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Cheat Pharmicist's Slow Life ~Making a Drug Store in Another World~

Chapter 11 - It’s not Steel, it’s Medicine.

Chapter 11 - It’s not Steel, it’s Medicine.

Chapter 11: It’s not Steel, it’s Medicine.

The sales have been good, the time spent developing medicine has also increased considerably, and so the store’s lineup has become quite substantial.

My free time has also increased, so the days I’ve spent spacing out while I man the store have also increased.

And then one day.

A single old butler came to the store.



Noela followed up after me.

The old butler took off his hat and bowed.

“Would Reiji-sama be your honorable self?”

“Yes, that’s me, but…?”

I wonder what he needs.

The customers at my store are the average commoner, so although it’s a bit rude to say, there aren’t many people dressed so smartly.

“I am Rein, a butler in the employ of Casty Fein Doran Vargas-sama.”

Castella Don? Eh, what did he say??

“At this occasion, the Madame of the Head of the Vargas Household – Flam-sama, would like to invite you to the mansion.”

“Haa…n? Mansion? Um, excuse me, who might this Castella-san be…?”

“The Lord, Kasty Fein Doran Vargas-sama is the feudal lord who rules over this Karta and another two, three cities. Not to mention, his peerage is a Count.”

So, he’s a Noble-sama?

I wonder why they’re calling me.

And it’s the wife.

“It is Flam-sama’s wish to speak with you directly concerning her business. I would like you to accompany me to the mansion quickly, but…”

Isn’t this a forced event?

… Well, I’m free so why not?

“- That’s how it is, so I’ll leave the shop to you, Noela, okay? If there’s something wrong then tell Mina, since I think she’s able to do something about most things.”

“Got it. Go.”


Stroking Noela’s head, I replenished my supply of fluffy.

I boarded a carriage together with the old butler, Rein-san, and headed off to the mansion.

Clatter clatter; we arrived at the mansion after being shaken in the carriage for about five minutes.

Going inside, Rein-san guided me and I walked through a hallway with a carpet runner laid out.

Rein-san knocked at a particularly magnificent door.

“Madame, I’ve brought Reiji-sama.”


The door was opened, and I entered the room.

“Are you the rumored genius alchemist? Be seated there.”

“Um, I’m not one, but I think it’s probably referring to me.”

I sat in the chair she pointed out.

Madame Flam is wearing noble-like and expensive-looking clothing.

Based on the way she speaks alone, she’s a slightly arrogant auntie.

She’s carrying a fan that also looks expensive with fur stuck to it, smacking it lightly on her palm.

There would be zero oddities if she ended her sentences with “-zamasu.”

stereotype of arrogant artist-types

“What kind of business do you have with me? Rein-san said you would like me to receive it directly.”

“Then I shall be frank. – I wish for you to compound a secret medicine to make me young again.”

Medicine to restore youth…

For the time being, I thought up of the ingredients. But I don’t think I can gather everything soon.

But Drug Discovery Skill’s terribleness is displayed again, since I can make it once I gather everything together.

“How much time do I have for development…?”

“Five days – no, the dinner party is after five days, so you would have up to noon after five days, I suppose.”

Hohouh, I was somehow able to read her underlying intentions.

She wants the other nobles to flatter her when they see her appearance made youthful again at the dinner party?

“It’s impossible in five days. There are things you can and can’t make when told to in such a short amount of time.”

When I clearly said so, her shoulders slumped a little, discouraged.

“Then once again, the Lords and Ladies will be gossiping about me, saying, ‘what an aged face, what an aged face,’ …”

Wa-. Nobles are malicious.

“That’s not true! Flam-sama, aren’t you young and beautiful?!”

It’s something I learned from my life as a corporate slave. Praise the ladies.

It’s an ironclad rule.

Swish; the Madame used her fan to cover her mouth, saying, “I,I wonder,” and seemingly not disliking it altogether.

“But it’s no good. … Even if you think so, they don’t seem to agree.”

Of course.

This Madame is a bit pitiable.

To slander her about her face, it’s practically bullying.

She can’t do anything about it.

I want to give her some strength, but I can’t make a youth restoration medicine in five days, after all…

“Hm? Then, what should be done about an aged face…?”

“Just who has an aged face-“

She snapped right away. Her reaction is fast, na…

“Aah, sorry, I didn’t mean it that way … haha…”

“Sir Alchemist, is there anything you can do? I have more than enough money.”

“As long as it’s a reasonable amount, I’ll take it when the product is completed.”

If you can rejuvenate the skin then you’ll probably appear young.

It’s a simplistic idea, but it might not be so far off the mark.

Her skin is such that even a man like me can tell by seeing it.

If I can tell, that means the noble ladies with high awareness will have even more of a discerning eye.

“I understand, I will handle this carefully. … restoring your youth is impossible, but I will try to make a product that will make the Madame appear to be young.”

“Ooh. Oooh…! I see, I see. You will fight against old age…!

“It’s not something so exaggerated, though.”

“The genius alchemist who goes against the rule of gods-“

“Thanks for the chuuni.”

