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Cheat Pharmicist's Slow Life ~Making a Drug Store in Another World~

Chapter 26 - Hunting Festival (second) ◆

Chapter 26 - Hunting Festival (second) ◆

Chapter 26: Hunting Festival (second)

◆Side Lilica◆

It’s the day of the hunting festival.

There were many elves she knew around her.

50 in total.

There were still-young elves all the way to the elderly veterans.

They don’t need to be so excited about an event that happens every year, Lilica thought silently.

Was it funny because she wasn’t a child but she was using a short bow? From time to time, she could hear the chuckles and laughter from her surroundings.

At her waist hung the medicine she had gotten from Reiji.

“Open the bottle in an area with good visibility? If done, then-”

That was said, but it wasn’t tested so she only half believed it.

However, Noela said it wouldn’t fail, so the effect was probably excellent.

She could see her brother Kululu waving his hand from a spot a little bit removed.

“I’ll definitely make you look at me properly, so -”

When they heard the opening signal, all the participants ran towards the forest simultaneously.

The time limit was until sunset. It was a competition on who could hunt the most animals.

Last year’s champion was her brother Kululu, and he had brought down sixteen animals.

That was more or less the standard.

Lilica ran and arrived at her predicted point, opening the lid of the bottle.


Immediately, a small wild dog came rushing madly over.

“- Wah. I,it really came over-!?”

Lilica was a little put off by the beast rushing madly over like it was thirsting for blood.

At that moment, Reiji’s voice crossed her mind.

“Calm down. Draw. Release the arrow at the distance you’ve practiced.”

– Now.


The arrow gave off a short sound and hit the wild dog.

“It it!”

That’s the first – it was when she was feeling relieved.


Rumble rumble; with that ominous sound, the wild dogs ran full speed towards her.

“-. .... Calm down – – – pull – – the distance I practiced at!”

At her predicted spot, Lilica had great visibilty, and there were rocks and large trees around.

If the monsters came here, they have to use the space between them that made a narrow path.

If they came towards her, then they will have to come in a line.

Swish; another arrow flew a short course.

The leading wild dog collapsed, and the arrow released immediately after also hit the wild dog behind it.

“If Lilica draws the beasts over with the ‘attractant,’ release an arrow when it enters the range you’ll hit. That’s all you have to do.”

That’s what Reiji had said when he explained the plan.

“You’re not hunting them, you’re having them come at you. It’s nice to save time from searching, right? If you have an attractant, they’ll come straight at you. It will be easy both to predict their movements and hit them.”


When the arrow hit the last of the four beasts that had come, Lilica gave a sigh.

“Just like Reiji said ... Reiji is amazing...”

“Don’t get spooked, okay?”

She remembered his lightly teasing words, and she immediately objected.

“I won’t be spooked – with beasts as my opponents!”

Rumblerumblerumble; she could hear a sound like the earth was rumbling, and Lilica’s eyebrows furrowed.

“What’s that sound...?”

In the distance, she could see wild dogs, small monsters, and the like flooding in towards her.

“ – Eh? .... Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!? A,a loooooooot caaaaaaame!? This medicine is too effectiiiiiiiive!”

Even though a stampede came, as expected, they could only come in a row, and thanks to that, while muttering, “Calm down. Draw. The range I practiced,” Lilica fired the arrow as the lead monster entered the set range.

The result.

The monsters that Lilica had hunted since the beginning of the hunting festival.

That number was 89.

And the arrows all hit dead on.

Lilica, who had received the honor of the champion, ran to the nearest town, all the way to Kirio Drug.

Lilica turned her head.

She had wanted her brother to recognize her from the hunting festival.

But the person she wanted to share the result with first wasn’t her usual brother.

During the hunting festival, she kept hearing Reiji’s voice inside her head, encouraging her.

It was thanks to you and your medicine; she wanted to say these words.

But she might become obstinate and avoid meekly saying that exactly.

If that happens, Reiji will smile in amazement but he’ll probably say, ‘That’s great,’ definitely...

“... I wonder if Reiji’s around?”

With her heart beating wildly she peeked inside the store, and Reiji was sitting at the counter during a lull in customers, and the girl called Mina sat right next to him.

“Reiji-san, which shelf should this medicine go on?”

‘Ah, that one goes – -”

“Oh, that’s right, Noela-san did – – -” 𝐢𝓷n𝗿e𝙖𝑑. 𝘤om

“Hahaha, what’s with that?”

The two of them were working while have a friendly, close-sounding conversation.

Pierce –

Seeing that, a sudden sharp pain ran through her.

Pierce pierce pierce.

It was painful, but fuzzy. A feeling she didn’t understand.

Why did it feel like she had seen something she shouldn’t see?

Even though it was something she had seen many time.

Even if she thought about it, she didn’t understand, and for a while she didn’t move from there, like her feet had frozen.

“Lilica. What’s up?”

Noela, who was returning to the shop from outside, asked.

“Ah. Um ... uh. I wanted to say thanks, to Reiji...”

“ – Master, Lilica, came.”

When Noela faced the inside of the shop and said so, from inside the shop a voice said, ‘Ou.”

With a snap, like magic had been disenchanted from her, Lilica’s feet moved.

Even though she came to meet him, now she didn’t want to meet him.

When she came to, she was running through town while carrying the pain in her chest.

“What do I do, what do I do ... I, I ...”

– I might like him.

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