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Chapter 20 - Magic Sauce (Second)

Chapter 20: Magic Sauce (Second)

◆Another Side◆

The sales from the new store is the best.

Fernando, who is Pierre(temp), is counting today’s sales from the Comdale Carta store.

Twirl; twirling his curled moustache, the corners of his mouth loosened.

“If our sales continue like this for several more days, that dirty shop will already be destroyed, ne ... kukuku.”

If that happens, then the sole diner-and-bar in this town will be the Comdale Carta store.

There are few rival stores in the countryside, so if that store is crushed, then he would have the monopoly.

And he’d even finished proclaiming victory just now at the Rabbit Hall store.

He’d asked if they wanted to work at his store, but it was a proposal made knowing that they’d definitely refuse.

“I can just imagine him lowering his head to me when he can’t do anything else and is out on the roadside, ne. I wonder just what he’ll be feeling when I refuse him as he’s bowing down to me, kukuku......!”

– That’s right, victory was just within his grasp.


The next day, the situation changed.

Fernando came to the Canata store as well, as he was still concerned about the new store’s situation.

possibly Carta instead of Canata

“Oh my... the line of customers aren’t extending that much today, ne. Did something happen?”

When he asked the shop manager, the manager only tilted his head.

Recently they’ve been advertising to the neighboring towns, so there should still be customers coming to check it out.

Today, there isn’t a line of customers even after noon.

The vacant seats among the 50 seats within the store also stood out.

People won’t eat out every day, so these days will also happen.

Fernando thought so, but the next day, and the day after that, and even the day after that, but not only did the line of customers not return, it gradually shrank.

It wasn’t just at noon, the customers were reduced just the same at night. Naturally the sales also decreased.

Just what had happened-?

Despite not having been to Rabbit Hall since his declaration of victory, Fernando began to walk through the town to check it out.

Within the completely normal rural town, he noticed a vague, high-class scent wafting around.

“-! This scent is-!?”

He knows it.

He knows this scent.

The rich scent stirred his memory.

That sauce that high-ranking nobles brought out for the banquet.

There’s no mistake.

The one who made this sauce was a famous chef who was a purveyor of the Royal Palace.

Without leaving a recipe or conveying it to anyone, he died; it’s that legendary sauce.

It’s said that the King only uses very, very small portions of the sauce that’s left, and only for important times.

Handling the rockshou fruits is extremely difficult, and even famous chefs are unable to make it without killing the scent.

And even if they continued on to make it, it only became a mediocre, downgraded version of the sauce.

And if they

But the scent he’s sensing now is that sauce from that day.

“Who is it, who made it–!?”

When he followed the scent onwards, he found that the townspeople had formed a line.

In front of that line was that dirty shop, Rabbit Hall.


No matter how many times he rubbed his eyes, the reality was still the same.

Fernando ignored the townspeople lining up and entered the store.

All 30 of the seats within the store were full.

The store owner’s daughter, the beast girl, and that young man who was here the other day were busily rushing around within the store.

“Ah, it’s that Pierre Ossan. If you want to eat, line up properly, ‘kay-? You skipped the line and just entered, right?”

The young man said as he bussed empty plates.


As his lips twisted, Fernando lined up at the end of the line.

The wind was blowing the opposite way for Rabbit Hall, who was at death’s door, and they were prospering greatly.

He had to know what had happened to this rival store.

After waiting for a long time, his turn finally came around, and the store owner’s daughter came to guide him to his seat.

“We won’t let you say such cruel things anymore. What will your order be, Pierre-san.”

“Who is Pierre? ... You have it, don’t you? Rockshou sauce. Something with that on it.”

The girl nodded and returned to the counter to tell the store owner on the other side the order.

After a little while, the black-haired young man carried the dish over.

“Sorry for the wait, Pierre-san.”

“Like I said, who is Pierre?”

The plate he set down had steamed chicken on it.

And then the young man put light-red sauce on it.

When he did.

The scent burst on the tip of his nose.

Unknowingly, gulp; his throat sounded.

It also wafted around the store’s interior, but this was on another level.

It was an explosion of fragrance.

That is the suitable expression for this phenomenon.

When he stabbed the steam chicken with a fork and brought it to his mouth, the rich scent was left within his nostrils.

However, on the other hand, there was a refreshing sensation like a clear stream.

He thought that the acidity that was completely satisfying on the back of the tongue was the cause.

“–, —”

It was just steamed chicken, but this was the first time he had thought it was so good.

His fork didn’t stop.

“Pierre-san, if you eat so frantically you’ll choke, you know?”

The rockshou sauce has another name.

Since it matches with any sort of dish, it’s also called the Magic Sauce.

Before he realized it, the dish Fernando had ordered was gone.

As he looked at the surrounding customers, he realized it.

Comdale’s customer base are mostly men, and if you examine it closer, it’s comprised mostly of young men.

Thanks to the meat and the sauce made to match it, it feels very fatty and you won’t want to eat too much.

However, Rabbit Hall’s customer base are men and women of all ages, sitting and having their meals.

Thanks to the rich flavor and refreshing acidity, you end up with a flavor that makes you feel like you could keep eating it forever.

Furthermore,the price of this one dish is 500rin.

