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Chapter 10 - Is this a Homo?

Chapter 10: Is this a Homo?

“- And just who do you think you are?”

“W,who, you say… I’m someone who lives in this house. Further in isn’t the shop anymore, it’s the house area, so-“

I heard a conversation from the direction of the store, and I listened in.

“I’m saying, why won’t you let me through!?”

“Uu… you’re really intimidating…”

From the contents of the conversation, is it a complaint?

Like, where’s your manager or something?

Thinking of the flustered and tear Mina, I left the medicine room in a hurry and opened the door to continue into the shop.

“My apologies, has our employee done something -?”

Over there was Mina, teary as expected, and the homo-elf Kururu-san.

“Reiji-san … waaaah…”

“- Reiji-chan.”

Creak, slam ….

I quickly shut the door.

Bang bang bang-!

There was fierce pounding on the door from outside.

“Why – why did you shut the door, Reiji-chan – even though I came all this way to see you! You acted the same previously, and the time prior to that, and even before, and the time before that-! – Isn’t it fine if you don’t act shy!?”

“I ain’t acting shy. If you aren’t here for the shop, please leave. You’ll bother the other customers.”

“And just what are you saying? I choose to come when there aren’t any customers, right!?”

Looks like he’s someone who considers the trouble he’d cause, surprisingly.

“So we can be alone together!”

I withdraw my statement.

“Could you maybe also consider the trouble you’re being to me?”

“Recently, hasn’t there been a young man coming and going from here? Just who is he!?”

Is he talking about Jiral-san?

Since then, he’s been increasingly stopping by the shop from time to time to chat.

“H-m, I guess you could say a friend? … That’s the connection.”

“Then you’re already in a convex/concave relationship -!?”

“We’re not connecting physically. What do you think a friend is?”

Gasa; there was that kind of sound.

“It can’t be helped. I’m going home for today. Another time, Reiji-chan.”

It became quiet so I peeked into the shop, and Mina was there holding a bouquet of flowers.

“Sorry, Mina. I made you deal with a troublesome customer. From now on, it’s fine to call for me when any weirdos come.”

“Yessir. Thank you very much. … I think these were probably supposed to be handed over to Reiji-san, but … what should I do…?”

So Kururu-san brought that flower bouquet?

I’ll gratefully use the flowers that can be used as medicinal ingredients, but I’m troubled with what do about it…

They have a pleasant scent.

The hues are also pretty, and they’d make a girl happy if you gave it to them.

When I casually looked at the entrance, this time a different elf, a girl, came in while looking behind her.

An outstandingly beautiful elf.

“ “Welcome.” “

Mina and my voices rang out.

“I’m called Ririka – recently my brother’s been strange.”

Mina and I looked at each other and asked, ‘Who’s her brother?’ with our eyes.

Mina tilted her head. I also tilted my head.

“Um – , and who might your brother be…? This is a pharmacy, not a consultation service, though…”

“My brother’s name is Kururu. – Recently, my brother’s been strange.”

“ … Recently?”

He’s been weird since just recently?

“Every time he goes out to town, he’s fidgety, and today he brought a flower bouquet -. I’ve been following him. All the way to this store.”

Another complicated person has come…

The elf called Ririka took one glance at the flower bouquet and pointed at Mina.

“It’s you, right? That Daisy person!”

“ “Daisy-??” “

Mina and I looked at each other as our eyes turned to dots.

Who’s Daisy? Dunno? We held another conversation with our eyes.

She’s pointing, so she’s probably talking about Mina.

“Nii-san, he’s always talking about Daisy, Daisy, Daisy, it’s ridiculous! Don’t get full of yourself just because you’re a little cute-“

She’s really angry, but Mina doesn’t seem to care at all as she pulls on my sleeve a number of times.

“Reiji-san, Reiji-san, she said I was cute~!”

“That’s right. Mina is one of our two poster girls we can brag about, after all.”

Mina slapped me lightly.

