so nerve-wracking. It was like everything from the start was in the palm of her hands.

"It's okay. You are not the first and will also not be the last."

The city guard consoled her. He then led them back outside the noble district. Aleshia didn't look back and just continued forward to the slum district. She could feel Ella tugging on her hands but she didn't look at her.

When they entered their dilapidated house in the slum district, that was only when Aleshia was able to look into Ella's eyes. Ella's innocent eyes were clouded with worry for her.


Aleshia kneeled on the floor and hugged Ella. She felt tears welling up in her eyelids but she did her best to suppress them. But suddenly a soft hand caressed her head. Warmth filled her body. She looked up and saw Ella rubbing her head.

"It's okay, Big Sister. There is still a chance. Okay?"

Ella smiled sweetly at Aleshia. When Aleshia saw that, she was overtaken by emotion. Her days of suffering to raise her little sister were worth it. She felt rewarded right now. She sniffled and slowly recovered. This was just a small setback. She would find a way!

"Mm! Big Sister will earn that money in no time!"

Aleshia smiled confidently at Ella. She would find a side-job besides her assassin job. It would be exhausting balancing two jobs but Aleshia felt that she could do it right now. Her strength is her little sister.


Ella was overjoyed seeing her Big Sister recover. Her Big Sister is practically her world right now. Seeing her Big Sister looking all depressed only pained her heart. If only she didn't have this illness..!

"Let's go eat, okay?"

Aleshia and Ella ate their lunch together. It was a simple vegetable dish that Aleshia has been cooking up ever since she was small. It was simple, cheap, and delicious.

Aleshia left after eating her fill. Ella was waving her hand with a sweet smile. Aleshia waved back and left her alone. Aleshia doesn't have anyone she could entrust her little sister to. Well, maybe, if the situation needs it, she could leave her little sister to the old lady next door.

Aleshia walked through the streets and was greeted by the city guard from earlier when she reached the gates. There was a gloomy look on his face.

"Why aren't you responding to me earlier? You b*tch!"

The city guard spoke vulgarly. Earlier when Aleshia passed, she didn't even look in his direction when she entered back into the slums with her little sister.

"Oh, I must have thought it was a dog barking in the background."

Aleshia spoke sarcastically. Now that Ella is not here, she has more freedom with herself. Even if the city guards try to gang up on her, she could easily protect herself.

"What did you say!?"

The city guard snarled in anger. She was just a b*tch from the slums. She didn't have the right to argue with him who was a city guard!

"I said you are a dog!"

Aleshia shouted back. She had enough with this guard, he would always try to take advantage of her if the opportunity begets it.

"You-! I'll show you who's a dog after I beat you right now! I'll make you howl later!"

The city guard unsheathed his sword and ran towards Aleshia. Aleshia just stood there without moving.

Just when the city guard was about to swing his sword towards Aleshia's legs to incapacitate her, a loud shout froze him.


A bearded man in shining armor appeared from the side. He has a muscular face and there was a suppressive aura around him that you would only feel from veterans.

"Who is it!?"

The city guard turned around and was immediately shocked out of his wits. His sloppy posture quickly straightened up.

"C-city Guard Captain! What a surprise meeting you here…"

The city guard stuttered. A City Guard Captain is someone who controls a major section of the city wall. Any one of them is a veteran of the military. They were unlike them who only got a little bit of war experience.

"Your entire squadron is fired for violating your duties as protectors of the citizens of the Undrasil Kingdom! Understand!?"

The City Guard Captain's voice was like an iron claw and an undefeatable decree. The city guard couldn't object.

"I- I understand!"

The city guard gripped his fists tightly. This wouldn't have happened if it were not for that b*tch! He swore to himself that he would make her howl like a wolf tonight!

"You are dismissed!"

The city guard quickly hurried away. He was afraid that he would be punished if he stayed there a little bit longer. His other squadmates also packed their bags and left hurriedly.

"Who are you?"

Aleshia asked coldly. She wasn't familiar with this City Guard Captain. There is no way that he was doing this just because he pities her

"HAHAHA! Is that how you thank your benefactor?"

Contrary to her expectations, the City Guard Captain laughed out loud. It was one of genuine humor.

"N-no but…"

Aleshia was taken aback by his response. She didn't know what to do in this situation.

"Don't worry, my little brother sent me here."

The City Guard Captain explained with a smile. He found her nervousness funny.

"Your little brother? Who?"

Question marks appeared on Aleshia's heads as she looked at the man in front of her.

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