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Chapter 36: Medicine to be Cool

“It looks like Ferris has been worried about something lately.”

It was a calm afternoon.

Jiral came to the store again and began to complain about his girlfriend for the 78th time in three day.

“And so, Reiji-kun -”

“… Hm?”

I set my sights on a certain part of Jiral.

Huh. How old is Jiral again?

He looks to be about my age…

“What is it, staring off into space like that?”

“Ah, no. It’s nothing. … By the way, friend. How old were you again?”

“What, friend. Suddenly asking that … I’m 26.”

“Ah, then it appear that this honorable sir is 2 years my senior.”

“Speaking formally all of a sudden!? S,stop, it makes us distant, right!?”

“Well well, I’ll stop joking around. …. 26, huh? I see. Does the head of the Alonzo Family have any worries? Anything that is truly anxiety-inducing from the depths of your heart?”

“Hm-, not really? In fact I’ve been having fun everyday, and if there was something upsetting I’d have told you about it.”

“What about Ferris-san? Are things going well?”

“Yeah. We’re in the process of nurturing our love.”

“Yeah yeah, you’re a normie. … I might possibly know what Ferris-san is worrying about.”

“Eh-!? A,as expected of the alchemist! By the why, what is it? What kind of worries? Ah, is it worrying about not being able to have kids, or something like that…?”

“No, it’s not such a ‘happy’ worry. It’s related to you, I suppose… Yeah, I think there’s no doubt.”

“Eh, something related to me? What could it be…”

H-m; Jiral folded his arms and wracked his brains.

Behind him, I saw Ferris-san about to enter the store.

Realizing Jiral was there, she went out and looked over at us.

I met Ferris’ eyes. 𝗶𝘯𝗻𝙧𝚎α𝘥. 𝑐o𝘮

Is it about this? Is she here to ask about this matter?

It seems my meaning was conveyed when I silently mouthed something and pointed at Jiral; Ferris-san nodded many times.

Ah-. It really is that. Well, of course….

“Jiral, come back when you figure it out. I’m busy. Please go home for today.”

What’s with that-; Jiral returned home voicing his dissatisfaction.

Ferris-san, who had hidden, confirmed Jiral had left and came into the store.

“Welcome, Ferris-san.”

“Aah, yes… You saw didn’t you, Reiji-san? That.”

“It’s unfortunate…”

“That’s my line … I was thinking something was odd and ignoring the uncomfortable feeling, when one day I realized it.”

… He’s 26 after all.

I wonder why even I feel it’s heart-rending.

“Ferris-san, you’re not restraining Jiral unnecessarily or giving him unnecessary burdens, right?”

“I do bind him with rope, though.”

“I’m not talking about ‘play’.”

He has that kind of fetish?

It will be awkward to look him in the face now.

“I mean, I’m talking about mentally. About stress. The origins of that can often be due to bitter pain.”

“I’ve been drinking the tea Reiji-san gave me every night, so my instability has gone.”

“I’m glad. However, isn’t it fine? Even with that as it is, Jiral is still Jiral.”

Ferris-san shook her head sadly.

“When I took Jiral to my home, the maids … “Is that the Young Lady’s boyfriend? Hehehe. I wonder how old he is …. hehehe,” I heard them badmouthing him maliciously. Even Father said, “So your Jiral-kun is like this?” as if it was a pity…”

“I think all men would pity him.”

“It would have been better if I had scolded the maids at that time, but I ended up thinking, ‘Isn’t that true’ … But to break up just because of that … I love Jiral, after all.”

“Yes yes. you’re a normie. Ferris wants to kissy-kiss, yes yes, I get it.”

Isn’t it fine as long as you have love? That’s what I think, but we’re talking about the daughter of a wealthy merchant, and a Young Lady has to worry about appearances, I suppose.

Well, I also understand the feelings of wanting him to be look cool because he’s your beloved.

“It’s not like Jiral’s a hot guy or anything, he’s got a normal face. He’s like me.”

“Why are you comparing yourself to him?

“And so, you want me to make a new drug.”

“Yes. Can you do it…? A magical medicine that can make Jiral 100 times more attractive.”

“No way I ca-n!”

That’s not a magical medicine, that’s straight up magic.

“If we cure the source of it then things should return to normal; let’s go with that plan.”

“I wonder if he’d be cooler.”

“H-m. Let’s see, he’ll be able to become more stylish than he is now, I suppose?”