It’s also fine to use it for a drinking snack, and it’s also excellent for spreading on bread.

For rockshou sauce to have this sort of price, it’s a revolutionary pricing.

“Who is it that made this rockshou sauce – no, this revolutionary sauce? This is something that no one should be able to make -. The store owner...?”

When he asked the young man, he understood he was wrong right away.

If the store owner could make it, he would have made it a long time ago.

For that same reason, it couldn’t be the daughter either.

If that’s so, then it’s this young man who was in the store the other day, huh-.

“Well, I wonder.”

The young man shrugged his shoulders and played dumb.

“So the one who gathered the rockshou fruits and prepared them and turned them into sauce is you! Then let’s talk business; I want to buy the Revolutionary Sauce for 500,000rin a bottle! How’s that, a pretty good price, right? Hm? Don’t you think that’s a good deal?”

“I wonder why everyone likes using ‘revolution’ ...”

The young man muttered.

“Pierre-san, I just made that sauce for Rabbit Hall’s Oji-san and Rena. If you want it, you should talk with Oji-san. If you cry, say you want it, and bow your head, he might give it to you, I think?”

The young man smirked.

“In this world, it’s not like everyone will move for money, you know?”


He slapped the table forcefully and unwillingly stuffed the rest of the dish into his mouth.

“Isn’t it delicious?”

As expected, Rabbit Hall’s daughter was grinning when she came to give Fernando the bill.


He tossed the money rudely and left the store.

Oh yeah; Fernando realized he had forgotten his bag in the store.

“Pierre, wait. Forgotten item.”

A beastman girl came carrying Fernando’s bag.

“Ooh... you came to bring it to me?”

When he went to pat the head of the adorable beastgirl, slap; she warded off his outstretched hand.

“Touching as you please, no good. Pierre, that’s sexual harassment.”

“You’re just a damn beastman-”

Mutter; seeming to here what he said, the girl lifted her eyes.

“Noela, not beastman!”


A forceful low kick exploded on Fernando’s shin.


When he reflexively crouched in agony, the beastgirl ran away immediately.”

“... Why the heck am I, to be treated like this...!”

The source is definitely that rockshou sauce that seems to have been made by that young man.

Of course everyone loves money.

Striking while the iron was hot, Fernando prepared money in a rush.

The impression of 500,000rin in reality is completely different from 500,000rin that’s just spoken about.

He brought along another 300,000rin to be able to increase the price.

Intending to negotiate after the store closed shop, Fernando hid under the awning and waited for the young man.

“Hmph, if I get that sauce, Rabbit Hall will really be crushed this time...!”

This time, he had also prepared an adult’s trump card.

This won’t fail no matter what.

A little while later.

The black-haired young man left the store.

“Hey. Thanks for lunch -”

“Geh. Pierre’s here. ... What do you need?”

“It’s about the discussion we had earlier... how about it, 500,000rin? I have it on hand. You’d like to sell the sauce, right...?”

He showed the young man the bag with 500,000rin, but the young man didn’t seem to have any interest and yawned.

“Didn’t I say I wasn’t selling?”

“How about 600,000 ... ah, no, 700,000! No, 800,000!”

The reaction was the same.

If he didn’t bring out his trump card now, then there wouldn’t be another chance, he supposed.

Fernando tossed out the bag and swoosh, with practiced movements he went into a dogeza.

“Please sell it to me – please, please, like this...”

“Ah. How convenient.”

Just what is convenient? Just when he was thinking that, the young man sat on Fernando’s back.

“I was tired. I didn’t have a chair, so it was just right.”

“... Using me, as a chair...!”

“Did you say something?”

“Aah, no, nothing. ... And so, how much will you sell it for?”

At the chair’s words, Reiji gave a long “Hmmm.”

“One trillion rin would be fine-”

“O,one tri...”

So basically, it would be fine to take it as he isn’t selling it.

“Th,then, those fruits, where did you get the rockshou fruits...”

“Aah, I have a great‘acquaintance,’and he’ll leave some for me every morning. As for me, I leave him potions and the like in return. And then he’ll leave rockshou fuits again... it’s that kind of repetition.”

“Then please introduce me to that acquaintance –!”

Rubbing his head into the ground, he gave a troubled moan.

“That’s fine, but it’s a monster, you know? The type you can’t encounter recklessly. If you deal with it poorly, you might get eaten.”

Just like that, Fernando curled up and struck the ground.


As long as Rabbit Hall has the sauce, Fernando is soundly beaten.

The young man stood up and looked down at the crying chair.

“You’re too old to be crying, right? ... Here, I’ll give this to you, so cheer up.”

Fernando accepted the package handed to him.

He could tell what was in it from the smell without even looking.

As he thought, within was steamed chicken with the sauce on it.

Bye; the young man took his leave.

Fernando seized the whole thing and threw it into his mouth.

“Dammit ... so delicious...”

Rabbit Hall – or rather the sauce the young man had made soundly defeated Comdale’s Canata store.

Once again, probably carta instead of canata

As their sales gradually decreased they couldn’t crush Rabbit Hall, and they failed to monopolize the earnings.

Only three days they became the number one store, but the throne was quickly returned to Rabbit Hall, and afterwards they made just enough business to get by.

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