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Chapter 38: Demon King

◆Side Another◆

In the Demon King’s castle, the Aide, demon Belial, was knelt in front of the throne, presenting a certain medicine.

“Demon King-sama, I have procured a new type of drug from a human town. It’s called ‘potion,’ but it’s incomparable to those that have existed thus far.”

Oh? The Demon King sat upright, taking the bottle Belial presented in his hand.

“This is a new medicine…?”

Demon King Garou Ejil held the semi-transparent liquid up to the moonlight and peered at it.

“It’s something that seems to heal wounds reasonably well, but previously it held a trifecta of being smelly, foul, and disgusting. However, this one is different. If the human armies switch to adopting this medicine on the front lines then -”

Demon Belial explained this and that, but those words floated in the Demon King’s right ear and out the left.

Ever since forever ago, this damn serious Belial’s always been, ‘for the sake of demonkind this’ or ‘for the glory of Demon King-sama that’.

Bored of these discussions but unable to do anything about it, the Demon King pretended to listen seriously.

He had no interest in anything except the medicine in his hand.

Opening the bottle, he sniffed its scent.

It has practically no scent.

He’d previously tried drinking the potion that humans use as medicine, but that was something that should never be drunk.

But what about this one?

“Changing topics, Demon King-sama, about the current objective…”

The Demon King dripped a little bit of the fluid onto the tip of his tongue.


The refreshing aroma similar to fruit spread throughout his nose.

It was a mysterious, slightly sweet taste.

He downed the rest of it.

“And the organization of troops are -”

“… …”

Staring intensely at the bottle, the Demon King let it slip from his mouth.

“What is this? Delicious…”


“Is there any more of the same?”

“We just happened to get our hands on this new drug. As for any more…”

“I see. Then is it possible to get more…?”

Flap; with a swish of his cloak he turns his back on Belial.

“… Sir?? Um, Demon King-sama. Regarding the organization of the troops -”

“It should be fine for you to think about it properly, Belial. I won’t blame you even if something goes wrong. Furthermore, please sign my name on the documents left on top of my desk. Although there should be quite a few.”

Saying something suitable, the Demon King waved his hand.

If he stayed any longer than it would be difficult to slip out of Belial’s work discussions.

If he said he, the Demon King, would move by himself – and to a human town even, then it feels like he would certainly be stopped and preached at.

His awareness as the Demon King is blah blah blah.

His Majesty must be aware of his dignity blah blah blah.

Just imagining it bored him.

If that’s the case then he’ll force his way through.

The Demon King activated transfer magic.

A special magic that only the Demon King could use in all the world.

It uses 90% of his magic power, but it can’t be helped.

“Then I leave the rest to you, Belial.”

“Wait, Demon King-sama -”

Flash; with a burst of light, the Demon King’s figure disappeared from the castle.

◆Side Reiji◆

“K, Kirio Drug, is this the place…?”

While I was watching over the store, a very worn out young boy-like something or other came over.

He was wearing a very extravagant cloak.

By appearance he’s a middle school boy, but he gives of a completely different atmosphere.

“That’s right … but are you okay?”

“Aa… I’m fine. I am … one who has come from afar seeking the new potion. Won’t you give me on?”

“I see. Thank you for coming all this way. Then it’s 1200rin for one.”

When I placed it in a bag and waited for him to hand over the money, the boy made a doubtful face.

“So you mean for me to hand over some money?”

“I’m not sure who you are, but that’s how things normally work.”

He doesn’t seem human, so is he a non-human aristocrat or something…?

I’ll try peeking at him with Appraisal Skill.

[Garou Ejil: a heinous, tight-fisted, inhumane tyrant that rules all demonkind. An individual that is called the Demon King.]

“…. ….. ….”

“So you mean for me to hand over some money?”

Saying the same thing over and over, are you an NPC?

Having the Demon King glare at me is threatening.

Normally I’d be scared.

But I can’t give in and give it to him for free.

Customers are all equal.

‘If you want it, then pay for it.”

When I replied to him firmly, Uu; the Demon King backed off a step.

He flinched.

“Ah, are you possibly broke?”

Looks like he doesn’t have any money. I placed the prepared potion back on its original shelf.

“I would not possess any human money, isn’t it obvious? Oi, Human. Why did you return the potion just now. That is a good that I should be receiving.”

