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Combat Maid Harem

Chapter 5 - Wise Words From A City Guard

In the slum district, the city guards have the most power. They control the lives of the poor as much as they want.

Usually, the city guards disdain to approach the people from the slums, but Aleshia is an exception for obvious reasons.

Aleshia stopped for a bit and continued walking forward. She was gripping onto Ella's hand tightly.

"Big Sister, are you alright?"

"I'm okay. Come on, we have to hurry."

Aleshia forced a smile on her face as she urged her little sister on. Ella smiled back at Aleshia innocently. For a little girl, what happened earlier was just the usual interaction between adults

Aleshia and Ella walked the streets of the merchant district. Compared to the dirty and chaotic slum district, the merchant district is bustling full of people. People from different ages come and go, and shops with varying goods line up the street.

"Amazing, Big Sister. So many people!"

Ella's eyes were shining as this was one of the few times she has seen this many people. Everyone was busy and had goals. Unlike in the slum district where everyone seems gloomy.

"This is not even the busiest street in the merchant district."

Aleshia told the excited Ella while trying to forget what the guard said to her earlier.

"Really? Then can we go there?"

Ella was full of curiosity towards people. She wanted to see the busiest street in the merchant district.

"We can't, Ella. We need to go to the noble district, remember?"

"Okay, Big Sister..."

Ella replied unhappily.

The sisters crossed several streets full of people. Carriages can be seen moving left and right on the brick roads.

"We're here."

Aleshia nervously said. Usually, she just goes over this wall at night when she has a mission in the noble district. There was an open gate to the side which several noble carriages are passing through.

"Halt! What is your business in the noble district?"

A city guard wearing shiny armor approached and stopped them. He was familiar with most of the nobles that pass through this area and they usually ride inside their carriages and he stopped these two because he was not familiar with them.

"We will visit Healer Natasha. My little sister here is ill."

Aleshia explained to the guard which squinted his eyes. He noticed the state of their clothes and he started to doubt them. Even if they are from the middle class, they would never wear such yellowish-white and green dresses that look used too many times.

"Your names?"

The guard lifted his chin and stared them down. He was much more professional compared to the city guard that Aleshia encountered earlier.

"Aleshia, and Ella for my little sister."

"No family names?"

The guard was sure now that they are from the slums. Usually, they won't permit anyone from the slums into the noble district but seeing the effort that the two gave changed his mind. They're already wearing proper clothes so his superiors won't scold him too much. 𝓲nn𝑟𝚎𝙖𝘥. 𝐜𝚘𝐦

"Alright, go in. I'll be escorting you to her place."

Aleshia pulled Ella's hand as they entered the luxurious gates of the noble district. The guard made hand signals to a nearby guard which promptly took his place.

"Follow me."

The city guard led the way. Compared to the merchant district, the streets of the noble district were more pristine and the sidewalks were designed with fine architecture.


Ella opened her mouth wide in amazement at the beautiful streets of the noble district. It was the difference between heaven and earth if it was compared to the streets in the slum district.

The city guard glanced behind at Ella. He saw how innocent she was acting and smiled in satisfaction.

After crossing several streets they finally arrived in front of a luxurious mansion. There is a stone wall surrounding the property and the cobblestone driveway can be seen through the metal gates.

The guard stopped in front of the gates and waited for the two to come over. He swung his head to the mansion in a gesture for them to continue by themselves.

"Hello, we would like to meet Healer Natasha!"

Aleshia shouted onto the gate.

A head then poked from the sides of the gates to look at them. It was a young guard wearing leather armor.

"What is your business, miss?"

The guard asked politely. The guests of his Madam are usually high in status so he learned to be careful when greeting new guests.

"My little sister is ill and we would like to request Healer Natasha's healing."

"A healing job? Okay, I will be right back."

The young guard turned around and walked to the large doors of the mansion and entered it. A minute later, he came back with a light sprint.

"The madam is currently at the shrine. her there."

The guard quickly explained.

"Thank you."

Aleshia bowed towards the guard. Ella panicked and mimicked her big sister. She remembered her big sister's words to bow.

"No thanks, miss. I'm just a humble guard."

The young guard smiled back. He liked their politeness.

"Come on, I'll lead you to the shrine."

The city guard beckoned them. Aleshia and Ella followed him.

"You don't have to bow to that guard."

The city guard said after they walked for a while.

"Hmm? Isn't that what nobles do?"

Aleshia looked at the city guard in confusion. From what she has observed in the past, nobles always bow when seeing each other.

"But that guy is not a noble. Next time, express your gratitude with a head raised high. Even if you are from the slums."

The city guard continued.

"It seems you have already known."

"Of course, I'm one of you in the past."

The city guard turned back and smiled at Aleshia and Ella. Aleshia and Ella were both taken aback by his words. If he didn't tell them, they wouldn't have known that he was also from the slums.

"Is what you said earlier, from your experience?"

Aleshia asked inquiringly.

"That's the shrine."

Before the city guard could answer her question, a big shrine appeared in front of them. The city guard pointed at it.

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