“Oh gee-z! Oh gee-z! You won’t get anything even if you flatter me! Gee-z! I’m going to make Reiji-san’s favorites for dinner-“

With light footsteps, like she could make flowers bloom by walking, Mina withdrew into the back.

“Ah, hold it right there!”

“The one who should hold it is you. What do you need with … ‘Daisy’?”

Didn’t she maybe mishear ‘Reiji’ as ‘Daisy’?

Reiji vs Deiji

“It’s not that I need her for anything … Just, I’m not really happy with Nii-san romping about … And so, I was wondering who the other person was … I was just curious.”

… Her Onii-san is only interested in men; I wonder if it would be okay to out him.

“I’ve understood from the conversation just now. … Daisy is Shopkeeper-san’s lover, right? Even so, Nii-san is interested in that Daisy woman … I can’t forgive you … Nii-san is so pitiable!”

Looks like Kururu-san shows a normal disposition when he’s home.

Even so, this Ririka-chan as been going Nii-chan, Nii-chan, Nii-chan all this time; it’s “Nii-san,” every time she opens her mouth.

Ah. Is this the little sister that love Onii-chan so much but can’t honestly show it…?

So a tsundere imouto … hohoh… H-m.

When you think about it like that, this thorny attitude can be seen as strangely heartwarming.

“Wh,what? Grinning like that..”

“Oh no no, it’s nothing, nothing. Continue? If Onii-chan is taken by Daisy, will you be jealous?”

Fwoomph; Ririka’s face went bright red.

“N – no-! I just came to see what kind of person Onii-ch – Nii-san likes!”

… But ‘Daisy’ is a man.

“He said she was amazingly skilled, so she’s really cute…”

But ‘Daisy’ is a man.

“And he said her butt and voice are particularly dazzling…”

But ‘Daisy’ is a man.

“I,I’m not the one that said this, got it? B,but you know. In case she becomes part of the family later, then you’d want to see, right? As a little sister.”

And – your Onii-chan is totally just a homo.

I feel like gently watching over this little sister, but it’s not good to not correct misunderstandings.

As I gave in, I decided to tell her the truth.

“Please listen to me. You’ve been hearing ‘Reiji’ as ‘Daisy’.”


Ririka furrowed her thin brows together.

“Kururu-san comes to this shop to bother ‘Reiji,’ who always sends him away. And that girl just now is called Mina. And, ‘Reiji’ is my name.”

“Eh…? … You mean”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

Ririka seemed unable to hide her surprise, her mouth hanging open.

“Shopkeeper, you like men-?”

“No! … That’s your dear Onii-san. I like girls.”

“L. Lies. Because Nii-san is the forest’s coolest, most popular guy … He’s a brother I’m proud of –“

“I want to believe it’s a lie too, but it’s the truth.”

Even now, Ririka has a dazed look on her face, like she could cry.

Well yeah, for the Onii-chan you love to be a homo is …

For the little sister, it’s obvious. For him to be a homo…

But Ririka will also hate it if Kururu-san continues to come bother me, I bet.

Is there anything I can do?

That pop-styled homo.

His sexual desire for men probably comes from his sex drive, right?

“L,lies… Nii-san is…”

“Since whenever your Onii-san meets me, he’s talking about nothing but butts.”

“For him to be a homo…”

“It’s not possible to change his orientation, but it might be possible to reduce his love for men.”


“Yeah. First try reducing his sex drive. The mental aspects aside, the physical aspects are connected to it, after all.”

“Huh? … And … what will happen to Nii-san?”

He won’t be able to get it up -.

There’s no way to say it outright to a girl, so

“It will suppress his love for men for a little while.”

Was all I said.

“What do you need me to do…”

“Wait a bit. I’ll go compound a medicine for this now-“

I took a ‘Landen Flower Tea’ from the ones lined up on the shelf in the store.

It’s the tea that I had Jiral-san’s girlfriend drink previously.

This has the effect of calming nerves to relax.