“To expect to be given a potion for free, don’t you think you’re being too selfish? Sorry, but please leave.”

“Fufu. Then I will blast away this store with my power. Nothing will be left behind, not the building nor any traces you see? Kukuku….!”

I thrust my finger in front of the boldly laughing Demon King’s nose.

“If you do so, then I will never make potions again. – Remember that.”

“I’m sorry, I lied. I just want one bottle. Um, I’m called the Demon King … I’m pretty powerful…”



“Well then, what if you’ve made something to sell so you can eat, but some guy comes in to threaten you with his power or status to give it to him for free; what do you think about that?”

“I think that’s bad…”


The Demon King who doesn’t understand the human world or society, like the vertical curls before him, slumped his shoulders in depression.

I might have said too much, but it’s necessary for a customer to pay for the goods they receive.

Although it’s fine for me to just give it away if there’s extenuating circumstances.

Other than that, it’s another story if there’s something for an equivalent exchange.

But really, even though he’s the Demon King, he has proper morals…

The door connecting to the house opened and Noela poked her head out.

“Master. Lunch is ready.”

“Yeah, thanks. I’ll be right there.”

HeartPierce; I heard a strange sound and when I looked, the Demon King was there staring at Noela.

“Ru? …. Welcome.”

“W,welcome…. U,um… Could you tell me your name? I am Garou Ejil.”

Noela tilted her head, mystified.

“… Noela is Noela.”

“Aa, Noela, Noela, what a wonderful name. Those dignified ears, that silky, silver hair, those eyes that have bewitched countless males … Noela, I will make you my wife.”

“Don’t want.”

Rejected within 10 seconds … even though he’s the Demon King.

Noela trotted over to me and hugged me tightly.

“Noela likes Master. Doesn’t like you.”

At her blunt answer, the Demon King went, “Ku…” and shrank backwards.

“You’re standing in my way once again, Human!”

<t/n: he’s actually calling Reiji ‘Man’, but it doesn’t work thnx to english slang, man.>

“I’m called Reiji. … Rather than me standing in your way, I think you’re just being disliked.”

I know Noela is cute, but to suddenly tell her to be your wife; it’s only natural that she’d dislike it.

Fluff fluff; when I patted her on the head, she once again said, “Master, lunch. Come quick,” and went inside.

“Then I’m going to eat lunch. So won’t you please leave soon?”

“W,wait. Reiji. – Kuku, then how about this? If you give me this Noela-san and the potion, then I will give you half of the world once I take it over. How about that?”

Fu fu fu; the Demon King peered at me with a bold smile.

This guy doesn’t understand a damn thing.

“Look here. If you do that, giving me half, then you’re an idiot. The ones who are working hard are likely your subordinates. Have you thought about their compensation? Is it okay to give it to an outsider? An entire half, to someone like me who hasn’t done a single thing. – Properly value your subordinates.”

“Yes… you’re right…”

The Demon King slumped his shoulders in depression once again.

He lifts his head as if he had just remembered.

“No, but! That’s just how much Noela-san is worth.”

“Since you didn’t say it right away, that means you just thought of it now, right?”

“Uu… h,how did you realize it….”

“Also, I won’t give you Noela. In the first place, she doesn’t even like you.”

<t/n: implied ‘won’t put Noela up for trade’>

And also, I don’t even want half the world.

“I want the potion. I also want Noela-san. Just what should I …”

“Noela also likes potions after all.”

“Is that true? Then give me two potions.”

“You’re having trouble because you don’t have the money, right?”

Ha-; the Demon King made a face like he just remembered.

“That’s right!”

“So you forgot.”

“Dammit, dammit … damn humans … you damn humaaaaans, I’m the Demon Kiiiiiing–”

Half-crying, the Demon King fled the store.

And that was how I defeated the Demon King.

– Or that’s what I thought, but he came back to the store three days later.

“What did you come here for?”

When I asked with narrowed eyes, resting my head on my hand, the Demon King placed a leather bag on the counter with a smug look.

“How about this?”

“Oh? You scraped up some money?”

Of course; the Demon King flaunted.

“I am the Demon King, and when I said so, the frightened humans did as I said, putting money into this pouch. It seems that quite a few of the inferior races understands what’s best for them.”

