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Chapter 9 - God of Medicine

Chapter 9: God of Medicine

“Mina, what did you think about using it?”

When I asked Mina, who was washing things, from behind her, a large of amount of bubbles bubbled up from over her shoulders.

“Reiji-san-, this, this, the bubbles, there are so many coming out … h,help me-“

“Looks like you used too much detergent. … Just how much did you use?”

When I took a peek at her hand, all of the contents of the small bottle I handed her were gone.

Just like I thought, she used too much.

On a day off, I was curious about why it was taking Mina so unusually long to do the dishes, so I asked her about it.

“Let’s see. It always takes around an hour to make them nice and clean. Is there something wrong?”

For Mina to casually say that means that it’s not unusual, and even when I asked the housewife aunties who came to buy the deodorant, it seems that really is how long it takes.

To take an hour to wash three peoples’ worth of dishes … and with three meals, it counts in at three hours total.

It’s a terrifying amount of wasted time.

With that, I let Mina use the prototype dishwashing detergent.

Mina, covered in bubbles, raised her voice.

“Aah-! Reiji-san, this is amazing! It’s amazing-! The dish is all white~”

Aheh, right, right?

“All quick and easy~”

Mina exclaimed as she rubbed the white plate.

With this, the amount of time it takes to wash each dish will be reduced, and the time spent washing dishes should decrease.

The efficiency of housework will be better. And someone once said that how easy you can make things is important.

“Even though I hardly scrubbed, it’s this white… it’s like magic~”

By the way, Noela is in the bedroom, having a nap on my bed.

When Mina held her hand over the faucet, a suitable amount of water flowed out.

In this world, there are a number of stones that react to lifestyle magic called lifestyle-stones, and if you hold one and pour small amounts of magic into them, water will flow, you can light something on fire, or light will shine.

That magic power is something that’s like combining your physical strength and mental powers together, and these otherworld people, and even I, can use it.

“With this, washing dishes will be so much easier-“

“It looks like it was worth making if it made you say so. I’ll distribute the rest of the prototypes to people in the neighborhood.”

“Okay. Have a safe trip-“

Putting some of the small bottles in a bag, I left the shop.

Even though I said people in the neighborhood, an eatery might be better than the general household.

Since they have more plates to wash than the general household.

I dropped in to the nearest pub-like eatery.

Inside were a number of brawny, muscular men eating as a group

“Hello-. I’m from Kirio Drug.”

“A-. Um, Pharmacist-san!”

The girl employee that caught sight of me from inside and came over seems to recognize me.

That’s right, I’m Pharmacist-san.

I’m not an alchemist or an exorcist or a revolutionary or whatever they say.

I’ve finally met someone who recognizes me properly.

“That deodorant is super useful. There are many times when the smell won’t go away even if we clean.”

“Is that so? I’m glad it helps. Today I made a new medicine; would you test it?”

“A new medicine?”

“Yes. A medicine that makes washing dishes much easier.”

Hoe~; the poster girl reacted as I explained this and that to her.

When I had done so, clatter, a man who was eating stood up from his chair.

“Hey you. You the guy who made those potions? We have something to discuss with you –“

Discuss? With me?

… I wonder what they want to discuss.

If a muscular guy with a scary face says that, there’s no way I won’t get a fright.

“… Doze, stop it.”

When the red-head woman sitting next to him said so, the man called Doze shook his head.

“But Ane-san.”

“I am telling you to cut it out.”

When Ane-san said so, the big man named Doze obediently sat down.

I whispered and asked the poster girl,

“… Who are those people?”

“Those people are called the Red Cat Group, a mercenary group that the Lord entrusted with the security of this town. The red-haired lady is the leader.”

A mercenary group…

A group of rough guys, huh?

Now that she says it, I see some people who were acting as guards.

“My apologies, Pharmacist. You were in the middle of work.”

“Ah, no. I don’t mind.”

Leader-san, with her red hair in a ponytail, has sharp eyes and is a beauty.

I lightly nodded and left the shop.

“Aah, I can’t take it –“

Stomp stomp stomp; footsteps drew near, and my shoulder was grabbed.

When I turned to look, the mercenary called Doze was there.