(delusional middle schooler)

Madame Flam seems to be deeply moved, so, teary-eyed, she sought to incite me by telling me the best ten of the most painful slanders she had.

I’m not going to be motivated… like this. Even if I wanted to be, I won’t be …

“Then I’m going to try to develop the medicine, so I will return to the store.”

She seems like she’ll continue talking forever, so I left the mansion behind like I was running away.

Being sent off with the carriage all the way to my shop, I took a number of the ingredients I had organized properly and immediately shut myself up in the medicine room.

Goat milk, a fruit that looks like a pear, and then the petals of a flower that’s used for other medicines and the like all together -.

[Perfect Gel: skin moisturizer, contains skin whitening ingredients, defends against moisture loss, and makes skin soft and supple.]

“- I did it!”

Rather than a liquid, it turned out more like a cream.

I learned the location of the Lord’s mansion from Mina, I left the store, taking the finished cosmetic with me.

Walking along the path I was taught, I came to the extremely large mansion and told the gatekeepers my business.

The old butler from before came out and guided me once again to the Madame’s room.

“How are things going, Sir Alchemist? Did you need to ask something?”

“No. It’s done, so I came to deliver it.”

“Haa…? … What do you mean it’s done?”

She seems like she really has no idea, so I handed her the freshly made cosmetic, Perfect Gel.

“Please smear this on your face when you get out of the bath. Every day.”

“Th,this sort of thing on my face -!? And furthermore, every day!? …. Sir Alchemist, I suppose you don’t have any intentions to fool me, ne?”

Madame Flam threw a look of distrust at me.

“Then, try using it if you think I’m tricking you. If there’s no effect, I won’t take any money.”

Hm; Madame Flam opened the bottle’s lid and sniffed its scent.

Her eyebrows twitched.

“It’s a pleasant scent…”

“Because flowers and fruit are some of the ingredients.”

“However, to smear it on is …”

To test it, I smeared some cream on the back of the Madame’s hand.

Thankfully, it seemed to adapt to the Madame’s skin well, and her skin’s roughness was gone.

However, she’s still doubtful, and it seems that the Madame is hung up on the point that it has to be smeared on her face.

“I’m not the one who has to feel frustrated or sad at the dinner party. It’s Madame, isn’t it? … If you say you won’t use it, then that’s the end of the matter.”

“Muu. … If you’re going to say that much, I shall try it out. I’m sick and tired of being made the target of ridicule.”

“Let’s show those guys who want to make a fool of the Madame!”

At my words, the Madame made a serious face and nodded her head deeply.

And so, Madame’s week of anti-aging her face began. 𝒾𝒏n𝗿𝒆а𝑑. 𝘤𝘰m

That said, I only heard about the situation from the old butler Rein-san’s report when he came to the shop.

It seems that she’s following the method I taught her to the letter, smearing it on every night.

On the fifth day.

Just ehen I was wondering if Rein-san would come, a carriage stopped in front of the store, and the Madame descended.

Ah- . She might be a little different.

Rather than how her face looks, it’s how her skin looks.

Even though she looked like an auntie, with how she looks today, I could call her Onee-san.

And also, her expression is bright and sparkly.

“How is it, Sir Alchemist?”

“Isn’t it great!? You’ve worked hard.”

“Just how can I thank you –“

“It’s too early to be saying that. You’re going out after this, right? You can thank me after you’ve triumphed over them.”

Madame stopped the butler who was pulling out the wallet and got on the carriage once again, heading off to wherever the banquet hall is.

My cosmetics had some effect, and it seems to have given her some confidence, hasn’t it?

If I think about it that way, it was the correct answer to make it.

And then, several days later, payment for the medicine and a large amount of high-class sweets came from the Madame.

A thank you note was also attached.

When I read it, Madame Flam had written that she had had a great victory.

She had written thank you over and over again.

“Haa~. Reiji-san Reiji-san. Aren’t these very expensive, ve~ry sweet baked sweets~!? How did this happen!?”

Mina and Noela stared excitedly at the sweets boxes stacked up like a mountain.

“I helped out a noble lady a little, so these are her gifts of thanks, I guess?”

Noela violently tore open the boxes and sat down, ecstatically beginning to eat.

With a face of bliss like it was going to melt, she muttered,

“Tasty taste…”

Her tail moving left and right struck the floor noisily.

I’ll also have one.

According to the modern Japanese’s tastes, it’s not like I don’t feel it’s a bit too sweet, but it’s tasty.

“Noela-san, if you eat too much, you won’t be able to eat dinner, you know~?”

Mina also ate the sweets almost the same way as Noela.

“Mina, I know it’s delicious but … you’ll get fat, you know?”

“-! … Why – why would you say such a thing~! Reiji-san’s a dummy, dummy! I won’t be able to eat happily, right?!”

Even as she said so, she was stuffing her cheeks, so for someone that has a separate stomach for sweets, it looks like the chain on her reasoning has been broken.

The Madame is greatly satisfied, and Noela and Mina who have been given sweets are also greatly satisfied.

It was a day where I was also greatly satisfied, surrounded by everyone’s satisfaction.

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