Uh, that’s extortion, isn’t it?

When I checked the contents of the bag, there was an unusually large amount of small change.

If they really believed he was the Demon King, then he would probably have been able to gather in the tens of thousands or millions right away.

“… Hey, did everyone actually believe you’re the Demon King? Like, did you use any super strong magic to prove you’re the Demon King or something…?”

“There’s no way I could do such a thing. If I had done such a thing, my location would have been found out and they’d come to get me. Everyone believed me due to my overflowing dignity, I suppose.”

Let’s say there’s a boy walking around saying he’s the Demon King.

The people who found him put the money (small change) that he wanted into a pouch.

He said he terrified them, but … he didn’t do anything to prove he was the Demon King.

So in other words, this money is…

I patted the Demon King on the shoulder.

“Good job. They all stared at you with pitying eyes, right?”

“No, there was nothing of the sort?”

Sure, sure; I nodded, staring at the Demon King warmly.

They definitely did, after all.

It was just fundraising for the pitiful-looking boy, after all.

And so, when I counted the money, it was nowhere near enough.

“W,what’s with that look…”

“No~thing. You don’t have enough money, but I’ll sell just one bottle to you. Since it’s a bit pitiful.”

“S,stop. I’m not pitiful! Ku – , how much is it! How much do I still need!? Fufufu, I prepare it right away-”

“No, no, it’s fine. It’s fine. Since it’s a bit pitiful. I already can’t stop feeling sympathy.”

“Stop that strange sympathy-!”

I gently hand him a potion.

“Dammit … if I take this, then it would be recognizing that I really am a pitiful person…! But I want it … Kuuu…”

When he raised his voice, Noela heard him and came out from the house with a potion bottle in hand.

She’s drinking her made-for-Noela potion today as well.

It already feels like ramune to her.

“Master, what’s happening?”

The Demon King seized the bottle I’d prepared and knelt down before Noela, thrusting it towards her.

“-Noela-san! Won’t you take this potion of mine!?”

“Don’t want. I have ones that Master gives me.”

Aah… how pitiful… Even though he’s the Demon King.

Being pitied by humans, not being able to buy the potion with the funds he raised, and even though he was able to finally give the pity-potion to Noela he was rejected…

Trembling all over, the Demon King looked at me.

“It’s you again… Reiji!”

“Even though you were rejected by Noela…. It’s pitiful, so how about you take one more bottle as a souvenir and go home?”

Drip drip; the floor was wet by tears.

“Making a fool of me … I’m the Demon King … why am I being treated like this…!”

“It can’t be helped? Take this with gratitude. You wanted it, right? This pity potion.”

“I don’t need a pity potion! What I want is a potion!”

The Demon King ground his teeth.

And then, Ha-! It looks like he realized something.

“I see… if I could make that potion, Noela-san will be mine, body and soul…!”

“Why are you smirking all of a sudden?”

The Demon King swished his cloak.

“… Kuku, kuku … fuhahah, FwuaHAHAHAAAA! Reiiji!”

“What? You’re loud.”

“Reiji. No… Instructor Reiji – please make me your disciple.”

The Demon King bowed.

It was a sight that would cause other demons like the Four Heavenly Kings (although I don’t know if they exist) to yell, “Please stop!” if they saw him.

“Sorry, that’s impossible.”

“… Kakaka, I thought that would happen. Instructor Reiji, if you make me your disciple, then I’ll give half the world-”

“I don’t want it. And like, that’s something you should say after you conquer the world. Furthermore, this is a craft that isn’t something that can be taught.”

Although the Demon King might be able to make the Drug Discovery Skill appear.

“I see, so this is the disposition of an artisan…? You mean, you won’t teach me the method, I should steal the method?”

“I ain’t said that at all. … Aren’t you busy?”

“What a foolish question. …. Uum, if it’s five hours a day, four days a week then I can come.”

“I won’t teach you a thing, though? … Ah, we’re busy on Saturday and Sunday, so it would be helpful if you came on the weekends.”

“Ah, yes, that’s fine. I’ll manage for the weekends somehow.”

“I’m strict, okay?”

“Yes-! I’d wish for nothing less. Please take care of me!”

And so the Demon King became a storehand at Kirio Drug.

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