“Pharmacist – no, Pharmacist-san. Can you deliver five potions everyday to our headquarters at half price?”

“Eh? Potions?”


Doze-san’s large body folded in half as he bowed his head deeply.

Five bottles at half price, huh…?

Recently, the exorbitant price of the potions has fallen, and I’ve been selling them at the reasonable price of 1200rin.

The general store I sell them wholesale to is doing the same.

If I make them half price, then I’ll be in the red on my side.

Hmm, what should I do, I wonder.

Leader-san came over this way and struck Doze-san on the back of the head.

“You bastard, don’t say anythin’ unnecessary-.”

“But Ane-san! … Ane-san, don’t you have a body that can’t live without that potion anymore?!”

Eh… Without the potion, what …?

Something like, if she’s received a curse that gradually saps away her strength, then she can manage as long as she drinks potions?

Leader-san made a troubled face.

“Th,that’s not, true…”

“It is! I know about it. No, it’s not just me. Everyone knows.”

… Were you hiding that disease, Leader-san?

You shouldn’t worry everyone like that …

“You’ve been secretly drinking the potion reserves at night, right? Normally it’s two, but when it’s really bad you’ll drink the entire five bottles – I count every morning-!”

Tsk; Leader-san clicked her tongue and turned her face away.

“… this ain’t conversation for the dinner table. Save this for when we return …”

“No! I want to deal with it now. … Ane-san, let’s stop already with this.”

He got strangely serious, and even Poster Girl-chan and I worriedly watched over them.

“Ane-san doesn’t drink or gamble, but there is one thing you’re addicted to, right? And, that revolutionary potion is devilishly delicious. I’m also aware of it.

But that’s medicine-!

If you drink it secretly every night, we won’t have enough money. It ain’t that cheap. Please stop going and drinking our revolutionary potion reserves! Those are things we left for injuries!”

Huh-? It’s a little different from what I thought.

Leader-san is making an uncomfortable face, and is winding her ponytail around her finger.

She’s moving her lips awkwardly.

“I, like, wasn’t drinking them…”

Her voice is tiny.

She looks like a kid who was caught doing something bad.

“Don’t try to hide it anymore. We all know, after all. And right now, aren’t I in the middle of negotiating with the Pharmacist to buy them cheaper? Ane-san’s personal potions.”

“The Group’s things are the Leader’s, my things. My things are my things. Don’t make any complaints.”

There it is-! It’s gian-ism! This world has it too!

But the way she’s speaking is a lot like a kid.

“You know about our financial difficulties? Whose fault do you think it is?”

“It’s obvious, right? The rewards have been crap.”

“ “ “ “It’s your fault!!” “ “ “

All of the Group’s members made a rebuttal and Leader-san flinched with an, “Uu.”

It seems it’s been a long time since they’ve last eaten out like this.

And we’re in the countryside, so the pay for being security isn’t going to be that high.

Even so they’ve been getting by somehow, but it’s now come to this, where Leader-san began binge-drinking the not-cheap potions and putting them in a tough position, it seems.

I, who couldn’t stand to just watch this, opened my mouth,

“Understood. Every day, I’ll make another five bottles separately and deliver them. And I won’t receive payment for them.”


“Eh. Is this person a god…?”

“Pharmacist was a god…?”

“A god has descended…”

“It’s not like I need any separate ones. But if you’re going to do it, then I’ll take it, I guess.”

“Don’t ‘I guess’ me, Leader! What are you going to do if the Medicine God gets disgusted with you?”

“Hmph. If it happens, it happens.”

Leader-san showed off a cynical smile.

“Our apologies, Medicine God, Leader just can’t be honest. She might look like this, but she’s actually thrilled.”

“… … h,honest, you say, but it’s not like I’m thrilled or anything.”

Her voice is so tiny.

That said, I’ve got another weird name attached to me… what do you mean, Medicine God?

“Ah. But I do have one thing to ask of you.”

Everyone in this mercenary group is the town’s security force.

So that means, everyone trusts and thinks well of them in this town just for that.

“When I make new medicine, I’ll hand some over, so I’d like you to try it out and advertise your impressions to the townspeople.”

“What the, and just when I was wondering what kind of thing you were going to ask of us, are you really okay with just that?”

