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Cheat Pharmicist's Slow Life ~Making a Drug Store in Another World~

Chapter 15 - Friendship is Priceless (Second Part)

Chapter 15 - Friendship is Priceless (Second Part)

Chapter 15: Friendship is Priceless (Second Part)

◆Another POV◆

Three demon dogs left the forest and headed towards their usual hunting grounds.

“Bro, today’s definitely going to be a big haul too!”

The little brother Gugu leaked out a strange, gugugugu, laugh, and his pitch black tail wagged as he followed the older brother Gigi.

“There is nothing we, the ‘Black Demon Dog Three,’ can’t steal, Bro!”

The other little brother Gege also followed Gigi and raised his voice happily.

“Of course. With such a shabby fence, you might as well not have one. Gi gi gi. Humans are such fools. They’re underestimating us demon dog’s athletic abilities.”

With a sarcastic sneer, he licked his claws once with a red tongue.

These three are the culprits that have been attacking Jiral’s fields lately.

They had eaten all the crops they stole, so they were heading towards the fields today as well.

Swaying his tail elegantly, Gigi, walking in front, realized something was strange and stopped.

Gugu, whose nose had collided with Gigi’s butt, asked in confusion.

“Owie. ... What’s wrong, Bro? Stopping suddenly.”

“Somehow, I have a bad feeling...!”

When Gigi’s brows furrowed, Gege walked further ahead.

“Bro, we’re already around where our hunting grounds are, right? Let’s hurry up, snap to it, and return – “

“ – No, there’s something there...! Gege, be careful!”

The wind was carrying some kind of unpleasant scent...

And it was from the fields that were their usual hunting grounds.

“There’s some smell, this is...?”

This was the so-called survival instinct sounding alarms.

Gowever, Gege wasn’t going to stop with those words.

“Broo, this isn’t like you, you know-? Let’s hurry and go-, wh,what is this – the wind is making me bare my fangs – Ah-, aAAAAAAAAAA!? The air is, the air is, my nose, my throat, aAAAAA, GEGYAAAAAAAAAA-!?”

“ “Gege-!” “

When the two realized the abnormality, Gege frothed at the mouth and fainted.

Gigi gulped.

‘I,it’s a barrier! There’s no doubt, someone’s erected a barrier...!”

“Bro! What are you saying!? There’s no way there’s that great of a mage in this rural countryside-! Gege, I’m coming to save you!”

“Wait! Gugu. If you go too, then the same thing –“

“Bro-! ... Gege and I, we love you a lot ... You, if anything happened, you would protect the two of us, right-!? The you from then, where has it gone...”

Gugu shook his head sorrowfully.

Staring straight ahead, there was Gege lying down, and further past him was the field that was their hunting grounds.

“Gege, right now, I’m coming for you -! UoooOOOOOO!”

Raising a warcry against an unseen opponent, Gugu ran.

But it was no use.

Just like Gege, he raised a shriek, foamed at the mouth, and fainted.

“Gugu, Gege... Tsk. I’ve become quite the lame guy these days – my little brothers, I’ll save you now. Don’t underestimate meeeeeeee maaaaaage-!”

Howling from the depths of his soul, he ran like he was flying to his comrades’ sides.

The evil the wind carried destroyed his sense of smell as it carried an unbelievably terrible stench.

The sharp stench attacked his eyes.

He unintentionally closed his eyes at the pain that felt like he was being stabbed.

His feet got tangled, and he crashed to the ground in a grand display.

“Daaaaamn yooooooou – damn humaaaaaaaaans-!”

His entire body was enveloped in the stench.

The place he fell was by the sides of the two who had run ahead earlier.

Already unable to get up, Gigi smiled.

... If I fall with you guys, then this isn’t so bad either ...

◆Reiji’s POV◆

“Ooh~! Ooooh! It works well...”

Shading my eyes, I watched 30 meters in front of me.

Far away, slump; a black dog collapsed.

“Kyan, kyaaaaaooon, kyan...!”

The first collapsed, the second also collapsed, and the third, with a slightly larger body, came running at a terrifying speed, but as expected, it couldn’t stand the stench as well and collapsed on the spot.

The three of them fell over, and their forepaws twitched.

Jiral, who was watching over the situation with me, was mystified and asked,

“... Reiji-kun, what did you do? It looks like the dogs collapsed a ways off, though.”

“Ah, I spread this on the fence.”

I showed Jiral the repellant I just made yesterday.

“What will happen when you spread this on?”

“This is a liquid that gives off a smell that beasts and monsters hate.”

“Ah, the medicine you talked about yesterday? Reiji-kun, you made it fast.”

“Well, yeah. With this, I guess beasts and monsters won’t come into the fields for a while.”

When I handed over the bottle with the repellant in it, Jiral spread it on the fences with delight.

As shown, the effect was extraordinary.

However, Noela said, “Master, don’t want,” and hates me, though.

It was a huge shock.

The components were diluted a little in the manufacturing process, but even so Noela hates it, so it has enough of an effect, I suppose.

This time a different kind of stray dog appeared.

“Oi, Jiral, you have a customer, you know?”

“Ah, you’re right. Let’s confirm just how much of an effect your medicine has again.”

The stray to walked up casually.

However, 30 meters from the fence, as expected, he stopped.


Glaring and growling at the fence, the stray dogs sniffed at the wind.

It’s probably carrying the scent.


Plonk; it collapsed sideways and fainted.

“Alright, alright, it really is effective.”

“R – Reiji-kun, this is – it’s a barrier! A simple barrier! The kind only mages can make, that kind of simple barrier!! You, you made a barrier!”

“No, what I made was medicine.”

“It’s the same thing! You made it for me, right!? This is ... a victory for our friendship.”

“It’s embarrassing, so stop saying things like friendship.”

“- Why!?”

“Why are you asking why!”

“I’m in Reiji-kun’s debt again ... How much is the price?”

“I don’t need it. It’s a special fee.”

“Reiji-kun ... you don’t have to be shy ... It’s the fee of friendship!”

“Wrong! You’re lending me the field, right? It’s in return for that.”

Wha-t; Jiral looks disappointed, and when I saw that face, I laughed.

By the way, the collapsed dogs are all properly alive.

When they woke up, they ran away right then as if they were fleeing.

I made the price cheap, and thanks to that, this repellant is very popular with everyone who does farm work and worries about harmful pests.

There were screams of delight, but whenever I’m making repellant, Noela won’t come close to me.

“Noela? Noela-sa-n. This is work, after all. It’s not like I like it.”

“... Ruu-“

When I got as close as I could, pyu-n; Noela fled.


“Reiji-san? Did you not take a bath again?”

“I did! I’m making a medicine that Noela hates the smell of.”

“Perhaps there’s a spot that you can’t wash properly...? Reiji-san, if you’re alright with me, I’ll wash your back whenever you’d like!”

“I don’t need it, since it seems like it’d be embarrassing.”

Ho-; Mina realized something and floated up, sticking to the ceiling again.

“Hau~, I forgot that Reiji-san was a man...”

“Hang on! Forgetting that I’m a man! There’s a lot of problems with that, Mina!”


Turning red, Mina covered her face with her hands.

Is it she sees us as friends that she’s not conscious of the gender distinction?

“W,well, fine. I’m properly taking baths, okay?! I don’t leave out my back, so it’s fine, okay!? And also, I’m a man, okay!?”

And just like that, I passed another fun(?) day.

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