To sum it up, it makes it difficult to get excited.

If I strengthen that effect a little more, then I’ll be able to get the effect I want.

Leaving the shop, I headed towards the medicine room when Noela spotted me and came over.

“Master, Master. Noela, poster? Poster?”

“Noela, poster…? Aa, you mean poster girl?”

Noela nodded up and down with all her might.

Looks like she heard about it from Mina.

“Yup, Noela is also our cute poster girl, right?”


Noela’s tail swished from side to side as she hugged my waist.

“Wait, let go … well, it’s fine.”

Noela doesn’t seem to want to let go, so I went to the medicine room just like that and started working.

Was she bored? Before I knew it, Noela was hugging her tail, sound asleep.

Just watching her is healing…

She can stretch her tail all the way to there.

Suppressing the desire to mess with Noela, I continued my work and finished the medicine.

With the Landen Flower Tea as a base method, I just extracted the flower more fully, so just that took more time.

[Strong Landen Extract: A medicine that reduces sexual desire and calms the mind.]

It would be nice if he lost his attachment to me, even just a bit, with this medicine.

I put a small amount into a little bottle and returned to the store.

“The scent isn’t strong, so it’s fine to mix it into his food. However the effect is very strong, so you can’t use more than a little at a time, okay?”

“I understand; thanks, Reiji!”

Ririka took the medicine and left quickly.

Will it be alright…

I hope she won’t get into a fight with Kururu-san.

The next day, my uneasiness seemed to be dead on.

Ririka came flying in the moment I opened the shop.

“Reiji! Please – help-“

“Help with what…?”

Ririka, who was out of breath, pointed behind her.

When I tilted my head in confusion, Kururu-san came in.

“Ah, good morning. The two of you here today.”

“- That is soooo true. This gal, oh dear me, she’s been saying I’m weird ever since I woke up, you see? And so, you know, she said we aaaabsolutely have to go to Reiji-chan’s store, and she, like, brought me along, see?”

This is – Kururu-san, with his deep male voice, is chattering like a girl.


“Um, Reiji, do you need an explanation?”

Yeah, I don’t.

“What do I do? What do I do, Reiji-“

Ririka seized me by the shoulders and shook me back and forth.

“O-Onii-chan is – now an Onee-chan-!”

Onee-chan is spelled implying he’s now a ‘femme’

“Did you properly give him only a little to drink? I did tell you it was fine to mix it into his food, right?”

“I didn’t want a homo Nii-san, so I used all of it in one go at dinner time.”

“That’s the problem! That was why I said to use it a little at a time yesterday, right?”

“Heeey, what is it, Ririka? And Reiji-chan too, just why are you two so close? This is why women are-. Geez! When you go home, they trample all over you-“

For some reason … Kururu-san’s chin has a cleft.

It’s a splendid butt chin.

I rubbed my eyes and looked again.

Yup, it’s a butt chin. A splendid one.

S,strange … it shouldn’t have had that effect, though.

In order to calm down the flustered Ririka, I took a deep breath.

“Reduced sex drive is a temporary thing, so I think he’ll go back to normal after a while. The split chin, too.”

Hoh; Ririka patted her chest in relief.

“Th,thank goodnesss… he’ll go back to normal, right? … This weird way of speaking, and this split chin.”

Medicine can’t transcend a person’s gender, nor can it change his disposition.

“Somehow, I feel like his face has also gotten darker. I wonder if it will also go back. The split chin, too.”

“You’re right … It is darker … But it’s fine, he’ll return to normal. The split chin, too.”

In the end, the usual Kururu-san came with a refreshing smile three days later.

And the split chin also returned back to normal.

All that had happened, so the Strong Landen Extract is not for sale.

Even so, did someone hear about it? The number of wives with unfaithful husbands coming who had heard about it have increased.

Every time, I strongly cautioned the wives who want the Strong Landen Extract.

“Please be careful. If you use it improperly, your husband will become an Onee – Also, his chin will split.”

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