If that’s the case; Ferri-san gave her consent.

On my way to the medicine room, Mina and Noela are in the midst of washing dishes.

“Hey Mina, Noela. If I woke up tomorrow with an unimaginably ugly face, would you treat me as usual?”

Fufufu; Mina burst out laughing.

“What’s with that, all of a sudden. What a weird question.”

“Master, be relieved. You won’t become ugly.”

“I’m talking hypothetically.”

Well, there are people like this.

People who immediately deny it saying it won’t happen even though we’re talking about ‘ifs’.

Clack clack; while washing dishes, Mina said,

“Whatever happens, Reiji-san is Reiji-san, so I won’t do anything different, you know?”

“Master is Noela’s Master. Won’t change. Noela also won’t change.”

I hugged the two from behind.

“Thank you.”

The girls in our house are really great girls.

“Reiji-san’s being weird~.”

“Master, lonely?”

“I’m not. … Oh, I’m making Ferris-san wait.”

Entering the medicine room, I made the new drug quickly.

I’m feeling sympathetic towards Ferris-san, and it’s also something I can’t overlook as a friend.

With the finishing touch of shaking the bottle, the new medicine was complete.

[Hair Growth Shampoo: Contains components for hair growth. Has the effect of conditioning the scalp and increasing blood circulation.]

“Seeing someone prematurely balding is painful for me too…”

But it will be fine with this.

Undoing premature balding.

I returned to the store with the new medicine in a bottle.

“Ferris-san, if you was his head with this Jiral will…!”

“Become more handsome, right?”

“He won’t. This here is a shampoo that will make it easier to grow hair.”

“I’ll try it out immediately!”

Snatching the bottle like she was stealing it from me, Ferris-san ran off.

I wonder if the source of the balding is hereditary or something.

If it’s hereditary, then it seems that it has nothing to do with stress.

Several days later.

A man I’ve never seen before came.

He had dark, tanned skin and gold hair with highlights.

“Yoo~ Rei-kun! He-y!”

Up high; the gyaru-guy(gyaruo) wanted a high five.

“A,ahaha…. W,welcome…”

Slap; I high-fived him.

Who is this, acting like we’re familiar?

“See Ferris~ she said, ‘Try usin’ this?’ and so, like, I tried it, and my hair grew like for reals. And so, I like, went blond. And I was like, this, ain’t it medicine that Rei-kun made? Amirite-?”

From Ferris…?

Hair growing…

Eh. Is this Jiral?

This gyaru-guy is Jiral?

No, wait, I did say it would make him stylish, but I meant you could do his hair stylishly…

“Ah. Yes…. That is correct, it is medicine that I made. Ahaha …. It looks like Your Honor’s hair grew a lot, so I’m glad.”

“Heyheyhey, so gross. Why you speaking formally? Ain’t you acting cold? Stop making a wall between us, for reals, ‘kay?”

“If Your Honor returns to your former personality, I shall.”

“Eeh-? But this is for reals what’s happening. Ain’t it cool? Like, I’m the only one getting ahead in this age? Like, way whack.”

“In many ways.”

“Ma-n, Like for reals what if, see, the amount of hair I’ve been losing ain’t a bit; I was thinking it was gonna get nasty soon.”

It’s not if; your previous state was already foregone.

“And so, I used Rei-kun’s shampoo, slept, work up, and the hair was growing like wham. Rei-kun’s medicine is seriously sick. Rei-kun … you made that medicine for me, right?”

“Well, yes.”

“Way thank yous-!”

He-y; the gyaru-guy Jiral raised his hand, pestering for a high-five again.

Can’t be helped; I gave Jiral a high-five again.

My hand was grabbed.

“Cheer’s to our friendship.”

“Don’t say friendship, it’s embarrassing.”

“Rei-kun’s embarassed! Fuuuuu-”


The gyaru-guy who came to hang out left and I returned to work.

In the future, I heard that version of ‘stylish’ was a proposal from Ferris-san.

That direction of style!

Just what was she referencing?

When they had gathered all sorts of clothes and things to match the hairstyle, it seems like it turned out that way.

I guess your attitude changes with your hairstyle.

“… However that was too much of a change.”

On a day further into the future.

The Jiral who came over was the usual Jiral.

‘A normal personality with no particular traits suits him the best,’ I thought as I looked at Jiral, who was not prematurely balding nor a gyaru-guy.

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