Leader-san made a face like she’d been let down.

“Yes. People won’t buy unfamiliar medicine they’re wary about. There are even many times where they can’t bring themselves to believe me even though I tell them the effect. And so, I want you to convey your impressions to all the townspeople.”

Everyone in the mercenary group can stop the Leader from drinking five of their potions, and I don’t have to advertise my new medicine.

When I think about the time and labor it takes to advertise, giving five potions for free is on the cheap side.

Un. No one loses out.

Everyone other than the Leader got on one knee and lowered their heads.

“As the Medicine God wishes-“

“ “ “ “As he wishes –“ “ “ “

Please stop looking like some weird new cult just happened.

“Uuuh… then this is sudden, but-“

In order for me to give them firsthand experience with the effects of the new dishwashing detergent, we moved to the kitchen.

The plates that had their meal on them were now packed into a bucket with oil floating on them.

“Now then, Leader-san, take a drop of this liquid on the dishwashing cloth, and then try washing it.”

“O. Ou…”

Next to her, I had Poster Girl-chan wash a plate the usual way.

When Leader-san gripped the washcloth, bubbles began to appear.

“-!?!? Wh,whwhwhwhat is this-!?”

“It’s okay, that’s just how it is, so please wash the dish.”

“Ou, ou…”

With her eyes showing her panic, Leader-san washed the plate.

The Group members also gulped and watched over her.

“For Leader to wash dishes… it feels kind of immoral, I’m a little excited…”

There’s a pervert mixed in with them, but in general, they’re all watching over her worriedly.

“Um-, Leader. The plate is already clean, isn’t it?”

Han; Leader-san laughed through her nose.

“Ha-. Don’t make me laugh. As if a dish could be cleaned in such a short time – it iiiiiis!? It’s cleeeeean!?”

Leader-san was so surprised it looked like her eyes were going to leap out of her head.

What a great reaction -.

“Eeeeeee-. Even though mine isn’t clean at all … amazing…”

Poster Girl-chan next to her was surprised.

When Leader-san used water to rinse it, the plate sparkled.


The Group members said.

“Leader used magic without using magic …?”

“Nope. Leader shouldn’t have done anything…”

“In that case – it’s the Medicine God?! Is it the divine work of the Medicine God-!?”

Whoosh; all the gazes landed on me.

“Haha… It’s that kind of medicine. It’s not some divine work. If you use this detergent, washing the dishes will become very easy, right?”

Nod nod; Poster Girl-chan nodded deeply.

“Like this, my hands won’t get water logged either-!”

“… With this … even I could maybe do it…” Leader-san said in a tiny voice.

It kind of feels like a delinquent girl’s first try at housework, so it’s a little heart warming.

“Leader just had her eyes opened to housework…?”

“Nope. Isn’t it just that that weird medicine made her ‘able to’ wash dishes…!?”

“How terrifying … the Medicine God’s new medicine…”

“Then – it’s the Medicine God’s divine work-!?”

“And so, please spread the word about this medicine’s effect among the townspeople, okay?”

“As the Medicine God wishes –“

“ “ “ “As he wishes-“ “ “ “

“Like I said, please stop that.”

That day, I went around to many other shops, handing the new product over and explaining it.

I had had a good serving of everyone being surprised and thanking me.

The next day, when I left the shop in order to deliver the potions as promised, Leader-san was there in front of the store.

“Good morning. I was just going to head over.”

“O,ou… I was just, happened to be passing by…”

She’s out quite early in the morning.

Was she looking forward to it that much?

When I handed the five bottles over, Leader-san nodded in approval.

“Leader-san, you like it don’t you, the potion. We also have a girl who likes it here; she pesters me to let her drink them. But it’s medicine, so don’t drink too much, okay?”

“O… …ou …. I … my name is Anabel…”

“Ah. You can call me Reiji.”

“I,I see. From now on, I’ll come like this every morning … See you.”

Saying just that, Leader Anabel left like she was running away.

“? Even though we said it would be a delivery, she went out of her way to come here; what a nice person.”

I had the impression that she was someone who didn’t care about details, but it seems that’s not the case.

While admiring her, I opened up Kirio Drug for today as well.

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