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Combat Maid Harem

Chapter 2 - The Assassin Aleshia

[NOTICE: Sudden POV change.]

My name is Aleshia. I am an assassin working for the Lanika Branch of the Blood Flower Assassin Organization.

I'm an 18-year-old woman. I have been in this industry ever since I was 10. I'm also an orphan. For my ill little sister, I took this assassination job. Now, it is my lifeline.

If there were a mission that no assassins would take, I would take it. That is how desperate I have been. I don't think about failure when choosing my missions. I only plan how to succeed.

Tonight, I was tasked with assassinating the only son of the wealthiest merchant in the city. His name was Lawrend Horiel. The investigations have shown that he is particularly fond of maids. There were also rumors that he is a lustful man.

He is also not a magician nor a swordsman. This mission is free.

That's what I thought, but when I jumped onto the windowsill. I saw him staring at me like he was expecting me.

My heart sank at that point. I raised my guard up just in case and I took a grip of the dagger hidden under my cloak.

We stared at each other for a while before he suddenly talked.

"Um, are you lost?"

Lost? Is he playing with me?

"Are you perhaps expecting me?"

I asked the question. I don't want to deal with someone that the organization had crappy intelligence of. He could either be secretly an expert or someone is protecting him from the shadows.

"Ehh… you appeared on the window when I was staring at the moon?"

His face was in utter confusion. I doubted my judgment. Maybe it's only a coincidence?

If that is the case…!

I sprinted forward with the fastest speed that I could take. I unsheathed my dagger and took a stance with it while running.

"I surrender! Don't kill me!"

A coward. That's my impression of this man in front of me.

I stopped 5 steps in front of him. His action was an utter shock for me. I never encountered someone as cowardly as he is.

His handsome face was now nowhere to be found. The only thing to note was the shaking of his body and the fear etched on his face. Was he really that afraid of death? I better make it a swift death then.

"I will offer you 1.5 times the bounty on my head!"

Seeing that I walked a little bit forward. To my surprise, he offered me a deal. As expected of the son of the wealthiest merchant in the city. They really think that money could solve anything.

"Don't resist."

I uttered coldly. I have done this many times that I lost count of my kills. The organization may know about it but I'm not interested.

"I- I will offer you double!"

He got really frantic and desperate. Is this what they mean that a cornered mouse will fight back against a cat, or am I wrong?

Hmmm… I was interested in his offer. Ella's condition is getting worse each day. I need to get her diagnosed by the best healer in the city.

The organization always takes 70% of the bounty so having it all mine and even doubled is really a tempting deal. I could buy a house for my little sister to sleep at with that amount of money.


I said. The look of relief on his face was funny. He didn't know that I would still kill him after getting the money.

"I- I will go get the money now…"

He even asked for my permission. This guy is pretty cute for a coward.

"Go. If I don't see you here in 5 minutes… I will kill you and hang you naked on the mansion gates."

A threat is always needed when dealing with someone. Otherwise, they will think that you are soft and go over your head. And when they have the taste of doing so, they will have no qualms to walk over your head again in the future.


He closed the door. I sat on his bed and waited for him to come back. The guards are pretty slack at this place. His father brought with him the best guards and never thought that someone would be after his son. What an idiot.

Before I could even fully rest my body, the door opened again. It was a small crack and the guy was staring at me apprehensively. It seems that he has something to say.

"What are you looking at?"

My body is actually pretty gifted and with me lying on this bed, my curves became more pronounced. I'm sure that his eyes are glued onto my body since he's a lustful man.

He jumped when he heard my cold voice. Then he slowly opened the door and spoke softly which revealed his cowardly face.

"How much was the bounty?"

I realized that he actually never asked me the bounty. What an idiot. Like father, like son. A family of idiots.

"The bounty was 400 gold."

Here in this kingdom, a gold coin is enough to feed a family for a few months. But paying for a healer is more expensive. Even with all of my savings, it is still not enough.

"Got it."

He quickly closed the door and I swear I saw him look down at my breasts. What a licentious guy. 𝓲𝐧n𝚛𝐞𝒂d. 𝑐𝗼m

Sigh… If only I was this wealthy.

I rested my back on the pillow and picked up another one and hugged it. The softness of this bed is unbelievable. Back at home, I could only sleep on the hard stone floor.

I smelled the pillow and it smelled like a man. Hmmm…. It's not as bad as I thought it would be.

I was lost in my thought as I waited for him to come back with the money. This job would be done soon. Wait for me, Ella. Big Sister will return home soon… and with money to heal your illness.

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