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Combat Maid Harem

Chapter 22 - Aleshia’s Conditions

"What about my little sister? I don't want to take her on a journey."

Aleshia's voice softened as she mentioned her little sister. She found Lawrend's offer to be very tempting even though she didn't want to admit it.

"My butlers here will take care of her. She could eat and do whatever she wanted inside the mansion."

Lawrend explained to her. For someone as wealthy as him, having Aleshia's little sister frolic around inside the mansion is no big deal.

"I don't trust you."

Aleshia looked straight into Lawrend's eyes. Lawrend frowned after hearing her words. If she still insists on not going then he would not be able to really force her.

"But… If you agree to my conditions, I will do as you say."

Aleshia continued. Lawrend's eyes glowed when he heard her say that. He was filled with hope. As long as it's not too much, he can agree with anything!

"What is it?"

Lawrend asked her in anticipation. He was slightly nervous but he knows that this was his only chance.

"We go alone. No guards."

Aleshia smiled meaningfully at Lawrend. Lawrend felt his heart skip a beat after she said that. It was a weird feeling for Lawrend. Going on a journey with someone as beautiful as her… the possibilities are endless!

"I agree!"

Lawrend immediately agreed without thinking too much into it. F*ck the guards. He will go alone on a journey with a hot maid!

"Also, I want my little sister to sleep on a soft bed."

Aleshia added with a smile on her beautiful face. Even now, she still wishes for her little sister to be able to sleep soundly at night.

"That's not a problem!"

Lawrend answered with a thump to his chest. That's already part of the plan. He's losing nothing from it.

"So when is it?"

Aleshia wanted to know when it was so she could prepare some stuff for their journey. After all, this was her chance to get to know this son of the wealthiest merchant in Lanika City. She wouldn't lie, she wanted to go alone with Lawrend so she could take Lawrend hostage if they decide to do something to Ella. A safety precaution that is very necessary.

"2 days later."

"That fast??"

Aleshia was surprised. She expected it to be a week later. She won't be able to prepare if it was this fast.

"Yes. A shipment from the Blunark Continent will be arriving in Sheron Port City soon. It is said to be filled with various exotic goods. I can't miss this chance."

Lawrend explained to her. As the son of the wealthiest merchant in the city of Lanika. He has some sources about big shipments like this. He was one of the first few people who would know about such a rare shipment so getting there sooner is an advantage.

"I see. It can't be helped huh."

Aleshia nodded in understanding. If it was something like this then she could understand. She just had to prepare quicker.

"I'll leave now. I still have some studies to do."

Lawrend bid farewell to Aleshia and left her alone. Aleshia bowed slightly as he left. His chest was thumping so hard right now. It was like his heart was about to escape his chest.

A journey alone with a hot maid! His imagination was running wild as various scenes played inside his head. They will meet danger and he will save her before… Ah! Someone tugged his arms.

"Young Master, your face is red. What happened? Did that new maid do something to you?"

It was a butler about the same height as Lawrend. He was a new hire. The butlers in the mansion were getting old and they had to hire new ones so they decided to hire someone the same age as Lawrend. 𝘪𝗻n𝑟e𝑎𝒅. 𝘤𝒐m

The butler was actually quite handsome. It was a wonder why he was even working as a butler.

"Ah! Nothing. I was just daydreaming."

Lawrend smiled awkwardly. He couldn't just tell him what he was just thinking.

"Hmm. Alright, I'll go now, Young Master."

The butler looked at Lawrend with a frown for a bit before bidding farewell.

"Maybe, Mr. Albert is just wrong…"

The butler whispered as he left while holding his chin upwards.

Lawrend entered his father's room and clenched his fist tightly. Excitement was brimming inside him. He even wanted these 2 days to pass immediately.

"Alright! I have to carefully plan our trip."

Lawrend sat in front of his father's desk and opened a map. He started scribbling things on its surface.

Meanwhile, Aleshia was back inside her room. She grabbed the dagger under her pillow and sheathed it into a sheath hidden at the side of her upper legs.

"Let's see who's gonna win in this journey."

Aleshia grinned to herself. She was thinking that Lawrend was planning something malicious against her on this journey. She left the room and sneaked out of the mansion.

Aleshia arrived in the merchant district without any obstructions. She entered into a secluded alley and entered a lone door. Once inside, there was darkness all around her.

"It's me."

Aleshia spoke and the room was lit up immediately. There were 4 assassins in black cloaks holding their daggers on various parts of her body. One was holding a dagger against her neck, one was pointing at the back of her neck in a stabbing motion, the last two were pointing the sharp end of their dagger to her stomach.

They were all ready to attack her, but they relaxed and sheathed their daggers inside their clothes after the lights were turned on.

Aleshia ignored them and entered deeper into the hallway. She went down a flight of stairs and entered a huge tavern-like room. There were many cloaked assassins moving about. Some are sitting on tables drinking and eating. While others are staring in front of a huge board full of papers pinned to it.

This was the Lanika Branch of the Blood Flower Assassin Organization.

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